Gallowsbird (2016)

Heading to the Spire

Our group splits up and me and Broderick head towards the Mids. As we are sneaking back we stop by the fallen tower to see if the Ratfolk are still around. We find two guards by the entrance and approach them. We ask to see their leader by claiming to have info on their attacker. A pudgy scholarly looking ratfolk emerges later. We ask for scouts in exchange for information we discover when we raid the facility. They agree to a single scout. We all nod agreement and then leave into the night.

We make it to the Weather Society HQ unharmed. We see who is still on guard at this time of night and discover a handful of milita members and guards. We talk to the guard captain who identifies herself as a halfling woman named “Yates”. We try to convince her that it is an emergency and inform her that the upper council are in danger. She agrees and we leave her to gather the troops. We need to get supplies so he leaves to get potions and I go try to get info out of the Bear.

We split and I go to “Small and Tall”. The door is locked and I use my skeleton key on the door. I check the office and find no one home. As I approach his office I notice someone else has entered the store behind me. I draw my sword and turn to see a half-orc woman with a sabre. We have Duchess conversation 1.

After that I leave and return to my apartment. I find Samantha and Viola sleeping next to each other. I gently prod Samantha awake and we move into the other room. We have Samantha Conversation 28.

On the way back I stop by Falconflight’s office. I tell him that we have found the location and are raiding it tonight. He agrees to go. Along the way he confides that his real name is Roy and that Harrison’s real name is Zane. Also apparently Zane blinded him at one point. He also claims that this is probably a trick, and hopes to kill Zane. I remind him we’re going to save the council and we wordless return.

When we arrive Broderick is there with half a dozen potions. We join up with the soldiers under Yates and we head out. Broderick asks about the Bear situation and I give him a summary. We pick up our scout and we head back to the Docks.

When we arrive Richard has a dozen sailors to pilot 4 rowboats to shore. There is a lot of deliberation but eventually we get everyone loaded and head out. Along the way we are attacked by a giant aquatic demon. It attacks the boats a few times before Broderick unloads several dozen pounds of druff onto the beast. It was successful in disabling the creature and we reached the shore.


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