Gallowsbird (2016)

The Search For the Council

-20 gold

Shortly after we split up Broderick approaches me. He thinks searching for the council should be our top priority. I agree and we agree to meet at the Weather HQ in two hours. When we split up I go back in and find Fischer in his office. He is sitting in a chair with his head in his hands. We have Fischer Conversation 2.

After that I return home to check on everyone. Viola is deep asleep so I leave her alone. I pick up my swords and go downstairs to talk to Bell. Inside I see Thomas has a swollen limp. We comment on each other’s wounds and I ask Bell to heal me. I drink one of the remaining potions and store the rest. I ask Thomas if he is any good at tracking people. He agrees to help and we leave. After we leave he comments that Bell has been distant lately. We stop by Falconflight’s place He comments that it will be “dicey” finding Harrison and agrees to join us since he’s still working for me.

We all return to the Weather Society to meet up with Broderick. Introductions are made. Broderick states he thinks they are in the Docks but not much more. We agree to go to Batch’s house in order to let the tracker’s do their thing. Thomas and Falconflight start investigating the area and Thomas finds the trail. He says it looks like she voluntarily went along for at least part of it. The trail starts to lead towards the Docks and Thomas points out a blood splatter on the ground near the border. We advance further into the docks through the streets. As we are following the trail we spot Richard laying on a rooftop.

He climbs down and informs us that he is tracking the mysterious packages he keeps receiving. Apparently they are brought to this point so he is staking it out. We question what he is staking out and he points us to the spire. The spire is a large tower made of black stone, barely visible, that is way out in the ocean. He further states he doesn’t need to do anything till the night so he is free to help us with our investigation. We turn to our trackers and they point out that the trail becomes “three” people here but otherwise ends. Thomas suggests we follow the third trail.

That trail leads to a nameless tavern filled with sailors. A sailor/guard/bouncer tries to escort us out. Falconflight ends up bribing him. I leave momentarily to tell Thomas to go home, he mentions he wants to purchase something big but otherwise heads home. I enter to see Richard and Broderick talking to some ugly sailor. I try to walk in nonchalantly and avoid money getting thrown at me. As I approach Broderick is asking if he can sell some Weather Society uniforms. Pete says he can ship it to them for a modest price. I ask if he also delivers messages to the spire and start to catch the attention of the rest of the crowd as Ugly Pete gets anxious. Richard asks if he has seen anyone unusual. Pete claims he is not a snitch and Broderick quickly ends the conversation.

We leave and try to figure out what to do next. Falconflight states a rowboat seems to come to shore recently. Richard states that whoever delivers his packages comes by rowboat at night. Everyone except Broderick thinks there is probably some correlation, who insists we should look into the the missing uniforms. We debate but eventually me and Broderick leave to go follow up on the uniform lead while Richard stays behind to resume his stake out.

We split up and I let Falconflight return to the Mids. Afterwards Broderick reveals he has a contact we can go see. As we head to his contact I’m explicitly told not to ask or think about her wife. We go to his apartment and we have Tom conversation 1. We follow Tom’s advice and travel to a sewer grate with an arrow painted above it. Down said hole is a small cleared out section for a shop. The store has a few stacks of disguises: patchy Temple robes, moth-holed Matroni suites, etc. All fairly real looking. The store is owned by a older female ratfolk. We inquire about Weather uniforms and she informs us that the “demon fighters” have a standing order for them. After more inquiry she says they also go by “Harriers”. After asking she says they come by every day. We make some small purchase and leave.

After we leave I have a short conversation about the Harriers with Broderick in Broderick Conversation 4.

We return to our meetup spot and find Richard on the shoreline talking to a heavily robed man near a rowboat. Nearby we see Richard’s knife. Using object reading I see that Richard left to go confront the man on the shore when it approached. We end up going to approach the pair. As we approach the identity of the cloaked figure is revealed to be Lenny.

Me: “Wait. Lenny actually sent the letters? I thought he was dead”
Rich: “So did I”
Bro: “So what’s going on here?”
Rich: “He says Areana is at the Spire waiting for Harrison to return. The Upper Council are there too”
Lenny: “… sorry… I didn’t have a choice.”
Me: “Elaboration needs to happen”
Rich: “Harrison has an exploding collar on him as well as some…magical persuasion”
Me: “Is this related to the chemical? The persuasion I mean”
Bro: “Then we need to go to the Spire. Like right now.”
Rich: “We need to rescue the upper council, kill Harrison for real this time, and free lenny from his control”
Bro: “All of which is at the Spire.”
Me: “Hold on. Lenny. What is this spire like? Does he have guards? How many? Does everyone have those collars on? Can we break this compulsion?”
Lenny: “Its terrible there. Full of traps and monsters. And the demons lived out there too…. but Areana said they won’t come back ‘yet’”
Me: “Till Harrison returns right? Are the upper council speaking the same mind controlled gibberish?”
Lenny: ‘I don’t know what they do. They disappear into the ruins. I stay on the surface… I’m not allowed inside the ruins. The bodies I hauled were brought into the ruins. I don’t know what happened to them. I’m sorry."
Me: “… the bodies? Were they dead when they were brought in?”
Lenny: "I didn’t get a good look. I was told to row. "
Me: “Who took them in”
Lenny: “Areana and some undead. The brainless kind… they have cadaver-packs they put the victims in.”
Me: “… Lenny. Are you some undead with a brain?”
Lenny: “I don’t know. Harrison didn’t either. He called me a curious sort of failure. Only reason he kept me is bait. I am sure of it. I’m sure even now I am just bait.”
Bro: “Guys, I need to talk to you in private”
Me: “Lenny why did you row out here tonight? They were taken two days ago”
Lenny: “I needed to get a package from the courier… he meets me here in half an hour.”
Bro: “Well, let’s clear out and ambush him too.”
Me: “I’m good with that. Although. Question Lenny, now that you’ve seen us will you do anything differently? Will you report us?”
Rich: “How much control does Areana have while Harrison is dead? or Lenny?”
Me: “Well if they had control they haven’t fled. They’re still there and Lenny here has been delivering stuff to her. Since he can’t go down”
Rich: “He didn’t flee because of the explosive collar”
Bro: “Alright, let’s lie in wait.”
Me: “Which we still don’t know how to disarm. My point is. If we don’t ambush the courier. They won’t know we’re about to invade. We can go and get reinforcements and come tomorrow”
Bro: “No. We can’t. I need to talk to you.”
Rich: “We can still get the courier he’s just dropping a package.”
DM: The group retreats to the roof.
Bro: “I’ve been pushing so hard for us to investigate this today/tonight, because I know that something big is going down. To quote: ‘The future of the Weather Society will be dead by the morning.’”
Me: “…who the fuck said THAT?!”
Bro: “…Is there any chance we can avoid that and just take my word for it?”
Me: “Broderick if I said that would you take my word on it?”
Bro: “I got all my information about the missing Council Members from the Bear, okay? I doubt he’d want me to reveal we worked together on this, but I don’t see any choice now.”
Me: “… so the Bear says they’re going to be dead by the morning? How does he know?”
Rich: “This is apparently Harrison’s secret stronghold. We’re still pretty banged up from our misadventure this morning. It’ll be dangerous to go in ill-prepared.”
Bro: “He didn’t say. But I’ve heard rumors of something big going down tonight, so I’m inclined to believe him. And to ease your worries, Richard, we can employ the remainder of the Weather guards for this mission. That’s the best I’ve got. But I’m going after them tonight.”
Me: “Grrrr fine. We intercept the courier. We go get reinforcements”
Rich: “Are we not intercepting the courier together?”
Bro: “Also, how do we get to the Spire?”
Me: “The rowboat?”
Bro: “The rowboat with all of our forces?”
Me: “I mean do you have someone who is willing to lend us their boat?”
Rich: “There’s that whole bar of drunken sailors. I’m sure we convince someone to give us a ride”
Bro: “Yeah, we can make that work, especially with our troops.”
Me: “Okay. Does someone want to stay here to get that together? While the other two go back?”
Bro: “I have to go back. I’m a lower council member, so I’ll have extra authority to draft some guards. Plus, I was planning on supplying our health potions from my business’s personal stock. Pearce, will you accompany me? Having a second person will help sell the importance that we need guards.”
Rich: “I’ll try to secure us a means of transport”
Me: “Then let’s head back”.


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