Gallowsbird (2016)

Let the Group Schemes Begin!

Broderick follows me to my place with Venyard in tow. When we arrive I call to Belltoll and ask if she is willing to guard Venyard for a few days inside her house. She agrees. I go upstairs to write the basic contract and come down some time later. We drop off Venyard and than Broderick go to my apartment. He asks about Reva’s murder, apparently now that things have calmed down he would like a more thorough investigation.

I tell him most of what I know. Dunni was on the run. She was connected with Patricia and "Gregory, the later of which was reported to have died in a demon attack. I tell him Reva’s death was separate and claimed that the last people to see them alive were different. We agree to try to find more info and Broderick changes into his Venyard costume. It’s pretty good.

Shortly after he leaves I hear Venyard screaming from downstairs. I go downstairs and have Belltoll conversation 2, Samantha conversation 12, and Venyard conversation 2. After all those I get Venyard his drinks. He has already cured Bell. I tell her to pass along “thanks” as well as she can.

I then go to the Weather Society to find Richard. I’m informed that he’s been moved up to the 3rd flood and has his own room. We have Richard Conversation 1.

Based off the information given by Richard. I go to the strip club “Jiggling Gypsy” and find Viola. We proceed to have Viola Conversation 1.

After that I head home for the day.


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