Gallowsbird (2016)

Cross Examination

Day 5/7 300g rent + 70g Bell Salary

The next day begins with a nightmare. “You have a bad dream. You are alone on an island, a sand bank surrounded by a glimmering ocean. The skies foretell a storm coming in the distance. You look up at the moon, bloated and heavy and red, and you hear a man’s laughter. You feel alone.” I’m awoken by Sam putting a cold cloth on my head. She gives me breakfast (or lunch considering it’s already in the afternoon) and kicks me out so she can sleep. I eat my food and go downstairs to get Thomas. In order to find out who I can trust at the Weather I send him to go finding more info about Margarette Batch. He nods and heads out.

That afternoon I head to the address where Falconflight said I could contact him. I find him in a boarded up office with scrolls and papers covering everything. We briefly converse but I update him on Harrison. I inform him about the caves and he agrees to go see if he can find a place. I also specifically ask him to give me the rune etched box, as well as a warning about it’s teleportation.

I hit up the local taverns and try to find out any info about “Cassius”. Besides that he isn’t a member of the Weather, some special consultant, I learn nothing. I return back. Thomas comes back and gives me what he learned about Batch.

I restore another book of elven poetry, this being the second such one. I skim through this one and start to note that besides awful poetry the words don’t seem to line up. I surmise that the book has some sort of cipher that relies on ancient elven events. Wracking my brain for an educated elf I ask Viola about Gretchen Winterword. I ask Viola if she is an elf and a decent person. She says she has some elven heritage and although decent she believes the “cataclysm saved Gallows from the tyranny of the gods. She just really doesn’t want religion to take hold in Gallows”. We note to meet her if Viola’s surgery goes well.

I meet up with Richard in the front room of the Weather Society. We exchange pleasantries and then upon my request we go to a nearby tavern. There we find a dark corner to have Richard Conversation 6, after he gives me my mental potion back. We finish our discussion and return to my place to pick up Viola.

I tell Richard to wait while I go uptsairs to get Viola and Thomas. Inside Viola is sitting on some cart Thomas found. He doesn’t say where he got said cart. Before we leave I briefly duck in to prepare Samantha for another meeting. We talk briefly and I ask her to play her “part”. As we are about to leave she waves at us before drawing a dagger and charging me. Before she strikes she fades as the hallucination ends. No one else but Thomas reacts who is keenly watching me.

We leave and meet up with Richard before leaving. After about fifteen minutes of wandering, we come to an office with boarded up windows. Painted above the office are the words “Surgery” in blue paint. I knock on the door and Atticus opens the door and directs us to a surgery room. The surgery room has a small table with orderly tools next to a sheer stone altar, which he puts a sheet over. Apparently the building used to belong to a cult. Thomas and Atticus go into the othe room to talk about the procedure. Richard expresses concern but I reassure him that Atticus is good. Richard then uses his ability on Viola.

Viola is nervous and makes a few jokes as she is tied down to the altar. Atticus takes out a hammer and pitons and begins hammering them into her legs. I take out a potion and get ready to give it to Viola. They do this for some time as they break the legs and tying the legs after each swing. I pour the potion when requested to keep her healed. Afterwards Atticus asks us to knock her out, which I promptly do. He then informs us that we need to use trepination. To administer a healing potion to the nerves. Thomas seems reluctant but Atticus insists she will not regain her legs without the procedure. Thomas can’t verify if it will work but says drastic steps are probably necessary. I reluctantly agree and he does the procedure. Afterwards he bandages her head and says she will live and with luck she will be able to walk again, then walks out. I ask for Thomas’s opinion and he says he still unsure but that she will live.

As we are talking we hear voices outside. We all duck outside and see two men from the Weather Society with swords drawn in the room. At the sight of us they rush out. According to Atticus they are tax collectors. I promise to have a guard posted nearby to help prevent similar incidents from happening again. I leave Thomas behind to take care of Viola who can’t be moved for a few hours. Me and Richard return to my apartment. We have Samantha Conversation 27. Then we all retire for the night.

The next morning before work I stop by Broderick’s place and we have Broderick Conversation 3.


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