Gallowsbird (2016)

Pearce Succumbs to Peer Pressure

I go to the Weather Society station in the afternoon and find Richard at some sort of workshop. I pull him outside to hand over the evidence found at Gary Borland’s house and the sword which I partially identified. In return Richard says that the meeting with Harrison won’t be possible. Instead he hands me the contract for Belltoll herself.

Before we can split we encounter a ratfolk performing some sort of experiment. He is wearing a large brimmed hat and uncomfortably large darkened glasses. We discover he is pulling a large spool of “mosswire” that is powered by some source to utilize vibrations to let him hear/smell things from far away? He has me hold a cable and takes Richard away. I smell something awful coming from the moss wire and I’m told that was the intention. The rat introduces himself as “Mortimor Norvegicus, Inventor” hands out his card with his address and then leaves.

Richard and I separate and I eventually return to the Weather Society where I find a old human lady feeding some pigeons. I introduce myself and she says she is “Margarette Batch” a member of the upper council. She said there was some “major deception” in the society and now she wants to hire the apple staff to be ‘Internal Review’. She points out that the higher council exists to “stop wicked legislation”. I apparently represent the Mids, Broderick the Senations, Tharul the Docks, and Richard the Society itself. She stresses that we should not join the lower council and suggests I try to talk Broderick out of it. I agree to her offer and she stands up and leaves.

I walk into the facility and find Salisbury who leads me to a small office where Venyard is waiting inside. We have Venyard Conversation 1 and then he rolls out. I find Salisbury outside and we agree to go to his bar again. We have Salisbury conversation 2. We iron out some basic rules for our group and separate.

I go to the Apple to find Tharul and Belltoll. I find Belltoll by herself crying in the Apple. We have Belltoll Conversation 1. We are interrupted by a yell from Samantha. I run up there to find her in a state similar to being drunk, a result of rapid tonic consumption. Apparently the people have been rapidly using the healing power. I promise to inform the devoted and let her get some rest. I go finish my conversation with Bell and come up and tuck Samantha in.

Before I go to bed I check the square book and find it’s half formed in the chest. There is a box seemingly behind it. While trying to check where the rest of the book is I find that pages have snuck around and 4 are touching the bird. The pages seem burned at stabbed 47 times. I remove the pages and ensure the bird is safe. Out of curiosity I use object reading and find myself having a vision. I’m a fat owl inside a forest near the city. I’m being attacked by a ton of tiny enemies. I flee and lose some feathers before escaping.

I gather the rest of the pages and throw them in the chest, cast arcane lock on it, and wrap the seal of the chest in fabric. Then I call it a day only to be awoken by Samantha in the night and we have conversation 11.


Random11 Random11

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