Gallowsbird (2016)

After that I’m awoken to the sound of glass breaking outside my apartment. I head towards the door and hear someone shout “Find the rat-freak”. I hear pounding on the door. I draw my sword and ask who is there. Jacket identifies himself. Before I can let him in several arrows hit the door and I open the door to see him holding a wand over some now smoldering remains of rioters. We have Jacketman conversation 9.

We exit the magical portal we entered in conversation 9 and take stock. I have conversation 19 with Samantha and then hurry off into the night. I arrive at “Ma’s Diner” to find it on fire. Salsibury is nearby cradling the owner as he drags her away. He identifies her as his mother who apparently owed debts. Noticing he is injured I offer him a potion as he starts to break down. I console him briefly but tell him I need to keep moving. He agrees and decides to come with me after making his mother look peaceful. We head out into the night.

We arrive to the embassy to find thousands of rats of all shapes and sizes fighting off demons. I grab my sword and it begins to glow brighter until it’s as bright as the fabled sun and charge in shouting “FOR THE LADY AMETHYST”. Many of the things there, including Salisbury, are stunned and he along with rats regroup with me. Together we fight and destroy some of the nearby demons. The rats in awe proclaim we have the “Glory of Ratman”. We point out that we are servants of Amethyst, Allies of Ratman, and we continue to fight on. An hour later the fighting starts to die down as the demons retreat. I note that the demons are no longer disintegrating when we slay them. The ambassador, Marcus, calls us and we have a conversation with him and Knoblitch Conversation 2. After that we leave out again.

I ask how Salisbury is holding out. He says he’s feeling overwhelmed which I sympathize with. We head back to my place and slay a few additional demons along the way. When arrive we find Samantha sitting and staring at her book, occasionally coughing up tonic. Bell states she is sick and refuses to take more tonic. We resume Samantha Conversation 19.
Salsibury, Thomas, and I wait in the living room.

Sal: “So… what is going on back there?”
Me: “… The lady is doing what is necessary to help the city”
Sal: “She more powerful than she appear, Pearce?”
Me: “She is. She just doesn’t always remember it”

I hear loud, chaotic laughing coming from the bedroom. Light seeps under the door frame. Bright light.

Sal: “Uh…”
Me: “Just be calm”

The door opens, and a blinding, bright light comes out of it. We hear the flapping of wings and a bird call and then the light is out the front door. I go outside and find there is a new bright light in the sky. A gigantic ball of tightly flying birds as bright as daylight.

Bell emerges from the bedroom with an empty case. Apparently Samantha consumed all the souls. Pearce angry that she did something so reckless momentarily flips out and consequently flips a table but otherwise they all just stand there for a moment. Bell says that she did it to shine away the darkness and then she fell back into the bed. I enter to see huge bird-wings on Samantha but otherwise seemingly unharmed. We survive the night.


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