Older human male.
Is totally Roy.

Conversation 1: 10/12/16
Me: “Sir can I speak with you for a moment”
???: He pauses and turns around. “Of course…” he says, seemingly half sarcastic. “Yeah, what is it?”
Me: “Couldn’t help but notice your friend was looking around a lot. Seemed to be watching something. Do you have any idea about that?”
???: “I’m investigating a serial murderer.” He says flatly.
Me: “So do you know Doctor Fieldsworth?”
???: “Not in life. Who are you?” He asks, turning toward you. “What business do you have with him?”
Me: “I’m tracking down the man who murdered him. And now I find a guy paying people to watch the scene of the crime”
Rich: “You’ve gotta admit, old man, that’s pretty suspicious”
???: “Look. I’ve been tracking this guy for years. You should just back off and let me handle this, alright?”
Rich: “What do you know about him?”
Me: “Do you know where he’s going?”
???: “Hard to say. He manages to pass himself off as several people simultaneously. I believe he is currently within the Temple district… working on whatever the ‘big secret’ is in there.” He slows down. “Wait wait wait. Who are you two? What business do you have following up this?”
Me: “Kinda rude to ask who we are without giving your name”
Falcon: “You can call me Falconflight.”
Me: “Well Mr. Falconflight. I’m Pearce. A mutual friend of ours was forced to be Harrison’s slave for years. She wants to talk with him. I think she deserves that”
Rich: “I’m Richard, and I suspect that he may have killed a friend of mine, so”
Me: “Look we have info on some of his … hideouts. Where Harrison was gonna meet some people -”
Rich: “Have you ever heard of a place called ‘the Inbetween’?”
Me: Pearce looks at Richard. “Which we will give if you provide some info”
Falcon: "Uh… " he looks around. “Why are we having these discussions in the middle of the road? He can turn invisible. Looking around doesn’t cut it.”
Me: “If he can turn invisible what good will going in an alley do us?”
Falcon: “If we go into a building, he can’t enter without opening a door.”
Rich: “Lead the way”
DM: He leads you into an unpopular diner called Worlds Gratest Diner. Spelling mistake is on the sign.
Falcon: “What do you know of the man Harrison?” he asks.
Me: “We’ll trade facts-”
Rich: “Well, I know he commands zombies”
Me: “And we’ll start”
Rich: I give Pearce a sorta ‘sorry’ shrug
Me: "Uh…. " he looks at you two blankly, and takes out a blank book from his small pack. He writes a little bit into it.
Rich: “Huh, for someone who’s been hunting him for years, you seem to be missing some important facts”
Falcon: He looks up. “Sorry, I appreciate the game idea, but I can only spare about fifteen minutes. I have a secretary who works in the Mids. I don’t go into the details of active cases.” He passes you an address. “Contact her there, she knows how to contact me.”
Me: “… so you’re a detective?”
Falcon: “You would not believe how detective works seems to surround… Harrison.” he says dryly.
Me: “After seeing the body I can believe it”
Falcon: “This case goes back a long time. I can’t summarize it here, but the man you are hunting for has done some very twisted things… and continues to do so. He is manipulative and shrewd. You must always worry and watch, because he will hunt those who betray him.”
Me: “Hunt huh” I give a nervous glance at Richard
Rich: I give Pearce a ‘this is your fault’ glare.
Falcon: He draws a cigar, and lights it. Then sighs and ashes it, putting it away. “I promised the wife I’d stop.” he mumbles. “Now, you say you have been tracking him. For what crimes? Just slavery? That isn’t really… its a hard case to be made for that.”
Me: “I mean. Torture, murder, it seems like the dude isn’t a good guy”
Falcon: “Right, but why you two specifically? Do you work for anyone?”
Me: “Officially we’re part of the weather. Who do you work for?”
Falcon: “My clients are confidential.” He says brusquely. “Although this case is particularly personal.” He says. “He wronged me many years ago. And I intend to wrong him, one day.”
Rich: “This is pretty personal for us too”
Falcon: He whistles. “Just help me with the case and soon we will all rest easier.”
Rich: “Okay.”
Me: “Look. We’ll help with this but I want a guarantee that our friend will be involved if you track him down. This is to help them find closure”
Falcon: “I can guarantee that will be really tried for, but if I have to pick between nailing him and your friend’s feelings, I will kill him every time.”
Me: “Fair enough. Richard you cool with giving the intel?”
Rich: I give him the address.
Me: “Harrison sent that address in a hidden message. To an associate that owed him”
Falcon: He nods to you. “I’ll do a little research on this. Come by the office tomorrow, I should have a lead. I have to get going. Good luck.”

Conversation 2: 1/14/17 – Log
Me: “Long day I see?”
Falcon: "You could say so. I’m having to relocate again. Apparently someone beat my offer by such a significant margin it’s cheaper for them to just evict me than renegotiate. "
Me: “That sounds like someone is paying a lot. Is it just your place?”
Falcon: “I’ve heard there is a lot of gold being thrown around at properties in the Mids. Why do you imagine prices go up and not down during a war like this?”
Me: “I legitimately have no idea unless whoever controls the ‘property’ works regardless of who is in control. You would think if a district took over they would null any old contracts”
Falcon: “I don’t think the Temple wanted to win the Mids. I am starting to think this whole war is covering up a larger threat.”
Me: “Which one?”
Falcon: He takes a folder out. “Do you have any enemies? Any personal enemies?”
Me: “Not to keen on the Friends of Man, Harrison probably isn’t happy with me after our little adventure”
DM: You see him open up a folder with documents written in Draconic. Not a commonly used language.
Falcon: “I found the guy who delivered the fingers.” He says.
Me: “Hopefully alive”
Falcon: "Faldin. Ran with some smugglers making profit in the Temple. But he cross into the Mids sometime in the last two months and allegedly is a changed man… Until he was given over a thousand gold to knowingly deliver those fingers by a man going by Fontaine. I can’t find anything on that name in the Mids , so either he is lying, which I believe we should assume, or he is out of district, or both. Dead lead until I get some information from a friend, so I started digging on Faldin. Apparently Mr. Faldin was off the wagon, beating himself up over helping promote crime. It was an easy target, so I checked at his local bar. Found him all to freely willing to discuss the men who hired him. Friends of Man. He described their outfits, I had my secretary sketch up the faces of the men he described. " He draws the sketches out from his folder. Do you recognize any of these people?"
DM: You recognize one of them. It’s Viola’s new, weird, not really halfling face.
Me: “I’ve seen them around town. Friends of Man all right”
Falcon: “That’s what I’ve got so far. A list of faces without names and an office I have to evacuate.”
Me: “Can you give me the location of this Faldin fellow?”
Falcon: “Faldin told me he was going to absolve his sin, but when I asked what that meant, he told me he was a follower of the Dawnmakers. I probed him for more information on that. He said it was the Dawnmakers who brought the light back to the city on the Long Night, and that it was proof redemption is possible for him. If you intend to talk to him, do so immediately… Open lips get you killed. He won’t live long enough to learn that. I’m almost certain.”
Me: “Well. You do good work Falconflight. Worth every gold piece. I don’t really have lodging available but if you ever need a favor let me know”
DM: He hands you Faldins address, as well as the address of the Dawnmakers. He then scribbles an address.
Falcon: “This is a friend who will know how to contact me.”
Me: “What do you make of the Dawnmakers?”
Falcon: “Personally or as a detective?”
Me: “Both?”
Falcon: “They strike me as charlatans taking in miserable people with the promise of eternal peace. I used to run with a cult. It was dull and unwieldy, even from a high position, and I quickly learned that powers asked for are never given for free. Even when a religion tries to do good, I doubt it has anything more dangerous than a weak devil at its core.”
Me: “That’s a very pessimistic approach. What wrong with trying to do the right thing?”
Falcon: “I do the right thing. There is nothing wrong with a cult trying to do it too. Maybe the Dawnmakers are great. But I’ve never had a client come to me and tell me all about how their cousin was not sucked into a terrible cult. I only hear the sad stories, Pearce. Nobody goes to a private detective to ask how to throw a surprise party for someone they trust completely.”
Me: “Valid point. Well. Again, if you need a favor you know where to find me. Always happy to help a friend” I give him my address and walk out.

Conversation 3: 9/21/2017 – Log
Roy: “I have something to show you. Come inside.”
DM: You follow him and he shows you a dusty tome on his desk. Even though you don’t know the language you are aware it’s called the “Pillars of Fate”.
Me: “What’s with this book?”
Roy: “Its one I researched while looking into… some research on the calamity. Its an epic poem – but I think its also a key to what holds Gallow’s Bird together. Not the book, the idea. The belltowers, I think, are the pillars this poem is talking about. They ‘sing of warnings’, ‘hold up the sky’. And it speaks of them falling, ‘tearing the cloth aside, laying we bare things naked. I could be wrong. But I’ve got a feeling Harrison’s focus on Belltowers wasn’t coincidental.”
Me: “Is this fate we can stop? How does this fate book end?”
Roy: “Its not fate. Its saying what things are, not what will happen. I think it is meant to warn us. I just wanted to show it to you. I don’t know for certain.”
Me: “Ah. On that note. The enemy of the gods, in the book you wrote. I think they’re about to invade”
DM: Roy raises his eyebrows at this news.
Me: “The Friends of Man I asked you to investigate. It seems like they might be the one and the same”
Roy: “Well. I hope my research was wrong then.”
Me: “Why?”
Roy: “Gallows was created to for a reason, and all of the myths imply that reason was life or death.”
Me: “… what?”
Roy: “Whatever keeps us seperate from that plane. The ‘creating’ of the city. That fight with whatever or whoever was bad.”
Me: “Wasn’t this city created as a hideway for conduits against the Kingdom of Man?”
Roy: “Think about it this way. Even if we stop them… they got here somehow, and that means this really won’t end.”
Me: “I mean they’re supposedly going an incredibly round about way. And supposedly the other ‘ships’ are hundreds of years off. Regardless of whether more will come later we have to defend ourselves”
Roy: “Then what is the plan? Are you mobilizing the city?”
Me: “That’s what I and my colleagues are trying to do. I was actually here to recruit you into helping me with the belltowers. They are crucial for our plan. How many do you know the locations of?”
Roy: “All of them. Although several have no means of casual entry.”
Me: “I have around a dozen men. Can you guide one to each to each of the towers? I want them watched. We need to know who is in control of all of them”
Roy: “Three have collapsed, two fairly recently. There are only five left. Yeah, I can work with them.”
Me: “Great. Also before we go. Can I have that book?”
Roy: “No. Its not mine to lend. You can look at it here for a bit, but this isn’t mine to give.”
Me: “Fine. Another question. I’ve been respectful of your affiliation with the demons but them all disappearing is very concerning. Do you know what happened?”
Roy: “No. I didn’t… I mean, it really doesn’t make sense to me. They came from the sea, and then disappeared. I have no idea what any of that was, or how it could end this way.” Holding something back
Me: “I see. I was led to believe you would be the solution to them so I thought you would know more. Regardless. If they become an issue please come fine me Roy. We will be lucky to survive one invasion. We won’t be able to survive another blindside”
Roy: “Sorry. If it was something I did… it wasn’t on purpose.”
Me: “On purpose? Roy did you do something accidentally? I can’t help you if I don’t know what is happening?”
Roy: “At one point, I had tamed a demon. It was something of a pet to me. Or a kid. I dunno. It was complicated. It … escaped, or left. Whatever you want to call it. It went back to the sea. And then… we haven’t seen a demon since. I don’t know if its related. I really don’t. It could have been leaving for the same reason the rest did. Or maybe it… got them to leave.”
Me: “… How smart was this thing? Like… dog smart? Person smart?”
Roy: “Somewhere between those two.”
Me: “Well the demons are still in the ocean. So I’m concerned they aren’t gone for good If … it comes to contact you… please let me know. I promise I will keep your identity a secret”
Roy: “Oh. Then i don’t know, Pearce. I know Junior left.If he comes back, I will… well, I guess to be fair, if he never comes back and they never do either, that is a better outcome than me selfishly wanting my best friend back. Its just hard. There aren’t many things in Gallows that make me hope for the future. Junior was one.”
Me: “I am truly sorry for your loss Roy but trust me there are people and things worth fighting for. There are friends, very old friends, fighting for us. So don’t give up yet”
DM: Pearce pats Roy on the shoulder before turning to the book.


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