Gallowsbird (2016)

Public: The end to the war?

Day 6 till payment

  • Called into War Council
  • Fischer by himself.
  • Says we will lose war. Need to surrender. Suggests giving sea-something. Some land.
  • Wants us to negotiate peace since upper council has to do it. Escort waiting
  • Upper council are all MIA the day Harrison was doing his thing.
  • There is a prisoner exchange. Funearlis for Pin, wouldn’t reveal who Pin is.
  • Apparently Temple sent another diplomat. It never arrived.
  • We agreed to go do it
  • I drop off my sanctuary papers. One to the council, one to Broderick.
  • We go to the Apple, Richard says he left someone there to leave a message. Person is now gone?
  • Discuss Fischer being fishy.
  • Apparently Fischer accused Harrison/Richard of murdering Nathan.
  • Richard admits to meeting the bear. Says they talked with Broderick outside. Wanted to get in touch with Fischer. Also wanted to meet with Broderick. Claimed he didn’t go.
  • Broderick claims the Blue Poles might go to war.
  • Also has some robes that mark him as a diplomat.
  • We go to Margerette’s House. It’s locked and object reading says she was the last to open it
  • We go inside. She was in there at least a day or two ago. Had a meeting with her knitting group yesterday.
  • We hear someone outside and after a lot of complex hand signs we open it to a old person. We tell her to move along after she informs us Margarette wasn’t seen yesterday.
  • We move on to go find the General. She says they will probably lose.
  • She also says they haven’t gotten any orders in 2 days. Seems suspicious when another group is suggested to be our escort. Sends reinforcements.
  • We go to Fischer’s location. Several Weather killed and replaced by foreign soldiers.
  • We kill or chase them off. One is bleeding so we decide to follow him next session.
  • We loot the bodies and find out they were mercenaries by the stones they carry.
  • We find the man nearby. Richard’s hand glow and he stops the bleeding.
  • We carry him to a nearby building and he eventually wakes up.
  • According to him he was working for UNKNOWN group from the Matronis. They came here because someone is buying weather uniforms in the Docks. (They also buy druff there). They claim they did this unofficially.
  • I kill the man who was murdering for gold.
  • We put on the foreign ambassador robes and enter the mids.
  • A cloaked man in full armor herds us to the “Administration of War”
  • We are disarmed and then led to a meeting room
  • Broderick asked us to agree to be “aides” and he does most of the speaking.
  • The Temple wants the weather to disband so that the mids can dissolve into lawlessness and they can invade. We say no. They say they want a tithe to pay for the damages in the war. We say no. We eventually agree to give the Shanty Sea area and have the leader of the milita resign for his crimes of killing diplomats
  • We return and tell Fischer and the Council.


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