Gallowsbird (2016)

The Book is Immortal

Before I go to bed I notice that the chest containing the square book is open so I close it. I go to bed and the next morning give Jacket the loot to sell. The chest is open again and when I look inside I see some ash covering the bottom of the chest. I suspect this is the square book reforming so i bottle some of the ash and note it’s being pulled towards the chest. I search my apartment and find a line of ash slowly heading towards the chest. I secure several other sections and take several precautions.

During this Jacket awakes. He gives me an odd look and I explain that I’m dealing with a cursed book. He suggests I get rid of it or give it to the book salesman, Viola. I ask where she is and Jacket says he can’t say. He needs to be more professional. I ask him if he thinks I’m sane. He responds with “sometimes” and that everyone needs to be sorta insane to survive. Also commenting that one day things we’ll make sense but it won’t be a good day.

As Jacket is leaving I find a letter: "To whom it may concern,

My name is Margarette Batch. I’m speaking on behalf of the High Council.

If possible, I would like to have a word with you. The nature of it isn’t appropriate for letters. It concerns the actions in the docks. Please come in anytime between morning and early evening. I will be wearing the ugly hat." I burn the evidence and go enchant the downstairs with arcane lock.

At the request of Richard I go the house of Gary Borland in search of evidence. I scope out his place and note the trap at his front door. I enter the house after he leaves and quickly make sure I’m alone. After I do I find his study and comb it for any evidence. I find out he’s obsessed with his cat named Corn who is not anywhere in the house. I find two letters suggesting Borland is fabricating his testimony to pay off a debt to an unnamed party. I also find a neatly wrapped package that I find out contains a square book. Object Memory: “You feel this book become birthed from an iron womb, seared with the square of its captors, and bound without a moment of pause. The rest of the memory is darkness within the package”. I leave the book, take the evidence, and leave.

When I return to my apartment I find no evidence of the book. I use my bottled ash to act as a compass and find that the book is in the apartment next door. I knock and a red-eyed elf answers that is obviously high on something. I get drug inside and find a lot more strung out elves and some drums. I also see a large pile of ash piled near the wall. I put the ash into a bucket and attempt to leave. The elves offer me some bark to burn and I decline. I ask enough stupid questions they think are profound until I can get out. I dump the ash in the chest to keep it from forming in other odd places.

I go check on my demon-ness. My left is leg dark colored. Like the flesh is dying but not rotting. In spots.

I head to the Weather Society


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