Full Name: Fischer Thempleton

Spymaster for the Weather Society.
Appointed Warmaster for the duration of the war with the Temple.

Conversation 1: 12/23/16 – Log
Me: “Are you okay?”
Fischer: “No. I was stabbed in the shoulder. Close that door, will you?”
Me: “What was that about?”
Fischer: “Assassins. Having a name to the face of a spymaster and a warmaster makes one very popular amongst insurrectionists and politicians. Keep quiet about this. And also this.” he takes out a health potion and downs it, placing the bottle near a collection of four empty ones near him. “These are just from today.”
DM: He looks down at a rough map of the city, and moves some figures around.
Fischer: “What can I help you with?”
Me: “Despite the fact that the war has just begun I have seen non combat civilians massacred on the battlefield and citizens trying to flee to a district still struggling with the dock refugees. In response to this I would like your permission to start a project to create a section of the district that is avoided in the war by any and all districts. This safe zone will allow us to send our non combatants and remove them from the war zone.”
Fischer: “No, absolutely not. The other districts would destroy the idea of it immediately. Remember, they are seeking to destroy the Mids, not the Weather Society. This is a war founded in land. We cannot divide up, a district cannot survive if divided. The only way to stop this is to draft an army from the general population, and seek legitimacy from other districts. Creating a sixth district under the banner of peace simply creates a thieves haven that is plundered last.”
DM: He shifts, tracing a line between some small figures on his table. He shifts back, patting his palm, looking at you, waiting for a response.
Me: “How do you intend to fight a war when every soldier is concerned his family down the street will be massacred by one or both sides? What about when those families move to a district. Will the soldiers fight for us then. How can they fight when our own troops are trying to evacuate land we’re continuously losing? The other districts don’t want refugees and the worse that situation gets the worse the diplomatic presence of the Mids becomes. A safe zone might not be honored by the districts but it might give the citizens enough hope to stand by us.”
Fischer: “Look… as the Warmaster, I can’t recommend what you are saying, because I must for now behave in the manner of Warmaster. What you are asking for is the field of the Lower Council. Gain their favor and I will not stop this. You have my word. I cannot do what you are asking, but I won’t impede my constituents.”
Me: “Yes sir. Thank you for your time”
Fischer: “Make them protect and control the masses. I am here to win a war. I’m sorry, in this case, I must be silent to an evil in order to protect a good. I know how dark that can feel. We all make dark choices.” He stops you on the way out. “I have a question for you, Pearce. What reservations do you have about my ability to win this war, or the war itself?”
Me: “I just saw our frontline which consisted of a platoon of druggies. We’re losing this war currently.”
Fischer: He nods. “Which troop?”
DM: Pearce give the correct troop number.
FIscher: “What do you believe we should punish the volunteers with?”
Me: “To be frank sir. If I new the correct punishment to give to 1/5 of our current rag tag volunteer army that didn’t just make them quit or leave a huge hole in our defenses I would nominate myself warmaster.”
Fischer: “Understood. Thank you. You are dismissed.”

Conversation 2: 4/12/17 – Log
Me: “Umm. Wanted to come back in and apologize. Getting kicked out of an organization you tried to help can’t be easy”
Fischer: “I adopted a damaged organization and tried to keep it afloat. I did what I could, but this society is stillborn. It cannot survive without the vision of the Upper Council.”
Me: “I agree. I’m going to go looking for them soon. What can you tell me about them?”
Fischer: “I can give you names, nothing more. At least not in official capacity.”
Me: “You’re going to keep your secrets even after you’ve been fired?”
FIscher: “I am doing what the law allows me to do. I still live here, and I am beholden to normal laws.”
Me: “Then I guess I’ll take the names”
Fischer: “Tito Graven and Johanna Nightfinch”
Me: “Any clues as to where they could have been taken?”
Fischer: He hesitates. “Yes. But it isn’t helpful. I can confirm that the action was not an overt one by any of the other governments. If it was, it was a very well hidden one.”
Me: “Was it the Friends of Man? I know your second in command was making deals with them”
Fischer: “No. Unfortunately not. And those deals… did not end the way the Friends hoped. I only wish I had been involved in leveraging the other districts. I wanted to help run that battle. The real battle.”
Me: “I’m sorry what?”
Fischer: “The Friends of Man, or properly, the Kingdom they represent, is the real threat here.”
Me: “And here I was trying to find proof of something you apparently already knew. Who else was preparing for them?”
Fischer: “Nobody. I was going to break the news to the lower council tomorrow. I won’t be able to do that now – I am being removed from the Weather Society entirely.”
Me: “So what are your plans now?”
Fischer: “I will find work elsewhere. I have useful connections and skills.”
Me: “I see. So what was the deal you made with the Friends of Man?”
Fischer: “We would house them. This we did. We also interrogated them. And we insured they would not become liabilities.”
Me: “What did you learn?”
Fischer: “Did any of you fight for me to keep my job?”
Me: “Broderick was the only one to speak. He apparently had former experience with the temple? He took over the proceedings”
Fischer: “Did he fight for me. Specifically. Or did he throw me underfoot?”
Me: “…He didn’t fight for you. I’m sorry Fischer. There was rumor going around that you were responsible for Nathan’s death. Some suspected you might have started the war”
Fischer: “Nathan? Absolutely not. He was at worst a friend. And a very useful ally.”
Me: “Then where did Cassius come from? No one in the weather knew he was.”
Fischer: “Don’t ask me a question like that. A great deal of spies depend on my silence. Cassius was needed because he is both brutal and efficient. He also isn’t known to our enemies.”
Me: “… Fine. Look. I can’t undo what’s been done but if you seriously want to keep helping the city then we’re on the same side. There are other groups in the city that are against the Friends of Man”
Fischer: “Yes. And betraying my friends is not how it will happen. I won’t betray Cassius on your private suspicions. Be clear to me what you are suspicious of, and I will work with you.”
Me: “If you can swear to me he is not a threat to this city then I will not inquire more. I only inquired about him because I thought he could be working with the Friends of Man”
Fischer: “He is not working with them, as the ones in this district have been euthanized. We couldn’t risk that disease spreading.”
Me: “Colorblight?”
Fischer: "Much worse things than that disease are on their way. If the interrogation revealed anything. "
Me: “I agree. Look. I need to go find the council members if we want any chance of saving the Weather. Can I talk to you tomorrow? I’d like to discuss what the Friends of Man intend and what we can do to stop them”
Fischer: “Yes, fine. I’ll be packing up my office around 4 pm tomorrow. Come by and we can finish this.”
Me: “Thank you Fischer. I’m sorry I waited to ask my questions. If I had known… anyway. I will meet you tomorrow”
Fischer: “Tomorrow.” He nods.


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