Gallowsbird (2016)

Our group splits up around 3 am. I immediately return to the council members as well as Yates and inform them of what happened. Captain Yates says some words to her men and they leave. The two council members shake hands and prepare to depart. I try to convince them to continue to help the city but they both decline, offering only council. Tito gives his address and then they both walk off. I go to Yates before she leaves and give her a similar pitch. She claims how that would be different than a mercenary and since I was unwilling to give more info she left.

I go home and find the others asleep. I attempt to summon Jacket. As I put the book down someone is already at the door. I open the door slightly and see Bear. I head outside and we have Bear Conversation 6. He leaves at 5:30

Shortly after he leaves, Jacket knocks on the door. I let him in and accept his zucchini bread. We have Jacketman Conversation 10. He leaves at 9:30.

I briefly talk to Bell to ask about her “distant” behavior. She states she is just stressed from everything happening. I talk to Thomas and he tells me his advance is for a ring so he can marry Belltoll. I gently tell him that is a horrible horrible idea. I leave their place at 10:30.

I arrive at the Rat Embassy and talk to Conductor Knoblitch. We have Knoblitch Conversation 4. As I leave I note Richard is downstairs and is walking into the ambassador’s office.

I then leave and head to Atticus and have Atticus Conversation 3. He wants lower prices for the colorblight cure so I go talk to his supplier. We negotiate and he agrees to lower the price if I can supply him with two guards to help protect his caravan through the docks.

I head home and meet up with Thomas. “He tells you about his day. He went out to find out about Piggabrick, and found one of the orphans. He learned Piggabrick’s new address through the vague childish descriptors the orphan gave. He met with Piggabrick and made a plea that went very well. Piggabrick said he would help if it helps his kids, and Thomas brought up healing. Piggabrick says he will convert when he gets the blessing.”

The meeting happens without Pearce but goes rather well. I thank him and he heads back down. I restore a 3rd elven poetry book and go check on viola. She is just waking up when I enter the guest bedroom. i fetch her some water and we have Viola Conversation 6.

I pull out an old book Pearce has had and begin clearing space in the living room so I can draw a circle. Its a large, complex shape, representing the phonemes in the name through angles. Its a complicated art you didn’t think you’d have reason to use. But in the center is a circle. Its small compared to the design around it. I put my claw hand out and pour a mental point into the circle. Invoking the name of Catemusinorrath.

I hear a tear, a pop, and then I see a small form, vaguely humanoid with an oversized face and mouth. Its small hand is reaching into a bag at its side. It puts something in its mouth, and closes it. It chews, looking out at you with oversized circular eyes. It doesn’t seem to blink. It hasn’t yet. I have Catemusinorrath Conversation 1. After the conversation I modify the circle to prevent demons from entering.


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