Gallowsbird (2016)

Who needs a soul anyway?
I do. I need a soul. Give it to me

The next morning Pearce awoke and checked a mirror. A seemingly young woman with a blurred face was sitting on the floor and watching me. Only in the mirror. Trying to touch the apparition causes both to shiver

Went down into the sewers. Got to the giant statue and used object reading. Saw a man in temple district clothing carving the statue. Then went to go find the gypsies. Fairly easily did that and told them the sign (sparrow song) to get in unmolested. Found the old blind woman getting pulled in a cart by a donkey. She claimed my soul had been traded away for “filth” that was hard to look at or ingest. When asked if the rat disease caused this, she said “Rat disease? Is that the filth? Do the rodents now carry that with them?” Asked if she knew if I still had a soul. Said she couldn’t track them. Pearce asks what a soul is and why it’s important. ""When you come to this place on the day of your birth, you get one. If you keep it until death. Whatever it is, its in all sentient things. Until it is lost." “Whatever the point of life is, and I can’t really tell you for certain past that – its tied with the soul.” Claimed most had their souls but a soul was needed for extremely powerful evil. When asked what happens to those without a soul she said, ""Who can say? The dealer of death lives with that uncertainty." “Certainly, without a soul, you are more susceptible to moral failings. Inviting the dark hosts in. Like you yourself have done.” Asked if she could take the darkness out. She said that was dark magic. Needed the skills of someone who could take it out first time. Claimed if her people knew more, where they came from, if there was a place to learn more. She said the city took their history. Said if I had this filth before the sewer escapade 2.0 It was hiding. Asked her not to tell the others

Bear knocks on the door. He and two lackies are let in by Pearce. He has messy hair and wears thick armor. He has a scar next to his eye. He has Burr and Thurr’s hammer at his hip. Offered to buy a short sword with a red sheath (one Brodie claimed). Denied that i’ve ever had such a blade. Asked several times, denied each time. He became agitated and left.

Public: Why is Patricia in the sewers

We found Patricia in the sewers with a ratfolk. She wanted to pretend we didn’t know her. That basically didn’t happen. I saw the surgery guy run down a hallway and followed after to see where he was going. He got away. Brodie came with Patricia and she warned that we shouldn’t go down there. She had been trying to warn us away. She claimed to be a representative for the ratfolk and risked a lot to not get us attacked? We proceeded down anyway. Brodie refused to shoot and we fought some rats. I can’t climb. Met Jese the Ratman. He took us to a sanctuary with trees and a small house. Found the body of Joanne inside. The rats inside said something about me was off. We promised not to tell the surface about the rat colonies. We left and talked to surgery guy through a wall. He offered to give us one soul if we left, said ours were destroyed. We said no deal. I picked the lock and we barged in. We fought, jars were broken, and he killed himself. We retrieved two soul jars, one taken by me and the other by Brodie. We left with the body of Joanne. Georgeguy and Joanne were taken by Bell.


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