Gallowsbird (2016)

The Moon Assault

Thomas’s Actions:
- Found Salisbury, and he send some people to a trader in order to secure the plague cure. Also requested he and his remaining friends show up at the Castle in the evening.
- Went to Atticus and informed him the guards for the trader have been secured. Convinced him to get his followers to accept apprentices.
- Went to Piggabrick and asked him to buy a tenement building with 800g in his name. Confirmed he is fine with his older children getting apprentice jobs.

After our group splits I weave my way back to the Colony. I take off my disguise and head back to my place. There is some brief confusion about my still disguised face but after that I store my souls and head out. I briefly try to look for Richard but I am unsuccessful. I eventually just go to the Small and Tall. There I act like I’m a courier for Pearce and wait for the Bear. Later on he arrives and silently beckons me to follow him to his office. We have Bear Conversation 7. The Bear, Duchess, and I leave and head back to my apartment. I tell them to wait downstairs and enter. Samantha is sitting on the couch watching as Viola is exercising by crawling around. I ask her to give us some room and she crawls to the spare bedroom. I Inform her of the situation and we have Bear Conversation 7 part 2.

After Bear is dropped off I return to the apartment and ask Belltoll to go gather her friends at the Castle. We have Samantha Conversation 29. During the conversation I get the pepper statue and hand it to her so she can store it. Afterwards I leave to have a few words with Viola as we have Viola Conversation 7. After that we store some of the souls and get ready to leave. I write Thomas a small note in case the worst happens. We leave it on the table and head out.

“If you read this then things went wrong. I’m so sorry Thomas. Viola can give you some answers. Look after her for me

We arrive at the Castle to find the others have already gathered. There are still civilians around so we go upstairs to the meeting room. We have The Castle Conversation 1. After the pep talk we all file out and start to head for the ratfolk embassy building located in the mids. We are stopped to ask why we’ve brought such a large force. We state our purpose and after it is confirmed they let us into the building. We enter the mirror room to see the device has been set up. Conductor Knoblitch is talking with several ratfolk when we arrive. We exchange greetings and he tells us that the device is ready but he can’t predict what will happen. Lady Amethyst says goodbye to the Pepper statue and it is placed in the machine.

A sharp, bright light emerges from the machine, striking the sending stone. A ratfolk touches the Pepper statue to the light, and it changes color. I see a dark fold open. Slowly, it opens, from the bottom to the top. We can’t see anything past it. Unlike what we saw before, this is a thick, black screen. There is confusion and I eventually touch the darkness to find out it is actually water. This starts a chain reaction of water flooding the room. Salty, brackish sea water pushes its way into the room at high speeds, smashing into the machine. I’m able to avoid instantly being swept by the tide and look inside. There is a room of some kind behind this waterfall, I catch sight of it before the candles get wet and people start shouting. I see a stone alcove. I see a boney skull and forearm clutching at a black box. It looks like Harrison. The skull looks startled in my direction. Then the darkness separates us.

After the initial shock I call out for light even as i grab my sword and enchant it with daylight. Lady Amethyst begins to glow brightly herself and the alcove is illuminated. We are definitely under water, looking up into an alcove. We realize the portal is under water, beneath an alcove, and its flooding out water that is not infinite – you can’t see directly into the ocean, although you think it would connect somewhere below the portal. As the water starts to drain I pull out a soul and toss it to Belltoll. “Give her this. We need it! Everyone else advance! Restrain the skeleton! Lookout for magic!” I shout and we all advance into the room. The skull, shoulder, and arm move to hold the box close. We hear slithering and other demonic noises coming from behind the portal, cut off from this room. We have Harrison Conversation 1. During this I instruct Lady Amethyst with telepathy to consume a soul and use her telekinesis and move the box all the way into the sky.

After the conversation ends we rush back through the portal fleeing whatever was making noises in the sea. We look through the portal to discover a bladder-covered wooden vessel. It rams the portal, letting Richard and Mortimer jump out of a hatch. We have Richard Conversation 7. During the conversation we walk outside onto the streets. At my direction she moves the box high into the sky before triggering it. A huge explosion happens in the sky as the moon rapidly appears. It is much closer to the city than before but otherwise is hanging there as normal.

As people come outside to investigate the disturbance I heard the group back into the remains of the embassy building. There we have Harrison Conversation 2 after I remove his restraints. I leave the corpse with Richard and leave with Amethyst to go find Salisbury. He is waterlogged but fine. I request he look after Harrison tonight at the Castle and he agrees as long as he get’s the next day off. I agree and promise him a drink before he heads out. I then head to find a ratfolk diplomat. I offer my sympathies for the situation and then suggest they try to contact the Ratman. He confirms they are preparing to do that and that we will be allies if the mission was successful. I gather up our forces and then I dismiss them all for the night.

Amethyst and I head back to my apartment. We have Samantha Conversation 30 part 1 when I return. During the conversation we agree to send me to the Library. She sends me and I am suddenly in a dark place. Every half-second, I hear metal striking metal, the clang of forging. The sound echoes off the strange geometry and it is difficult to pinpoint the origin of the noise. I feel naked and check for my swords to see they are already in my hands. I enchant one with daylight and illuminate the area. I see the familiar site of the library interior and the clanking ceases. It pauses for a moment before the rhythmic pounding continues. As I look around the library is overgrown with plants. The books look damaged but not destroyed. The various torches have all gone out. The smell of brine is thick and the floor is still damp. I notice that the plants resemble kelp and seem to be coming from a hallway. As I head that way I see glinting on the wall and floor. Bone fragments of small things and the salty decay of corpses freshly washed ashore are everywhere. After a short journey I full rat corpses and swords hanging on the walls. I find a few at first but as I keep going the number of weapons of various types increases. I take a second to examine one of the weapons. It looks masterfully crafted but otherwise I don’t notice anything special.

Eventually I come across the body of the Ratman. His cloak and trappings have dissolved and he is essentially naked. He is a construct of some sort, a hinged compartment is his toroso has broken off. Inside is a glass reservoir with some substance in it. His both is weathered and smells of seal life. He has set up a crude forge and is pounding away at another blade. He displays no sign of noticing our arrival and continues his process. My attempts at calling out for him are ignored. I kneel in prayer and signal to Amethyst that the coast is clear. I feel a hand on my back and turn around to find no there. Amethyst’s voice calls out wondering where I am and with my light and voice I guide her to me. We have Samantha Conversation 30 part 2.

Samantha touches me to bestow the blessing. I feel my bones elongate, pressing against my muscles. I feel like my organs are being pressed. I look down and see her eyes reflecting the light from my sword. In the reflection I see myself sitting in my dark apartment, holding the book I first encountered Samantha through. I see the letters and words unscrambling on the parchment. The pain in my body begins to escalate and becomes too much to bare. I start to scream in agony. Samantha pulls her hand back and the pain begins to fade. She asks if she should continue, I nod my confirmation. I take a deep breath and her hand touches me again. I can feel something on my bones, organs, everything inside is moving about. It feels like room is being made. I feel myself being drawn into psychic combat, a place of the mind, and I submit. I feel myself get drawn in but instead of the usual blackness I’m at a desk in my apartment. Details constantly shift about the room. Objects appear at one place then seem to move to another. I see Samantha’s diary sitting on the desk in front of me, the book seems water damaged. I’m suddenly hit with the revelation that the book will change me, and a compulsion to let it do just that. I pick up the book and open to a random page. Ink starts to spill out of the pages onto the floor. The book is quickly draining and the liquid starts to fill the entire room. I look around and all of the exits to the room are gone as the ink continues to rise. With no other option I try to read something, anything, in the book. The ink then starts to rise and surround me, almost as if it were a living thing. As it begins to cover me I feel connected with the ink. My memories start to become fuzzy as my identity starts to fuse with the ink. In an effort to resist I start repeating facts about myself. I continue my mantra as the ink reaches my neck and then eventually my entire head. For a brief second I am nobody, my entire identity forgotten. Then I hear a whisper, my own voice, that begins to echo everything I was saying. As I hear the facts about myself my memories return until eventually I am whole again. I gasp as I am in my apartment again.

My body is wracked with pain so I begin to gingerly remove my clothes and inspect my body. I immediately notice that I am significantly lighter. I tap on my wrist and realize my bones are hollow now. I check my infection and now the whole arm has turned the red color. My burned hand now resembles a bird of prey even more. Despite the change it operates in an intuitive way, as if I had always had it. I piece together that my memories most likely have been changed since I remember doing things with my new hand even though it is brand new. I go check on Samantha’s diary and discover that it is not harmed. Curious about something I go check one of the elven history books I restored and learn that the text is still written in a cipher but the former elven script now appears to be common.

While I confirm that everything is okay I heart fart noises coming from my guest bedroom. She seems to be sound asleep although smelly. I try to vent the room and she wakes, we have Viola Conversation 8. After I turn in for the night.


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