Gallowsbird (2016)

Public: Picking up the Pieces

The poison eventually subsides and we all climb down. We give Venyard Lucky’s old clothes and in return he heals us to full. We begin to collect and divy up the loot we find from the remains. I reveal to the group the basics of my “object reading” power and they allow me to get an idea on the various objects.

Ritual Components:
Knowledge – Various highly sought after ritual components. The amount that were used up here must must have cost a fortune.
Memory – You see the onyx table covered in priceless ritual components. Harrison is casting a series of complicated rituals, and the components are slowly fizzling away.

Platinum from FoM:
Memory – You see two FoM, one you recognize from the scene. The other you do not. “He asked for you specifically. Give him the platinum and he said we can use the portal.” The FoM who has given the bag to the other is lying. You get the feeling he knows more than he is letting on.

Onyx box with Complex lock:
Knowledge – This box has some arcane etchings, but it doesn’t have any of the obvious signs of being magical.
Memory – Blocked.

Dagger from FoM:
Knowledge – Just an unusual dagger.
Memory – You see the FoM cutting bread with his knife.

Surgical Equipment:
Memory – You get a graphic image of Harrison slicing a porthole in a ratfolk’s neck and dumping certain chemicals into his brain. He then force fed the ratfolk some kind of alchemical potion.

Two Bottles of Zombie Fluid:

Harrison’s Bracers:
Knowledge – These metal bracers is engraved with symbolic animals suggesting protector spirits and brood mothers. It is magical.
Memory – You see Harrison put on his bracers. You see Harrison put on his necklace. You see Harrison put on his robe. He does so in front of a mirror, then walks away. The mirror seems to be in a darkened room, based on the walls you think you are in a cave – something with black stone. This is definitely a different room than you’ve seen in the tower.

Harrison’s Necklace, has “HOPE” written in Elven:
Knowledge – You recognize that this is magical, and based on what you remember from esoteric studies. You believe this necklace has wards against rats, and its magic may also compliment this.

Lucky’s Staff:
Knowledge – To a less trained observer, this staff appears unmagical, but you detect it has been cloaked using a different spell. This is not actually a staff, but an immovable rod underneath a wooden shell.
Memory – You see Lucky fighting Harrison. The fight seems to be going Lucky’s way. However, Lucky gets jumped by two other zombies as he is leaving, and Harrison manages to get a net on him while he fought. Harrison then tied up Lucky.

Lucky’s Gear:
Memory – You see Lucky eating alone in his tent. Its night, you can hear fighting going on outside his tent, but you can’t place where in the city he is. Same memory for the tent.
Portable Lab:

Alchemist Chemicals:
Knowledge – An alchemist has a shot at determining what Lucky was last brewing, but otherwise, this is a well used set of chemicals.
Memory –
Harrison is looking at his kit and his chemicals. He selects several bottles, throwing them into a sack. He then throws the remaining stuff back into the kit and puts it back on Dogan’s struggling form.

Lucky’s Note:
Memory – You see Lucky in his tent, writing down a note. He seems to be having trouble with the cipher, as he has to correct it several times.

As we are looking over the items a debate springs up around the Onyx box. Richard claims that the onyx box might potentially be the diplomatic package that was stolen from the Weather Society. He was asked by the ratfolk to return it unopened. Regardless of whether it’s the diplomatic package, Broderick wants to open it. Richard state that the Ratfolk might see opening it as “violations of their sovereignity”. Broderick counters that the Mids are at war with the Temple. If the rats, who are allies of the Weather, are having dealings with the Temple we need to determine if they are a threat. The conversation continues but eventually it is decided to open the box. Before they do I use object reading and find that the box seems resistant to it. We decide to be a good distance away from the box when we open it. Richard casts his spell and the box opens up and I recognize a teleport spell transporting it who knows where. Broderick says, “I saw a small gray marble held in some type of glass/glass like tube, stoppered on one end. I’ve got no idea what that could be, what about you guys?” No one else knows.

We move on and I use object reading on the various objects and tell the others what I see. The loot is then divided up.

After the loot is divided We have Venyard Conversation 4.

We then have a conversation 1 with Ingred and Beaker the ratfolk.


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