Gallowsbird (2016)

The Fight for Gallows

Pearce gathers his troops and heads towards the Apple where our forces were supposed to gather. Broderick arrives and asks to be informed what the next part of the plan is. I lead Broderick, Belltoll, Salisbury, and myself into an office. I inform them that while the others are attacking the ship itself, we will use it as a distraction to go after the “Helmsman” the leader of the Kingdom of Man. To that end we will use Lucky’s staff which is a tool used by their officers to hopefully get us closer. Broderick asks why he wasn’t told and I tell him it was to make sure the Senations played their part. We start to wait on the Duchess when Broderick informs me that she was stationed elsewhere because he wasn’t informed about the plan. We argue about this slightly when we start to hear a loud humming coming from outside.

As the humming grows louder we eventually go outside. We the horizon line start to wobble and a purple line starts to appear in the sky. It hurts to look at and it starts to grow into a tear. Meanwhile the humming has continued to grow louder and louder and is now painful. Purple fog starts to emanate from the tear and slowly a giant floating fortress starts to emerge. It looks like a castle on top of a floating square platform. A large tower dots each corner. The moment it is fully in our plane it starts to move erratically. It seemingly drops quite rapidly and slowly starts to recover. At some point we see bodies start to fall. As we continue to watch the scene we eventually realize the bodies belong to temple forces. Just as we are about to go in we feel the earth tremble as a giant monster seems to burst out of the Matronis. Even though we’ve never seen it the sight can be nothing other than a dragon. It spreads humongous wings and flies to attack the fortress. During this I briefly tried to go contact Samantha but Broderick spotted me and wouldn’t let me get away.

We decide to go immediately instead of waiting for the designated time and hope the others do as well. When we get inside we notice that Ratman is seemingly standing in one room. He is still all ornately carved and his gaze still follows me wherever I go. We pass him and get set up in the portal. Their are 10 ratfolk swordsman and several swarms of rats who are going to help. We activate the portal and step into some odd factory room. There are odd creatures chained to the walls. We try communicating but aside from being in fear they don’t seem to respond. Sal immediately wants to help them. I convince him to let the Ratfolk guard the portal and help the creatures and he agrees and we move on.

We go into a series of hallways and staircases. We soon hear the footsteps of what we assume are a half dozen soldiers. We try to outrun them but eventually we class in a tunnel. Broderick deals with several before the fight even begins. I enchant my sword with merciful and knock one or two out before we clean up the rest. Broderick finds manacles on the officer and chains him. We wake him up and start to interrogate him. He is reluctant to talk but eventually agrees to escort Me and Broderick to the Helmsman if we go alone. Broderick says that Pearce can handle it alone. (There was some dispute whether it was obvious Pearce thought Broderick and the others would follow). We agree and the officer starts to lead me. We go through several hallways and eventually reach a hatch that leads to the surface of the ship.

When I and the officer step onto the surface we immediately notice that the winds are extremely strong. The officer quickly loses balance and falls. I, after wrapping up my left arm, go out and with my light frame actually launch into the air. After flailing about we end up crawling towards the fortress in the center of the ship. On the surface we also notice that the forces of the city are fighting the Kingdom’s forces. We get to a hatch in the fort and when I stand to open the door I go flying again. The officer is able to crawl over to the hatch and opens it. Afraid he will close it behind him I activate my flight ability. I mimic running as I fly over and get in the door. We close it behind us and are now in the fort.

Afraid that the others won’t be able to follow us, I decide to wait until they make it inside. I feign catching my breath and see Broderick enter. After seeing Broderick the officer decides that we can not be trusted and will assist us no further. He asks for a swift death, and we oblige. We wait for the others to join us inside the fort. The door opens and most make it inside but when Salisbury stands to get in he gets blown away. I try to communicate with him via telepathy and find out he’s sprained his ankle on the roof. Despite protests I claim I’m going after him. I activate my flight again and head out and attempt to “fake climb” the wall. I utterly fail and the wind throw me a hundred feet away from the building. I try to get back again and i’m blown to one of the outer towers. I resign myself to crawling back to the fortress. When I get back I check again and I don’t feel Salisbury.

I enter the fort and find the others have fought off another squad. They are now taking off their armor so that we can disguise ourselves. We get 3 suits of armor and make our way to what we believe is the center of the fortress. Broderick, wearing the armor, states that the moment they lower their guard he’s going to attack so be prepared. I wait several seconds before I hear shouting and the rest of us rush in.

The room is divided into a lower and upper section, with the upper section containing a large device similar to the ones in the towers. In the left and right corner are regular sized teleportation devices. There are also several rows of machinery that seem to be controls of some sort. There are a variety of guards and technician and leading them is a robot similar to the Ratman. It’s a fierce battle as the Helmsman orders his technicians to use the portals as weapons. There are casualties on both sides. eventually Broderick is able to sneak away to the large machine. He pries open a panel and shoves a ton of gunpowder into the machine and start to light it. This immediately causes it to buckle and start to hum as it starts to malfunction. There is panic as everyone is confused on if we should stay or fight. The helmsman is able to command his remaining people to make a portal and promises to return 148 years from now, then he escapes. Broderick reveals to Pearce that he is actually Bear just before he tells everyone to go. He intends to take the ship down, with the help of several of our soldiers. After some reluctance I agree and Belltoll and I leave, along with one of her friends and a Kingdom officer.

We run out to the surface of the ship that is now rapidly falling out of the sky. We do what we can to warn the others to retreat off the ship. We start to head towards our own portal but it becomes obvious we won’t make it in time. I gather everyone left and imagine a place I know very well and we dimension door off the ship. The four of us appear in my apartment in time to hear the collision and feel the earth rumble. We go outside and see the ship has landed on the outskirts of the blue poles, crushing half the district. The dragon starts to return to the Matrnois. I look up in the sky and see that the crack is still there, dark figures moving beyond our plane. I ask Samantha if she can fix the crack in the sky. “I don’t think there is an easy fix. I think I would make it worse.” I nod and realize that Gallows Bird will never be the same.

Every Day Must Eventually End

Pearce enters his apartment to find Viola stretching. We exchange pleasantries and she informs me she took the liberty of opening my mail for me. I let it slide since we’re about to face Armageddon. I read the letter and it is an urgent request to go to the embassy. Pearce sighs at having to deliver the news and heads out again.

When I arrive at the embassy I am quickly led inside past several perturbed guards. At the center of the embassy is the sound of metalworking as a crowd of ratfolk and rats surround the body of Ovid. The crowd is carving ornate designs all over his body. Ingrid approaches me and thanks me for his return. Confused I quickly ask her to join me in a private office. We have Ingred conversation 3. We come to an agreement and I leave the office. As I exit the embassy I am very keenly aware that whoever is in Ratman’s mask is watching me intently.

I return to my apartment to find Samantha standing in my living room waiting for me. We have Samantha Conversation 35. During the conversation I am given two more blessings, and my hands and my keen sword both glow briefly. After Samantha disappears I slip into my room and disrobe to see how my body appears. I have small patches of feathered pins across half my torso as well as my red arm and the top of the thigh on the afflicted side.

I cover myself up and go check my guestroom for Viola. I knock and enter to see her laying on her bed, most likely avoiding Samantha. I invite her to a drink and she agrees to go to a bar. I pick up some gold and we head to the Jiggling Gypsy at her request. We are able to get a booth and we briefly watch the other attendants that are oblivious. We order drinks and have Viola Conversation 9.We chat at the club/bar. Viola gets to actually dance. I buy a bottle to go and give it to Belltoll on the way back. We both then retire to my apartment.

The day ends.

The Long Day Continues: (Partially Public)

Me and Broderick meet up at the Apple. I update him on the status on everyone’s tower. I mention that the Bluepoles seem suspicious and that I intend to investigate it afterwards. Broderick informs me that he has obtained the Fuel from Dunwick but has not distributed it. He hands me the fuel for the Bluepoles and I hand him the book for the Senations. I ask if he has had a chance to obtain the stone from “Max Brittlefeet” and Broderick assures me that he will do so. That set up I suggest we meet tomorrow at the Ratfolk teleporter, stating they have the most experience. Broderick agrees and I ask him to write letters to the districts asking for them to invade at noon tomorrow. He agrees again and then we part ways.

After I leave the office I go into an alley and cast invisibility to prevent Broderick from following me again. I go to the Castle and try to calm Samantha for the upcoming ritual. The chosen slowly trickle in with their followers. When they have all arrived we line up on the stage and one by one each crumble to the ground as they are pulled into the library. I am pulled last and see the chosen seemingly stumbling about. Apparently the library seems completely dark to them. To me and Samantha the place seems shadowy but otherwise still visible. At my request Samantha starts to glow so bright it hurts my eyes. It’s strong enough that they can barely see. They form a chain led by me and Samantha leads to us to where Ovid is. From the sound of clanging we assume he is still making weapons. When we get close Samantha leaves us so that she can go form the connection. After a short while the clanging stops and we hear her call out to us. I lead the chosen to the scene and see Ovid frozen in place. I instruct the others Chosen to heal any wounds and then cast psychic dual to enter Ovid’s mind.

When I enter I find myself floating above a river of bones. A emaciated pale human is sitting in a rowboat is afloat in the river. He is using a paddle to try and progress but is going no where. As the vision forms I find myself sitting in the boat with him. As I get closer his appearance seems even worse. He is gaunt – pale, with a shaved head and no eyebrows. His lips are thin, and his eyes beginning to sink. I attempt to contact him but he does not respond to me. I try to inform him that his flock is in trouble and in response the bones in the river begin to stir. The rats begin to regenerate, just enough for them to begin screaming in agony. The sound makes the pale man cover his face with hands and cover his ears with his arms as he starts to sob. I test out whether I can fly and try to lift him out of the boat. When I touch him he begins to flail wildly and starts to scream. I also note that he is extremely heavy. Trying a different tactic I try to conjure an illusion of living ratfolk calling out for him to help them on the shore. This seems to catch his attention as he turns to the source of the noise and he moves towards the edge of the boat. I spend another spell to create the illusion of a living ratfolk laying on the short. Ratman continues to walk towards the image and ends up falling out of the boat. Now in a large pile of screaming half decomposed rats, the little bodies begin to pull him down. He is apparently too weak to struggle and descends into the pile of corpses. I conjure a giant eagle to descend and attempt to lift out before he is unreachable. This fails as his heavy body quickly descends beyond reach. As the bird continues it’s futile rescue mission the world shimmers vaguely and I suddenly feel fatigued. The desire to sleep is very strong. I start to feel like I am dying. My senses get puffy and the conjured world seems to dim. I see a small point in the distance. It grows and grows, and … it’s like looking down the mouth of the aqueduct. Only it’s bright white.

The white light envelops me and then all I see is whiteness. For a short period there is a painful ringing and then it is gone. Then the bright light too starts to fade, I smell bread my mother would bake me as a child and then smell is gone. More begins to fade, the context, my mother, I feel a tug on what’s left of my mind. I see the pale man and briefly he is all I know. I start to remember some him, things he knew but it too fades. The next thing I see is a library. In it is a pile of identical bodies all seemingly formless. A woman is next to the pile crying about someone named Pearce. As I am floating above this I suddenly see a metal form. It’s head slowly turns towards me, seemingly following me. It extends a hand out towards me. As it does the pile of bodies continues to grow. I try to touch the metal form and the next thing I know my eyes open. I have a pile of corpses on top of me. I hear Samantha crying and screaming my name. I shout out for help as I try to dig myself out. I feel bodies start to be lifted off me and then Samantha pulls me out and hugs me. We have Samantha Conversation 34. We exit the library, I assure everyone I’m okay and then I hurry to the Small and Tall.

When I arrive I find most of the employees are drinking and listening a local bard. Bear gestures me into his office and states that everyone is drinking in case things end tomorrow. I initially protest but quickly decide a drink isn’t a bad idea. Bear and I then depart for the Blue poles. He leads the way and eventually we end up at a fort that has mercenaries patrolling the borders. Bear leads us to the south east corner where he states the guard will fall asleep. We wait in an alley for a while before we hear soft snores. We come out and sneak past the guard and enter the fort. Bear seemingly knows where to go as he guides me to the top of a staircase. He points at the bottom of the staircase where two mercenaries are guarding a room. I cast ghost sound to lure the guards up the stairs. I cast it again to lure them to the opposite end of the hallway. They fall for it and the Bear and I sneak down the staircase. He pulls out a key that unlocks the door.

We enter and he relocks the door before blocking it with a nearby wardrobe. We briefly decide how to approach the interrogation and we quickly decide to throw out diplomacy. I put my good hand over the mouth of the sleeping person. I threaten him to not shout and get up and he silently agrees. We stand him up and I draw my sword.

Me: “Now answer our questions honestly so I don’t have to use this” I gesture at my sword “Are you with the Kingdom of Man?”
Man: “Yeah, they hired me.” he stutters badly.
Me: “What did they hire you to do?”
Man: “To… lay here and sleep.”
Me: “…”

Bear and I turn to each other alarmed. We begin to hear someone chanting a spell from inside the wardrobe. We turn to see a swarm of bipedal hairy animals rush out of it. They quickly swarm the room and attempt to steal my sword but fail. I start casting buffs while Bear surrenders his hammer. He opens the wardrobe to find a man in “Friends of Man” robes, which Bear threatens to “rip you limb from limb, and eat whatever’s left” if the man does not dispel the magic. I start slaughtering the monkeys which causes them to do some sort of deafening howl. We start to hear banging on the door. I ask Bear to restrain the attacker while I finish off the monkeys. We pull the robed man aside and I get a pretty good idea that he is the “pretty man”. The Bear and I argue about how to get out of here with our new prisoner. Eventually the Bear agrees to clear the way while I escort the prisoner out. He asks me “Do you know why they call me the Bear?” He holds his arms out and looks up at the ceiling. His snout begins to enlongate and his cloak starts to slowly wrap it’s way around his outstretched arms. Thick, matted hair sprouts from every surface of his body. He let’s out a pained roar as thick bones spring out of his back. Soon, a looming bear lurks in front of me, his eyes full of malice. Pearce stands there stunned as the new bear easily knocks away the wardrobe. The guards burst in and one is immediately slain by a huge claw. The other guard retreats us the stairs causing Bear to roar and charge after him. I point my sword at the prisoner and try to keep up with the rampaging animal. After a lot of destruction to both property and mercenaries we escape and Bear returns to a human form once we’re clear of the facility. We have Challex Conversation 1.

We learn that Challex isn’t working with the soldiers currently holding the tower so I assume they are with the government. We go there with our prisoner to inspect the machine. As Challex stated the portal looks inoperable, large portions of it have been completely removed. I quietly ask Bear if he did this before the plan was put into motion and he states he had no idea. Several people ask me what to do about it. With no clues and no time left we concede the Blue poles tower will have to remain nonoperational. I direct the forces there to start preparing to go to the nearest district and combine resources with them. We tell Challex to remember the deal and set him loose.

Bear escorts me back to my apartment and we have Bear Conversation 10. He states that we will likely not meet again and departs into the night.

The Longest Day
Part 1

Note: Since this was the day before the invasion/finale some events were summarized so as to get everything done in the time restraints.

The moment Pearce wakes up his day begins as Samantha is standing over him. We have Samantha Conversation 33. We break and I head downstairs to talk to Belltoll and instruct her to take Harrison to the Apple so that she and the guard there can watch the lich until Pearce comes to get it. Wehave a short irrelevant conversation and then Pearce leaves for the Small and Tall.

I go through the process of getting into his office, we exchange pleasantries and then have Bear Conversation 9. We agree to meet later in the evening.

I head to the Apple next. I get the report from my scouts from yesterday’s assignment. They note the Blue poles had activity last night and references about a ‘pretty man’. I instruct 5 members of the task force to go to Prestor‘s bakery and get the square books he’s been using. The other 5 are going to deliver a stone to the Temple border. I then write a note for Broderick.

“Broderick. Senator Brittlefeet has a sending stone needed for the senation tower. Also it appears Dunwick is housing a large supply of the elemental fuel necessary for the teleporters. It would be most helpful if you could get it from him and distribute it to those in need. Namely the blue poles, possibly the senations, and the temple.”

After I have one of Broderick’s aide assure me the letter will get delivered I grab Harrison and Belltoll and we head to the Ratfolk. When we go to their embassy we are directed to a ratfolk with a huge scarred snout and half a nose. He introduces himself as Stitchface. I confront them about the lich process. I’m told to talk to the diplomats about what info should be gathered. I ask to do so and I’m brought before my daughter who is the current ambassador. We have Ingred Conversation 2. Agreements are made and Pearce instructs Bell to gather some of her friends so she can march Harrison to the Matroni’s after the interrogation. Pearce also hands over a square book to hand to the Matroni forces.

When they leave I go to the Castle to prepare for the Court’s meeting. Eventually the chosen members of the court show up and we have Castle conversation 2. After the Court has fully gathered, met, and dispersed I leave for the Apple. The task force has returned so I order them to escort the technician to the Senations to ensure they can man their machine.

Afterwards I leave for the 5 pm meeting with Broderick.

Current Standings:

Adventures in the Shadow Realm

After the meeting and retire to my apartment. I dump the sack in the living room and ask Viola to keep watch after i explain it’a powerful necromancer inside. She agrees to do so while making a series of puns about the situation. They are apparently bad enough for Harrison to moan in annoyance but otherwise I try to go to bed.

The moment I hit the mattress I hear a knock on the door. Viola preoccupied with her puns I get up and ask who it is. The smell of bread announces that Jacket is outside and I open the door for him. His facial expression looks agitated and his suit looks dirty. I go outside and we have Jacketman Conversation 11. Near the end of that conversation I invite him into my apartment while I go confirm things. Viola is still tormenting Harrison, bypassing my instructions to ‘not touch’ him by passing gas near him. She quickly stops when she sees Jacket enter as well. I take my mirror into my room and we have Samantha Conversation 32.

I get the info I need and come back out with my weapons and cloak on. I instruct Viola to take off the bag over his head. Jacket asks if getting Harrison to work with us is the plan to which I reluctantly agree. This causes Harrison to laugh as the bag and gags are being removed. His body is badly bruised from being drug around the city in the bag and his arm is dripping blood from the ligament torn out of his shoulder. We have Harrison Conversation 3. The conversation ends with me vetoing Zane’s plan and instead seeking out Venyard for a way into the Shadow realm.

We travel to the Matroni district to the last known residence he was living in. I knock on the door to no response. I try the knob and find it unlocked so I open the door. A old woman shrieks as I do so claiming us intruders. I calm her down and state that I’m looking for Venyard. I enter the establishment to find several old people hobbling towards the door. They prattle on about a possible connection I might have had while Venyard slowly starts to wheel his way up front. When he sees me he starts to wheel himself around. We have have Venyard Conversation 5. He agrees to send us to the Shadow realm but he needs a innocent soul. I pick up Jacket and we return to my place to pick up one of the child souls. We stop by the Castle in order to pick up a guard to “clean up the mess” as Venyard put it.

We then return to Venyard’s residence. When we show up we see the old people moving around seeming to be setting up some intricate pattern onto the floor with their blood. The ones with good knees are dabbling it out while those who can’t kneel over are cutting palms. They make idle chatter and crack jokes as they form the dark ritual. Venyard is carefully gauging my expression. I am very confused and am speechless at the sight. He explains that the other residences are like him, people left over from various devil cults. Apparently magic akin to torture was done to all of them. After that he reminds me to never make deals with them, again stating that they are always bad deals. They ask us if we are ready and then begin the ritual after we give them the soul.

A thick fog begins to pour out of the mixture of soul and blood. The walls of the house fold away and we are sitting in a long dark tunnel. Without moving we traverse the tunnel until we come out the other end. The sky is a very faded yellow and the world seems incredibly dark. The shadows seem to be everywhere and none of the colors look quite right. The old people are still speaking but I can no longer hear them. Jacket grabs my hand and silently guides me through the landscape. It quickly becomes apparent physics don’t work the same as all sound comes out as muted and the houses become indistinguishable.

As we are creeping along I hear a whisper in my head “Welcome to the dream.” I instantly recognize the voice as Catemusinorrath. He flies in front of Jacket who seems to be caught by surprise and falls backwards. Cate comments that he won’t try to stop us and then flies off. I note that Jacket didn’t seem to hear Cate and we continue. While we’re walking i curiously look at what is normally my clawed hand. It now looks entirely like a normal human hand.

Eventually we see an artificial light. A small candle is burning on a table. By it is a gray humanoid figure, it seems to look similar to a large pile of baggy clothes roughly human shaped. It is uncomfortable to look at. Jacket points at the table and gestures for you to keep going. Now by myself I begin to feel the coldness of the place. I sneak towards the table and see dozens of objects of all sorts. I activate invisibility and start to sneak up to the table. I have a brief hallucination where it appears that there are more rods but I’m able to shake it off and approach the right one. As I get closer to the rod I realize some parchment is wrapped around it. I start to move it off and the grey form immediately spins in my direction. Not sure if it sees me I move out of it’s path and see it rush past me without a sound. I turn to see where it’s going and find Jacket running. I quickly activate haste and give chase. As we all run more gray forms start to appear and join in the pursuit. I’m able to catch up to Jacket and I shove the staff into his hands before I make him disappear as well. Jacket and the gray form both seem to be confused and the later seems to slowly move away. I use telepathy to tell Jacket to get us back and he slashes me with a knife he draws.

Suddenly we are locked inside a market stall in the blue poles. We have Jacket Conversation 11. I use my skeleton key to get us out of the stall we are locked in and we start to head back to the Mids. As we do so I see movement in the dark shadows, something that shimmers and twitches. I quickly get out of the area.

Public: How to Unite a City in One Night

I arrive shortly before the specified time, with Harrison in tow, so that I can briefly go over our plan with Broderick. I update him on a few things I’ve learned but nothing major is discussed.

Other members start to fill into the main room and sit in the chairs laid out in a circle. The following are present:

Theodore Dunwick – Senation Representative
Matroni Representative
Ingred – Ratfolk Representative
Bluepoles Representative
Temple Representative
Duchess – Bear Representative
Smiley – Fischer Representative?

Broderick eventually starts the meeting introducing that it is about dealing with the Kingdom threat. This surprises several as they were under the impression that it was to decide who got control of Harrison. Broderick then orders me to show them Harrison and comment on the Kingdom threat. I walk forward and dump Harrison out of his bag into the center of the room. His undead appearance causes some gasps but I move on.

I bring up the subject of the Kingdom, also known as the Friends of Man, and the threat to the city. We mention that intel provided by Harrison himself and several captured FoM we know the invasion will happen the day after tomorrow. This is eventually collaborated by several other districts to a certain extent. I also reveal that they will be arriving in a giant floating ship, of which only half the cast believes me. After that we bring up our plan of action. Using the portal machines in the belltowers we will coordinate a simultaneous strike on the ship itself by opening portals onto the ship itself. With this brief window we hope to catch the Kingdom off guard, disable the ship, and prevent them from destroying the city.

The Matronis are the first to respond. They say they were already aware of the threat and have already gotten their tower operational. They are currently in the progress of evacuating to the Gauntlet. After some convincing they agree to leave some troops and their technician behind if they are given Harrison to die on the other side of the portal. This sparks anger from multiple other people. The temple want to kill him themselves and the Bluepoles want to kill him now. The Bluepole representative attempts to choke Harrison but since he is undead it does little. Broderick points out that normal means can not be sure to kill Harrison but maybe killing him in the other plane might work. Dunwick wants to use Harrison to help fight the Kingdom, thinking to offer him his freedom in exchange. This is shot down by most groups. The ratfolk want to extract information from him and agree to offer their forces if we give them access to him. This is denied at first but I volunteer to escort Harrison and it is reluctantly given.

Once that is decided it brings up whether the other districts will help with the Kingdom. The temple agree to help but will not tolerate people from the other districts entering their district or tower. Dunwick, not happy about the Harrison resolution, seems hesitant but after a heated exchange with Broderick he is cowed and agrees that the Senation will offer forces. The Bluepoles and Smiley seem to agree if for no other reason than for an excuse to join a fight. Duchess is mostly silent but agrees that they will provide forces where it is necessary. All groups having roughly agreed to a plan we conclude the meeting. As the Matrnoi Representative begins to leave he states that Richard was spotted among the evacuees.

The meeting over I have a mercenary cut off one of his partially reformed arms and then shove him back into the bag. Broderick and I agree to meet early tomorrow evening and then I leave as well.

For whom does the Bell toll?

After the group splits I go back and retrieve Zane. I march back to my apartment complex and hand him off to Belltoll for the day. As I am doing so I run into tweedle dee and tweedle dum, Bear’s two goons. They ask me to go see the Bear as soon as possible so I follow them back to the “Small and Tall” tailor store. We head back to the office where the tall one knocks once and opens the door. Bear is inside at his desk so I enter and we have Bear Conversation 9 part 1. We leave the store to head back to my apartment. On the way we spot Broderick walking away from the general location of my apartment complex. The moment he realizes he has been spotted he turns and bolts. I call out to him but he doesn’t slow and is soon out of sight. Bear hisses at the sight of Broderick and states he will deal with that later. I make a comment that if he stole anything from me he’ll have to wait in line and Bear makes it perfectly clear that Bear WILL get Broderick. We make it back to my apartment and it looks like nothing is out of place. Inside Lady Amethyst is waiting and we have Bear Conversation 8 part 2.

He leaves and I return to my apartment. Inside Viola is holding the door to her bedroom with her knees trembling. “Come on… few more steps…” she says to herself. I get her a glass of water and put it on the table. “A reward for when you make it. Keep it up!” I then I then pack Sam’s journal in my backpack and head to Falconflight’s office. I have Falconflight Conversation 3 as soon as I walk in the door. Afterwards I go inspect a book called the ‘Pillars of Fate’. I briefly skim the book looking for a description of how Sam or the conduits fit into the story. I see a lot of imagery about how the pillars silence the ‘makers and breakers’, and it mentions a ‘banished place held distant’. Nothing specifically states their role is besides being a ‘maker and breaker’. Satisfied for now I lead Falconflight out of his office.

I take him to the apple and introduce myself and Falconflight to the task force. I show them the square books and tell them they are to keep any eye out for them. I also pair them up and inform them that Falconflight will be showing each pair to a bell-tower. They are to remain as inconspicuous as possible. They are supposed to gain as much info as possible about the tower, including who goes in and out and any potentially hidden entrance. I leave them to their work and leave.

My next stop is the Castle. I secure the office and then write a letter to each of the chosen requesting they show up tomorrow at 3. For Richard’s letter specifically I add that we will need that elemental fuel. Also if he has access to souls or knows how to procure them that would be beneficial. I instruct him to keep this secret and to burn this letter. I cast Illusory Script on the letter and hand them all over to my courier.

I go to the remains of the rat embassy and speak to the receptionist there. I ask for a conductor. Unfortunately one will not be at the facility till around 4 pm. I note the time and leave for Broderick’s homeless shelter.

I ask around his shelter for the Friend of Man living there and I find Jevash. We have Jevash Conversation 1. After I leave the shelter I return home and summon the demon again. We have Catemusinorrath Conversation 2.

It’s fairly brief so I head to the Castle to get Thomas’s report. His search provides the following: "Tito Graven is not popular. He has few friends, as he is seen as too focused on unpopular ideas – he believes that the laws forbidding magic and religion are a disservice to the city, and that there will be a reckoning.

He lives by himself, fairly close to the meatsmiths in the Blue Poles. You have his address.

He has an estranged daughter named Bethania who he believes is dead, but Thomas confirmed was at least up until recently trapped in a evacuee center in the Blue Poles. Thomas can’t confirm she is still alive, just was recently.

He doesn’t fear death – he fears leaving the city worse than he found it."

Satisfied with the report I head out to attempt to recruit him. I arrive at his little house and the smell of savory food is coming from within. I knock on the door and Jacket opens it. There is a very awkward moment. Jacket pretends we haven’t met before and invites me in and I keep up his ruse. Inside Tito is in a rocking chair reading a book. After I enter Jacket returns to the kitchen where some pork is simmering. We have Tito Conversation 1. During the conversation there is intermission as we all sit down to eat. It is a warm meal. Jacket tells a story about the peculiarities of livestock in a city such as this. We all conjecture on where the foods the captains come with originate from. I learn Tito hates red wine. Jacket clears the plates and then excuses himself. We continue Tito Conversation 1. He agrees to meet her and we leave for the Castle.

Along the way we spot Bear standing on a corner. After he notices us he quickly approaches. He acknowledges Tito before we briefly step to the side. Bear informs me he is having 2 sending stones delivered to my place later. He also has detailed instructions on how to use them. I give him a status update and agree to meet here. I’m informed that Fischer will have a representative at the meeting tonight before he leaves.

We arrive at the Castle and I drop Tito off at the meeting room before I go into the office and pray for Samantha. She arrives and we have Samantha Conversation 31. Afterwards we start negotiations with Tito. It’s summarized for time constraints but even though the situation is slightly awkward Lady Amethyst is able to paint a clear picture of what the organization does. He eventually agrees to join the Amethyst Court.

After that is settled I leave and head back to the Ratfolk embassy. I am able to meet a conductor. I am introduced to Epheus and we have Epheus Conversation 1.

When it ends I return back to my apartment and wait for the stones Bear promised to be delivered. After that I head toward the meeting.

Public: The DEADline is revealed

I put on a new cloak to hide my new arm’s appearance and then go to retrieve Harrison from the ones watching him. I take him in a bag to the Apple where we are to meet for the day. Inside Broderick’s office I dump a restrained Harrison corpse, now with more torso, onto a desk. Broderick is rightfully confused. A long winded explanation begins about how Zane was captured, with Richard providing in more details than I wanted. I was able to claim that we intentionally tracked down Zane. I give a general explanation of what all he stated last night, the most important being that a Kingdom of Man ship will arrive in 2 days.

After most of the information has been conveyed we relocate to Richard’s new warehouse to talk about what we plan to do. I tell the group I’d like to use the bell towers as portals to get onto the ship so that our forces can actually attack it. Broderick wants to have a city wide evacuation. I am given both the square books owned by Broderick and Richard respectively. Broderick asks us to show up tonight at 10 pm for a city wide meeting to deal with the threat. I get stuck with Harrison for a while longer and we split for the day.

The Moon Assault

Thomas’s Actions:
- Found Salisbury, and he send some people to a trader in order to secure the plague cure. Also requested he and his remaining friends show up at the Castle in the evening.
- Went to Atticus and informed him the guards for the trader have been secured. Convinced him to get his followers to accept apprentices.
- Went to Piggabrick and asked him to buy a tenement building with 800g in his name. Confirmed he is fine with his older children getting apprentice jobs.

After our group splits I weave my way back to the Colony. I take off my disguise and head back to my place. There is some brief confusion about my still disguised face but after that I store my souls and head out. I briefly try to look for Richard but I am unsuccessful. I eventually just go to the Small and Tall. There I act like I’m a courier for Pearce and wait for the Bear. Later on he arrives and silently beckons me to follow him to his office. We have Bear Conversation 7. The Bear, Duchess, and I leave and head back to my apartment. I tell them to wait downstairs and enter. Samantha is sitting on the couch watching as Viola is exercising by crawling around. I ask her to give us some room and she crawls to the spare bedroom. I Inform her of the situation and we have Bear Conversation 7 part 2.

After Bear is dropped off I return to the apartment and ask Belltoll to go gather her friends at the Castle. We have Samantha Conversation 29. During the conversation I get the pepper statue and hand it to her so she can store it. Afterwards I leave to have a few words with Viola as we have Viola Conversation 7. After that we store some of the souls and get ready to leave. I write Thomas a small note in case the worst happens. We leave it on the table and head out.

“If you read this then things went wrong. I’m so sorry Thomas. Viola can give you some answers. Look after her for me

We arrive at the Castle to find the others have already gathered. There are still civilians around so we go upstairs to the meeting room. We have The Castle Conversation 1. After the pep talk we all file out and start to head for the ratfolk embassy building located in the mids. We are stopped to ask why we’ve brought such a large force. We state our purpose and after it is confirmed they let us into the building. We enter the mirror room to see the device has been set up. Conductor Knoblitch is talking with several ratfolk when we arrive. We exchange greetings and he tells us that the device is ready but he can’t predict what will happen. Lady Amethyst says goodbye to the Pepper statue and it is placed in the machine.

A sharp, bright light emerges from the machine, striking the sending stone. A ratfolk touches the Pepper statue to the light, and it changes color. I see a dark fold open. Slowly, it opens, from the bottom to the top. We can’t see anything past it. Unlike what we saw before, this is a thick, black screen. There is confusion and I eventually touch the darkness to find out it is actually water. This starts a chain reaction of water flooding the room. Salty, brackish sea water pushes its way into the room at high speeds, smashing into the machine. I’m able to avoid instantly being swept by the tide and look inside. There is a room of some kind behind this waterfall, I catch sight of it before the candles get wet and people start shouting. I see a stone alcove. I see a boney skull and forearm clutching at a black box. It looks like Harrison. The skull looks startled in my direction. Then the darkness separates us.

After the initial shock I call out for light even as i grab my sword and enchant it with daylight. Lady Amethyst begins to glow brightly herself and the alcove is illuminated. We are definitely under water, looking up into an alcove. We realize the portal is under water, beneath an alcove, and its flooding out water that is not infinite – you can’t see directly into the ocean, although you think it would connect somewhere below the portal. As the water starts to drain I pull out a soul and toss it to Belltoll. “Give her this. We need it! Everyone else advance! Restrain the skeleton! Lookout for magic!” I shout and we all advance into the room. The skull, shoulder, and arm move to hold the box close. We hear slithering and other demonic noises coming from behind the portal, cut off from this room. We have Harrison Conversation 1. During this I instruct Lady Amethyst with telepathy to consume a soul and use her telekinesis and move the box all the way into the sky.

After the conversation ends we rush back through the portal fleeing whatever was making noises in the sea. We look through the portal to discover a bladder-covered wooden vessel. It rams the portal, letting Richard and Mortimer jump out of a hatch. We have Richard Conversation 7. During the conversation we walk outside onto the streets. At my direction she moves the box high into the sky before triggering it. A huge explosion happens in the sky as the moon rapidly appears. It is much closer to the city than before but otherwise is hanging there as normal.

As people come outside to investigate the disturbance I heard the group back into the remains of the embassy building. There we have Harrison Conversation 2 after I remove his restraints. I leave the corpse with Richard and leave with Amethyst to go find Salisbury. He is waterlogged but fine. I request he look after Harrison tonight at the Castle and he agrees as long as he get’s the next day off. I agree and promise him a drink before he heads out. I then head to find a ratfolk diplomat. I offer my sympathies for the situation and then suggest they try to contact the Ratman. He confirms they are preparing to do that and that we will be allies if the mission was successful. I gather up our forces and then I dismiss them all for the night.

Amethyst and I head back to my apartment. We have Samantha Conversation 30 part 1 when I return. During the conversation we agree to send me to the Library. She sends me and I am suddenly in a dark place. Every half-second, I hear metal striking metal, the clang of forging. The sound echoes off the strange geometry and it is difficult to pinpoint the origin of the noise. I feel naked and check for my swords to see they are already in my hands. I enchant one with daylight and illuminate the area. I see the familiar site of the library interior and the clanking ceases. It pauses for a moment before the rhythmic pounding continues. As I look around the library is overgrown with plants. The books look damaged but not destroyed. The various torches have all gone out. The smell of brine is thick and the floor is still damp. I notice that the plants resemble kelp and seem to be coming from a hallway. As I head that way I see glinting on the wall and floor. Bone fragments of small things and the salty decay of corpses freshly washed ashore are everywhere. After a short journey I full rat corpses and swords hanging on the walls. I find a few at first but as I keep going the number of weapons of various types increases. I take a second to examine one of the weapons. It looks masterfully crafted but otherwise I don’t notice anything special.

Eventually I come across the body of the Ratman. His cloak and trappings have dissolved and he is essentially naked. He is a construct of some sort, a hinged compartment is his toroso has broken off. Inside is a glass reservoir with some substance in it. His both is weathered and smells of seal life. He has set up a crude forge and is pounding away at another blade. He displays no sign of noticing our arrival and continues his process. My attempts at calling out for him are ignored. I kneel in prayer and signal to Amethyst that the coast is clear. I feel a hand on my back and turn around to find no there. Amethyst’s voice calls out wondering where I am and with my light and voice I guide her to me. We have Samantha Conversation 30 part 2.

Samantha touches me to bestow the blessing. I feel my bones elongate, pressing against my muscles. I feel like my organs are being pressed. I look down and see her eyes reflecting the light from my sword. In the reflection I see myself sitting in my dark apartment, holding the book I first encountered Samantha through. I see the letters and words unscrambling on the parchment. The pain in my body begins to escalate and becomes too much to bare. I start to scream in agony. Samantha pulls her hand back and the pain begins to fade. She asks if she should continue, I nod my confirmation. I take a deep breath and her hand touches me again. I can feel something on my bones, organs, everything inside is moving about. It feels like room is being made. I feel myself being drawn into psychic combat, a place of the mind, and I submit. I feel myself get drawn in but instead of the usual blackness I’m at a desk in my apartment. Details constantly shift about the room. Objects appear at one place then seem to move to another. I see Samantha’s diary sitting on the desk in front of me, the book seems water damaged. I’m suddenly hit with the revelation that the book will change me, and a compulsion to let it do just that. I pick up the book and open to a random page. Ink starts to spill out of the pages onto the floor. The book is quickly draining and the liquid starts to fill the entire room. I look around and all of the exits to the room are gone as the ink continues to rise. With no other option I try to read something, anything, in the book. The ink then starts to rise and surround me, almost as if it were a living thing. As it begins to cover me I feel connected with the ink. My memories start to become fuzzy as my identity starts to fuse with the ink. In an effort to resist I start repeating facts about myself. I continue my mantra as the ink reaches my neck and then eventually my entire head. For a brief second I am nobody, my entire identity forgotten. Then I hear a whisper, my own voice, that begins to echo everything I was saying. As I hear the facts about myself my memories return until eventually I am whole again. I gasp as I am in my apartment again.

My body is wracked with pain so I begin to gingerly remove my clothes and inspect my body. I immediately notice that I am significantly lighter. I tap on my wrist and realize my bones are hollow now. I check my infection and now the whole arm has turned the red color. My burned hand now resembles a bird of prey even more. Despite the change it operates in an intuitive way, as if I had always had it. I piece together that my memories most likely have been changed since I remember doing things with my new hand even though it is brand new. I go check on Samantha’s diary and discover that it is not harmed. Curious about something I go check one of the elven history books I restored and learn that the text is still written in a cipher but the former elven script now appears to be common.

While I confirm that everything is okay I heart fart noises coming from my guest bedroom. She seems to be sound asleep although smelly. I try to vent the room and she wakes, we have Viola Conversation 8. After I turn in for the night.

Public: The Group Meets their adoring fans
Except Richard, who they don't recognize

We meet up the following day at the ruins of the Weather HQ. We negotiate terms and Broderick takes us to the old Apple HQ, which is still standing somehow. We enter and debate on what to do next. We take a quick interlude for me to punch Broderick, it’s not quite as satisfying as I was hoping. After much debate we decide to go investigate the bell tower on the border of the Mids since Broderick claims to know the way in. We all take a short break to go retrieve temple disguises we’ve all collected at some point. We all arrive at the tower and Broderick pulls out a piece of paper. He looks at it as he goes to the side of the tower and hits several bricks in a certain order. This opens a secret door in the side of the tower that opens to see several people inside.

We are slightly alarmed when we see a masked guard, named Sylvester, and a woman inside the tower. There is brief alarm since they are equally surprise but eventually we go in. She almost immediately recognizes Broderick and I. After we drop off her weapons she states that she is Cholly Xander, Administratum of the Temple and she is investigating Patricia. It seems she stole several things, including a large sum of money, from the temple district before her death. We answer her questions to the best of our abilities in exchange for an escorted tour of the tower. Unfortunately she does not take us to the basement.

After we leave try to figure out what we can do to get in. Broderick is inspired and leads us deeper into the temple district. He finds a guard to lead us to Cardinal Berlin. We go deeper into the Temple to a large building. Brodericks states that inside the tower was a portal that led to this building. He obtained this knowledge by a “memory walk” of someone looking for Harrison. It seems to be some sort of religious building? We go inside and are led to a room that is presumably owned by Berlin. Inside we find a man in religous garb. Broderick appears to have dirt on the Cardinal. He claims to know what happened with his daughter 20 years ago? The girl’s mother was named Levia and apparently lived long enough to tell others. This convinces the Cardinal to help us. He gives us robes to help us blend into the area and agrees to come up with a way to get Cholly and her guard out of the room.

We go back and wait a while before Cholly is removed from the building to be purified? We go down to the basement. Inside we find a large machine set up similar to the Docks belltower. On one end is a large iron band on the flood surrounded by burn marks. There are various levers on the walls and a hole where it seems something can be inserted. There are also several canisters similar to the one who housed the elementals but these are empty. We use an arrow head to push a button in the hole and gather up some liquid in the canisters to put into the machine. It starts to hum to life and a rift opens up. A cat like creature starts to come through the rift when we decide to close it which cuts the creature’s head in half.

Not sure what else to do there we leave and go back to the large building with our new robes. We end up going to a room Broderick once saw Friends of Man in. It turns out to be a sort of lobby and no sign of the Friends of Man aside from some blood spatter. I use my object reading and hear a man should “No, we had a deal!”. The voice of Funeralis responds with “Your coup ends, Friend”. A large bearded man stabs and leaves the stain. I relay this to the team and we hear someone start to come in the door. We all hide, and the servant finds Richard. He attempts to bluff his way out but fails and the servant looks like he is about to run away. Being invisible I sneak up behind him and stab him.

We leave the room and head towards a section of the building called “AL-Exporting” which we quickly realize is After Life. We systematically go through the rooms and figure out one is a nursery, one kills the child, and the final room extracts the soul to be put on a shelf. As we walk in-between I go invisible and sneak into the soul storing room to pocket 4 souls. During this time the other two follow some officer who appeared in the area. We get separated and eventually I find them. When I do I find a person seemingly dead or unconscious and we all split up and run away.


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