Skill Changes

Occultist Change:
5th level: Aura Sight replaced with bonus to spellcraft check to identify = level.
Object Reading Bonus: You can ask different questions about the scene as if you were looking around from the objects perspective, but ‘turning’ your vision requires a will save, then a perception roll

Reliquarian Archetype:
Domain: Pick 2 domains. You can select the ability and the spell list from either domain. Mental Focus pool remains from Int. Do not lose a focus power.

Samantha Boon
+2 to Wisdom, Able to cast mending 2/day as a SLA.

Good (with Luck spell list) : Friendship


Half-Demon Powers (as of 9/2/2016)
Eyes are slightly lighter and I have low-light vision
+2 str in regards to carrying capacity. Spots of dead but not rotting skin

Other Notes:
*So when flying you get a +1 and invisible you get a +2 to crossing borders.
*I am going to say that if a spell gets cast on something before you use object reading, even if its from you, that counts as a use.


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