Name: Atticus Samson

Human Nurse located in the Mids.

Now one of the chosen of the Amethyst Court.

Conversation 1: 12/28/16 – Log
Atticus: “May I come in? I’m the healer.”
Thomas: “She is over here.”
Atticus: “She has a wasting sickness. I’ve seen multiple cases today. It’s an epidemic.” He says quietly. "the cure is expensive, and requires certain herbs not native to our city. Expect the cost of it to skyrocket in the coming weeks. "
Me: “What’s the cause?”
Atticus: “It hasn’t been around for hundreds of years. In truth, I have no idea how it spreads. I know a name, a list of conditions, and ingredients for the cure. The disease is called Colorbane… See how the rash has sapped the color from her hands?”
DM: Her hands are sheet white. They look malnourished.
Me: “How much are we talking Mr. Samson?”
Atticus: “oh, I’d say 75 after labor. I know it’s pricey, but I’m willing to work with you on a payment plan.” He genuinely seems worried about Bell.
Me: “Thomas I assume this is what you were talking about?”
Thomas: “Yeah… He knew the name, I didn’t. He seems genuine.”
Me: “I see doctor. Don’t worry. Thomas. Go get the medicine.”
Atticus: “I will be back tomorrow with the medicine, it will take some time to prepare. I have several people lined up with this illness, and i have no help since the war.”
Me: I wait till Thomas leaves. “I’m sorry to hear you are short-handed. That does however bring me to the second reason I brought you here. Can I ask you a question? If you could change one thing about this city what would you do?”
Atticus: He pauses at the door. “I can’t answer that question. I have to focus on what is real, not what I hope for.”
Me: “I disagree. I think hope is a necessary part of living. I also think you’re a part of that hope. I represent someone who would like to be a … benefactor of yours”
Atticus: "I cut deals with crime bosses, but I don’t work for anyone. "
Me: “I’m aware of your deals and I understand however this isn’t some sort of powerplay. You will still be allowed to help any you wish. We just want you to keep helping and let them know that others are looking out for them. In return we will give you powers to help others. At the very least can you visit my boss? She is waiting for you”
Atticus: He takes a small, strange device from his pocket and examines it quickly. He then puts it back. “You paid for consultation. If I say yes to this, I expect to be paid for my time. 15 gp for 15 minutes. Deal? I’m sorry if it seems rude, but I am on a schedule and my livelihood matters to me.”
Me: “I will pay”
Atticus: “Show me your boss.”
DM: You both go upstairs. After you enter Lady Amethyst asks the doctor to relax and then both of their eyes glow as they sit on the couch. Shortly after she motions me to follow her to one of the backrooms.
Sam: “What gift do I give him?”
Me: “The gift is the blessing right? let him heal or cure diseases, or poisons, etc”
DM: She returns. She attempts to give the blessing, but fails. She quickly changes strategy, and improvised. She cuts a small part of her hand and let’s the blood pour into the doctors. His hand glows a moment, then stops. Then, in shock, he manages to lay on hands Samantha. Her wound heals.
Atticus: “And this is all… Free?”
Sam: "Yes. I ask only that you use it as a last resort, and I hope you will… "
DM: You slowly get him to come around to this agreement. He says he will use lay on hands exactly four times per day, and he will pray each time, in exchange he will pass on word that your Amethyst Court is a useful and necessary part of Gallows.
Atticus: He thanks you for this. “It’s a dangerous step to say yes to magic, but I believe this will be a good partnership.”
Me: “I am glad we have you among our number Doctor Smason. Thank you for giving the Lady a chance.”
DM: You shake hands and he departs.

Conversation 2: 2/15/17 – Log
Atticus: “I will not deny the Friends of Man healing. It violates my ethics to turn away the ill.”
Me: “Doctor Samson, the Friends of Man are an exception to the rule. They are not members of the city. They are a small part of a much larger forces who are deceiving a city so that they can conquer it. I also think they are kidnapping various citizens for unknown purposes. Their books might also be the source of the Colorblight epidemic, I’m trying to prove all of those things.”
Atticus: “I don’t know if my patients have had any contacts with the books. I’ll try and see if I can bring it up from now on”
Me: “Thank you Doctor.”
Atticus: “Is there something wrong with your gloved hand?”
Me: “It’s fine Doctor”
Atticus: “Can I see it?”
Me: “You may not”
Atticus: “If something is wrong, I can help you with it.”
Me: “If something is wrong I can deal with it. Don’t worry about it”
Atticus: He seems insulted. “Trust goes both ways, Pearce. I am a doctor. Something is wrong with your hand.”
Me: “And I deal with… other things. This isn’t an infliction you can heal with your means”
Atticus: He isn’t persuaded. “Trust me to keep secrets just that. If you have any kind of new ailment, I need to know about it. Even if it is harmless for you, it may not be harmless for others in similar situations.”
DM: You lock the door to his office and remove your glove. Your pinky has completely decayed and fallen off. The doctor examines it with gloves.
Atticus: "So… this was voluntary, I get that, but it does seem like its spreading. I know of some formula that would slow the spread of an infectious species, but if you are doing this for… religious reasons… I don’t think it is unsafe around others. "
Me: “I’m fine doctor. It looks alarming I know but it’s relatively painless”
Atticus: “Sure. Alright. You are not going to infect others directly, so I can’t stop you. I have had some patients who are changing into the rat people, so I guess the times are just odd, now.”
Me: “Times are definitely odd. Hopefully time isn’t short” I re-glove my hand.
Atticus: “An alchemist came by the office, offering some samples. Take them back with you, I don’t sell this stuff here.” He gestures to a small bundle of potions on his shelf. “Distribute them to the needy. I can’t do it from here, or it will attract the homeless, and I need to protect my business needs too.”
Me: “Oh. I see. Sure I can do that”
Atticus: He hands them to you. “Watered down healing potions, but healing potions. Do what you will with them.”
Me: “Thank you Doctor Samson. While I’m here can I get you to come look at something for me? I have a corpse of a Friend of Man I’d like you to look at.”

DM: The two go to Castle Theater and look at Viola’s FoM corpse.

Atticus: “This looks… impressive. I’ve never seen something like this. If I open the body up, I might have a better idea of what this… thing… is.”
Me: “You get the body out of here and you’re free to do what you want. I just know it’s not natural. Doctor… I questioned the person before it died. It was not a voluntary procedure”
Atticus: “Most people don’t die voluntarily. Are you saying you tortured this person?”
Me: “No. The … multiple people stitched together part. I didn’t torture the person. It used to be a member of the Friends of Man I capture for intel. I didn’t kill it though.”
Atticus: “Are they all like this?”
Me: “I know some are. Can’t verify if all of them are. There are a lot of them”
Atticus: “How many are in the city?”
Me: “Dozens. That I’ve seen. Probably more”
Atticus: “Dozens. Well, I can tell you this requires upkeep. If more are like this in the city, they are getting… repairs… somewhere.”
Me: “I’ll try and find out where. Can you preserve this body? I was hoping to use it as proof”
Atticus: “I will contact a meatsmith, they have means to preserve bodies.”
Me: “You’re a life saver Doc”
Atticus: “That is true. I need to take this back to my office… is there anything else you need me for?”
Me: “Not for now Doctor. Thank you for your time. Hopefully this elaborates my point”
Atticus: “It means something, but I won’t know what it means until I can open it up. I will try and diagram out what I find… but I fear this will paint my offices a target if I come forward with it.”
Me: “I’m showing this to members of the Court. People I trust”
Atticus: “When I am done with it. Until then, I need privacy. My offices are not a meeting ground for your group. When I am done with my professional examination I will give you back the preserved remains.”
Me: “This theater is a meeting ground for that very reason. Your privacy is your own. As long as you follow the tenants of the faith.”
Atticus: “Thank you.”

Conversation 3: 5/31/17 – Log
Me: “Good evening Atticus. Have you found a connection between the books and colorblight?”
Atticus: “Over half the patients had directly encountered the books or other colorblight victims. It is very likely that the books are the source of the plague.”
Me: “Do you have any report or proof that this is true?”
Atticus: He hands you a patient list. “They won’t like that I’ve given away that information. So… don’t press if you don’t need to. They are my patients”
Me: “You have my word. What about the body I showed you? Was your friend able to preserve it? Were you able to learn anything?”
Atticus: “I’ve taken care of it. The corpse should be good for another week. I’ve learned that there must be magic afoot. The being cannot function without it. I’m… pressing an arcanist for comment.”
Me: “Magic is most likely involved. Is there anyway I can help?”
Atticus: “I don’t know what you can offer. We’ve concluded that it is technically something called a flesh golem. Its just wildly different than what is arcanically possible. Or so he says. Its just…. very different.”
Me: “I see. Need help with anything else? How are the prices for the colorblight right now? Perhaps I can help lower the prices? Give me the name of your supplier and I’ll handle it”
DM: He does so.


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