Gallowsbird (2016)

The Monster makes his move

After we leave Salisbury confronts me and says he wants to go get drinks to celebrate and talk. I agree and he takes me to a Halfling diner called “Ma’s”.

We proceed to have Salisbury conversation 1.

We separate and I go to my apartment. Samantha is standing on the balcony excited and waiving. We hug and go inside.

We proceed to have Samantha conversation 8 part 1.

There is a pause and the conversation shifts to stuff that should be asked of followers. Eventually books are brought up.

We proceed to have Samantha conversation 8 part 2.

The memory from the Square book
“Patricia is writing in the book furiously. A woman in a black leather outfit is behind her, silently approaching. The woman reaches for something on Patricia’s person, but from your angle you can’t see her. Patricia glaces at a time piece, closes the book. She turns and misses seeing the woman in leather. The book returns to the bag. End of memory.”

Before I can observe more I hear a rattling from my bedroom. I go observe and quickly determine that the book is having some effect on my magic canary. I pick it up and confirm that someone/something is casting mage hand on it. The notebook flutters open. An ironcast hand emerges, and points at the bird. It’s similar to the Ratman but covered in sand and rust. It tried to cast a spell on Samantha and I attacked it. Just as suddenly the arm disappeared.

After a conversation with Sam I go to the library. Apparently the room is now partially a garden created by the Ratman. It appears that he is part construct and has grass and flowers growing out of his creases. I try to communicate and he eventually offers to cast a spell. A chorus of rats start to sing and suddenly me and Ratman are both shepherd dogs. We proceed to have Pearce and Ratman conversation 1

Public: The War of the Apple

Forces include:
-Apple Crew (Broderick, Richard, Pearce)
- 5 Leeches-for-Eyes Mercs (Commander, Mucus, Flexticle, Ugly, Membrane)
-Several Weather Society (Venyard, Salisbury, Lenny, Jorge)
-Georgeguy and Lucky Dogan

The next day the group gathers together and heads towards the doc without much incident. The plan is for Brodie to sneak in, get some info, come out and inform us. After that Richard would use some explosives so he and the weather could charge in from the south west. The Leeches and I would run in from the east. We hoist Brodie onto the ceiling but before he can enter we see a medium sized woman in black clothing with possibly potions. She leaves without a word.

Brodie enters and several seconds later and we prepare to enter. Richard’s explosion goes off and the fight begins. Patricia is in a warehouse along with several women dressed in different uniforms but seemingly of the same mercenary group, and a group of Ratfolk. The battle raged on. Some key notes:
-Georgeguy died
-Venyard showed to be able to cast healing magic, Lucky Dogan seemed to have curses
- Salisbury was able to cast healing magic by touch
I stabbed Patricia with the Jester Scimitar shortly before she died.

I was given a potion and we threw all the loot in the bag of holding Patricia had on her body. We then leave the docks. Along the way Salisbury strikes up a conversation. He claims that he had dreams of Samantha and me. That she gave him the ability to Lay on Hands. I tell him we can meet up after. Along the way I have a vision as well of Samantha changing the fate of Tharul.

When we arrive we get the following scene: You walk in to see Tharul unconscious and bleeding out from a well placed purple bolt. Belltoll’s hands are shining and she seems extremely confused. She is holding Tharul, the light in her hands shifts. This happens over the course of about 3 seconds, and afterwards she seems to act confused, but Tharul seems to have miraculously healed, as if by the devious magics of old. He isn’t better, but he isn’t dead. You may freely use potions and what have you to heal him if you’d like, otherwise Belltoll will silently tend to him.

We all were shocked but didn’t have much to say. We divided the loot and split up. Among the loot is a note:
It is no longer beneficial to work with you. I’ve had a great time but I think it is time for a new hero to take the stage. Me. I’ll meet you at the docks at noon in two days, you know where. I think I can help you escape the mess you’ve gotten in.
– H”

Potential Last Hours

After the group split up I headed back towards the Apple. Along the way I ran into Lucky Dogan walking some dog-like thing. We hear voice shout out and all of a sudden i’m an accomplice in abomination-napping. He asks for help, hands me the leash, and runs off. Eventually the person chasing me catches up and I realize it is also Lucky. I then wake up in a smokehouse with Lucky. Apparently that was all a vision. Then for a random reason he decides to help me fight Patricia, apparently I inspired him while I was out? He runs off and I wake up AGAIN in the middle of a road.

After that episode I go to the Apple and find Bell. After she was shot she seemed to be wrapped in dirty bandages that probably did more harm than good. Since I can’t go to Fieldsworth I go find another physician working in the docks. They can’t do much but they can at least put fresh bandages on and tell her not to push herself. After we left I brought up her contract. She tried to tell me something but whatever she wanted to say was lost in translation. I told her I’d try to get her away and we parted ways.

When I returned to the Apple a meeting was taking place between Tharul, a Leeches mercenary, and a representative of the Ratman. After they Leave Tharul and Pearce conversation 1 happens. We say our goodbyes and I depart for my house.

There I find Jacketman. He offers to sell me a few items.Three handy harvest sacks that are connected to each other. I decline since I lacked the gold. He asks about my disease, I inform him of what I know. He asks about the girl, I say she’s wanted and need to keep her info off the market. Jacket thinks that is wise. I loan Jacket some money for a new place and after we fail to cook food I send him to the spare bedroom. [wip]

Sam stuff [wip]

Public: The Day before the Big Day

The group gathers at the Apple the next day. Discussion was had. I told the group I worked for the Reclamation and knew where we could find Patricia. The group decided to go gather as many troops as possible to help take her down.

We went to the docks to see if we could ask the Ratfolk for help. Encountered demons on the way and they quickly did a lot of damage to several of us. I DID notice that my demon blood appears to be poison to them so that was cool. The battle looked dire but Brodie through a smoke bomb and we were able to flee. We made it to the emissary and were able to talk to the m. I found out Ingred is working there. We had a brief moment and she wished me luck after giving me a week’s salary of potions. The talk with the diplomat goes ok, they were reluctant to send troops but they gladly provided scouts to help us find the way to warehouse without getting attacked.

We contacted the weather next. Richard was able to get us a meeting with one of the Lower Council. He seems reluctant and did not like the implication that Patricia was involved with the Weather. We appealed that if she wasn’t cause the Mids could be a warzone and he agreed to send a small force to join us.

After that we went back to the docs to hire a band of mercenaries “Leeches for eyes”. They said that Patricia was also looking to hire mercenaries but couldn’t afford them at the time.

We briefly go looking for Crazy Eye Tom and find him drunk, high, or both. We tell him that we’re going after Patricia and he seems to be willing.

Our forces gathered we split up and make final preparations for the fight.

How to start a religion for dummies

When our group breaks up I track down Richard and we have a short chat. I’m concerned about Belltoll and how she has been treated by whoever her employers are. Since she’s under contract with the Weather Society I’m hoping he can get some specifics and we can figure out what to do with her.

After that I go and make sure Crazy-Eye hasn’t met the same fate that the rest of the Apple has. I find him in an alley intoxicated or in some way drugged up off what looks to be magical fruit. He was able to talk and curse so I assumed he was fine and left.

When I return to my apartment Samantha has moved a lot of my junk around. This is not cool. Pearce had his junk exactly where he liked it. She is also somehow holding one of the bolts I kept from the recent assassination incident.

Samantha and Pearce conversation 6

After the conversation I tuck her into the bed and bring some drinks down to Jacketman. Inside I find that a large portion of his house is just stocked to the brim with food.

Jacketman and Pearce conversation 5

I go back to my place and have another conversation with Samantha: Samantha and Pearce conversation 7 part 1.

That evening I go down to find Jacket’s place broken into. I have conversation 6 with jacketman and he leaves. I identify the culprits using Object reading, a bunch of teens whose identities I save for later. I find his diary burned in a trashcan and use mending to partially restore it. I take the entire trashcan. Once there I also read the formula. It’s an alchemical potion that masks the scent of a race.

Public: Speak of the devil and she doth appear

So the group meets up at the doctor’s office and we given everything that’s happened we decided to move our conversation to the Apple. Along the way we saw a lot of people running. It turns out a building had been swarmed and covered with rats. We go to the Apple and see Tharul talking to Shadles . Crazy-Eye is investigating the rat swarm and we talk and determine a few things
-If Patricia is with the Weather Society the grunts don’t know anything. She seems to be restricted info.
-Richard is currently being framed for Wilson, the guy who was doing the temple negotiations. Apparently he was killed by a rat casting fire magic
-We’re not going to buy the info on Patricia, it was deemed too risky since I couldn’t reveal the source
-Asked about the Jester swords, said a friend was injured by it, that didn’t go over well. I was told the sword was more symbolic.

The emissary was running late so we went to make sure there wasn’t something wrong. There was something wrong. A couple of weather guys and the emissaries were under attack by peasants. Brodie tried to grapple while me and Richard knocked everyone else out. I see that the emissary looks a lot like me for a rat-folk and seems to be dressed like a female. We take the injured to Doctor Feelsworth. He initially refuses but when we point out that they were on Weather Society business he lets them in. We learn that they’ve already used their 10 free visits. We end up going to get a potion for the emissary and make a quick stop by Jarvan. We pull the emissary out on a gurney.

As we approached the apple I noticed Patricia on a pile of rubble aiming THE crossbow. I dove in between her and the emissary just fast enough to take a bolt to the shoulder. It started wriggling around so I pulled it out and we all broke for cover, Brodie pulling the emissary. Richard and I gave chase but she escaped in the alleyways. When we got to the Apple we saw Bell and Tharul had been shot, we were able to stabilize them.

The emissary, whose name was Ingred, stated that she was there to meet with the surface representative Patricia. She claimed that she was one of two representatives that were sent to negotiate a new district, one of Ratfolk. They offered to mostly take the docks and some of the mids in exchange for clearing a path to the shore and improve the trade. We discussed it back and forth but ultimately said we didn’t have any control in the mids and couldn’t make any such deal. So we escorted her back to the bluepoles sewers. She asked my identity and we hugged. I told her she could always come to me if she was in trouble and she said maybe someday.

There ain't no rest for the divine

Eventually Broderick shows up at the Apple. We discuss the doctor incident, he is not a fan of what happened and doesn’t by my “Magical delusion causing” rat. I explain a theory I’ve been cooking up that Patricia and the Weather Society might be working together and that gets some better traction. He admits it’s at least worth looking into. We discuss whether to bring Richard in and it’s eventually decided that we should. He confessed that he had received some flyer for a “weapon auction”. He and Richard went to the address and apparently it’s the Hostel formerly owned by Duni. They went and nothing happened. He thought that perhaps he had been lured for some reason. Broderick suggest I not be there when the doctor showed up and I left.

When I got home Samantha had moved the mirrors in my house so that she is visible upon entry.
Proceed to conversation X in Samantha Page.

I'm not crazy. They're crazy.
I might actually be crazy

Arrived at the Apple to find Crazy Eye Tom at his desk. Was told that both he and Captain Tharul Martin were receiving pressure to close the Apple Project because of the incident with Patricia. Itried to convince him to keep the Apple running but he claimed it wasn’t his decision. Asked what I could do and he just stated we don’t have enough people. Tom stated they would be executed if a war broke out. I asked if he had any leads based off her desk. He said he found 5 address but all of them were cleaned out. When I asked about her desk I was informed it was being used as a bed because the gurneys had what was described as a “Like somebody opened up a roast-beef factory in some mutant pigs fat face and chest.” Crazy-Eye thinks it walked in. Was told I couldn’t go in there till the doctor cleared it. Went to go get the doctor.

Everything from here on out is possibly a delusion:
I arrived at the doctor’s office and knocked on the door. I observed movement inside and saw that the door was open so I went in. Doctor Fieldsworth was lying on the floor bleeding from bludgeoning wounds. His body is blue and clearly has some broken bones in places. I drew my sword and entered the establishment. Inside I saw the Crazy Surgeon. I shouted “YOU!” and in response his face “contorts, pull back, and open to an inhuman degree. It snaps at you and attempts to run past you on all legs… like Georgeguy did. Knees backwards.” I try to swing but end up fumbling backwards from the suddenness of the event and the surgeon flees into the street.

I chase after him and finally catch up to him in an alleyway. His appearance is now that of Fieldsworth. He is panting and says “Nooo, you fool! Don’t do this! What is the meaning of this? You break into my office, scream, chase me down the street? You almost killed me if you hadn’t fumbled with that sword!” My nose starts to bleed and I respond “I-I look. If you don’t run I won’t attack. Just go back to your office” The doctor starts walking, now with a limp, towards his office. “Swear to it, you people… I don’t want to see you in my office again.”
“You are unstable. You need help.” The doctor points to his head. “Maybe drinking all those potions your lot is so fond of has had some longterm effects?” Now completely confused I responded “What are you even talking about?” The doctor continues his rant “Don’t you tell me you don’t get it. You are not seeing reality right now. You are sick in the head. Have you been seeing things, Pearce? I went by your house – I saw you on the floor with a bottle of Hollowberry Tonic. That behavior does things to you… don’t you understand?” So many things were wrong with that accusation so I started with “Who told you where I live?” He pauses and then seemed to vanish from reality. Suspecting invisibility I attempted to punch the area he was previously and missed.

I tell the doctor to show himself and he appears right in front of me asking ""Why do you hunt me still? What can’t you find?" I demanded he answer my questions first but he claimed that he was the doctor not the patient. At this point I’m angry. I claim that he is the surgeon and that he cut out our fucking souls and demanded answers. He asked if I planned to kill my doctor and I asked why my doctor would hide when I’ve not harmed him. He started asking what I meant by a soul and proposed that maybe the loss of a loved one made me insane. I state that we can have this conversation at his office. He states he has no desire to be our doctor anymore. Says I and my friends have been disruptive. I state that if I was/am delusional then there is a good chance the image I saw in the office is gone and that objecting makes him seem suspicious. He claims that I’m not allowed onto the property and that my employers will know if I do. He tries to close the door before I can look so I shove my foot in the door. We argue more about if I can go in and I finally state that if he doesn’t trust me I’ll find a 3rd party and we can check. He relents and I see no body in there, no voices respond when I call out. As I leave the doctor says that he doesn’t work for the Apple anymore.

After I leave I go try to find Brodie or Richard to see if they’ll help me figure out the situation. Neither are reachable. I end up at the Apple and I’m informed Tharul quit. I explain the doctor situation and he doesn’t seem to buy my story. He let’s Bell follow me as a second set of eyes. We go to the doctors and see him writing a sign with some Weather Society people. I eventually talk my way in and convince the doctor to come look at the corpse. When we leave I ask Bell if something seemed weird. She nodded at everything involved and pulled a live rat off my back. It suddenly dies. I make sure it’s dead and we continue on.

I go home, discover that my bottom neighbor is Jacketman who goes by “Max”. We write a letter and deliver it to Brodie telling him to meet us at the Apple. Afterwards we go to Tharul’s house and find him inside working on a boat. After searching him for a rat I asked him why he quit. He said the “Captains” decided to focus elsewhere and had decided to drop the Apple a week ago. After more questioning he admitted he felt useless, unable to help. I stated that we needed someone to lead just as much as someone to act. He agreed and we carried him to the Apple.

Public: Ratman and Lasagna

Group meets up outside of the doctor feelgoods. We discuss Georgeguy and Brodie says he is safe as can be, won’t tell where. The issue of Patricia comes up and I bring up the letter I find. This just seems to confirm the idea of outing her. We go talk to the doc and he says that none of our results matched the matter in Rat’s Milk. We go to the apple and give our report to Therul. Patricia states that the Ratman is coming later today and tries to leave. I prevent her from doing so. After we present our evidence Therul questions Patricia. They argue and she says she quits and the temple district will no longer support this. A fight looked like it would potentially break out but Therul said to let her go. We collect our money and go outside while the two remaining discuss what to do. We find a weird beardless dwarf outside who says he’s a translator for the ratman. Speaks in hick? Crazy-eye can barely understand him. Our group decides to go deposit our gold and travel as a group to cut down on mugging. Richard lives in the Weather barracks, or if he doesn’t he dropped off his gold there. We didn’t actually go in. Brodie was next and apparently lives in a homeless shelter he runs. There is some halfling going around giving orders that Brodie is probably employing along with a guard outside. Turns out this is where Georgeguy is. Georgeguy is extremely irratable and demands to be called George. I ask about the hammer and he seems to get a headache before saying it was stolen. When it was implied I took it, I did not, he lifted me off the ground and Brodie then informed me that he had squeezed a demon in half. We quickly left. At my apartment I dropped off my gold. There was apparently a lasagna in the kitchen. Confused I offered it to the others. They did not see the pasta. I quickly made everyone leave. As we go back to the apple we see a huge swarm of rats going down the street. We follow and a thin armored man-thing appears in the apple. It just kinda thunders and the translator says stuff. Apparently we’re forgiven for going down there but we need to kill Patricia or else a lot of people are gonna die. We are told to go find and kill Patricia and we leave. Brodie and Richard argue about who to trust and who to recruit. I hear a voice of my mother say: You didn’t like my dinner, honey…" you hear in your head. “I made it for you…” We decide to meet up in two days.

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