Gallowsbird (2016)

Dynamic Duo

After we part for the day and I’m leaving the building Salisbury finds me and says he wants to have a meeting. I agree and we go to his diner and we have Salisbury Conversation 3. That taken care of I go back to the Weather and join Richard in the office and we head towards Doctor Fieldswoth’s office. We arrive to his place to find the front door locked and a note on the door.

“I am taking a working sabbatical and will not return until my research is complete. Please see a competing doctor, thank you.
-Dr. Fieldsworth”

I confirm our suspicions that this is a forgery. We get ready to enter the building when we notice a few punks watching the building. I volunteer Richard to distract them while I try to get in. The skeleton key doesn’t work so I’m forced to cast knock before I duck in and close the door.

I enter the building to see a large pile of smeared blood leading to a back room. I also see broken lab equipment and smell burning chemicals. I find the doctor heavily tortured. He has been partially deskinned and hung upside down, the phrase ‘scumblood traitor’ carved into his chest. It resembles the body at Dunni’s place. Surgery was apparently half done. I find a back door and go outside and motion for Richard to join me. When we meet up he confirms they were watching for someone to enter. One of the watchers leaves towards the market. After some debate we decide to split up in case the first guy leaving is a decoy. Regardless of what happens we agree to meet up in an hour.

I follow watcher #1 as he heads to the market. He buys a few harmless things from shops and heads deeper into the mids. Eventually he heads into a dimly lit tavern called the The Last Swan. I go up and the bouncer lets me in. Inside I see a lot of people drinking and some people in some private rooms upstairs. I go to the restroom in an attempt to find a private place and find he’s already there. After he leaves he goes to the bar and starts drinking. I wait a while but when he decides not to move I leave and head back.

I meetup with Richard at the alley behind the doctor’s office. Richard says that his guy left for the Temple district but was spooked and came back. While we’re talking another older man walks up to the punk and gives him some gold. The older man walks to the office and we realize it is now unlocked. He gestures to the punk and they head off in different directions. We prepare to go confront the older man when we hear noises from inside the office. Richard goes to investigate the noises while I go try to stall the old man. I catch up and we have Falconflight conversation 1. It ends with us leaving a diner after agreeing to meet up tomorrow.


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