Gallowsbird (2016)

Public: The War of the Apple

Forces include:
-Apple Crew (Broderick, Richard, Pearce)
- 5 Leeches-for-Eyes Mercs (Commander, Mucus, Flexticle, Ugly, Membrane)
-Several Weather Society (Venyard, Salisbury, Lenny, Jorge)
-Georgeguy and Lucky Dogan

The next day the group gathers together and heads towards the doc without much incident. The plan is for Brodie to sneak in, get some info, come out and inform us. After that Richard would use some explosives so he and the weather could charge in from the south west. The Leeches and I would run in from the east. We hoist Brodie onto the ceiling but before he can enter we see a medium sized woman in black clothing with possibly potions. She leaves without a word.

Brodie enters and several seconds later and we prepare to enter. Richard’s explosion goes off and the fight begins. Patricia is in a warehouse along with several women dressed in different uniforms but seemingly of the same mercenary group, and a group of Ratfolk. The battle raged on. Some key notes:
-Georgeguy died
-Venyard showed to be able to cast healing magic, Lucky Dogan seemed to have curses
- Salisbury was able to cast healing magic by touch
I stabbed Patricia with the Jester Scimitar shortly before she died.

I was given a potion and we threw all the loot in the bag of holding Patricia had on her body. We then leave the docks. Along the way Salisbury strikes up a conversation. He claims that he had dreams of Samantha and me. That she gave him the ability to Lay on Hands. I tell him we can meet up after. Along the way I have a vision as well of Samantha changing the fate of Tharul.

When we arrive we get the following scene: You walk in to see Tharul unconscious and bleeding out from a well placed purple bolt. Belltoll’s hands are shining and she seems extremely confused. She is holding Tharul, the light in her hands shifts. This happens over the course of about 3 seconds, and afterwards she seems to act confused, but Tharul seems to have miraculously healed, as if by the devious magics of old. He isn’t better, but he isn’t dead. You may freely use potions and what have you to heal him if you’d like, otherwise Belltoll will silently tend to him.

We all were shocked but didn’t have much to say. We divided the loot and split up. Among the loot is a note:
It is no longer beneficial to work with you. I’ve had a great time but I think it is time for a new hero to take the stage. Me. I’ll meet you at the docks at noon in two days, you know where. I think I can help you escape the mess you’ve gotten in.
– H”


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