Lucky Dogan

Conversation 1: 1/15/17 – Log
Lucky: “You want some advice? Free advice?”
Me: “Sure?”
Lucky: “Don’t buy wigs from the bald. They are pre used.” He takes off his wig again
Me: “… Sound advice. Just what are you Lucky Dogan?”
Lucky: “I’m just a traveler, lost. I’m homeless with a capital H, you know?”
Me: “A traveler who can alter fate huh? That sounds pretty rare”
Lucky: “Alter? You altered it. I did nothing!”
Me: “I just chose a card! You burned it up and hid the freakin moon. Where did you put the moon?!?!” Pearce whispers.
Lucky: "Forget about the moon. Things change. It wasn’t my fault anymore than its the spears fault people get disemboweled. Technically true, but I did not act with intent of my own. You wanted it. "
Me: “True but if you wanna find the blood you look at the end of the spear”
Lucky: “Okay. You want the moon back? Permanently?”
Me: “No. It’s good it’s hidden. I just want to know WHERE
Lucky: “If I tell you it isn’t hidden anymore.”
Me: “Then… you… fine”
Lucky: “You will go back to your Spider and then they will know.”
Me: Pearce visibly frowns at that “I’m being very accepting of what you’ve done but do NOT insult her like that” He grips his hilt firmly.
Lucky: “Not an insult. I’ve been talking about webs all afternoon. I’m giving you advice, even if you can’t hear it.”
Me: Pearce takes his hand off his sword “Fair enough. So why is your girl Lancette running at the sight of me?”
Lucky: "Mine? Nobody is mine. They couldn’t resist listening in. Not my fault. " He keeps taping his staff.
Me: “Well… can I go ask her then?”
Lucky: “Go, go! I am on my way out. Not safe staying still, not in this city.”
Me: “You better while you’re keeping that hidden”
DM: There is a knock on the door. The blood drains from Dogan’s face.
Lucky: He grabs you suddenly. “Talk them away, and i will owe you.” He rushes deeper into the building

Conversation 2: 2/10/17 – Log
Lucky: “Somewhere… it was here…. under… no…. where.”
DM: You see Lucky alone. He is examining the floor of the room you found the portal in way back when.
Me: “Why. Are. You. In. My. Mind”
Lucky: He looks around. “Who is it? Who is there?” He grabs his staff off the floor and stands up. He starts swinging it wildly.
Me: I’ll reveal myself with my sword pointed at him “Why were you in there? What did you want?”
Lucky: “In where? What are you talking about?”
Me: “Don’t lie to me. You were trying to lure me here”
Lucky: He clutches his staff close. “Did you have a vision of this place?”
Lucky: He shakes his head, then gestures for you to be quieter. “There used to be a man here. Did you know him?” Dogan asks quickly.
Me: “Yes. Some guy named Nathan. Died a few days ago. Why?”
Lucky: “There was a device here, one he was working on… do you know who has it?”
Me: “The portal thing on the ground?”
Lucky: “He was a friend. And the device was his life’s work. I need to find it… Before anyone else.”
Me: “Well since it’s stolen I think the odds of that are pretty slim. Whoever killed him, killed him in this room so I assume it’s related”
Lucky: “What do you want with a machine that connects to the Friends of Man?”
DM: Lucky attempts to keep walking but you block off his exit with your sword.
Lucky: He looks at your sword. “Threaten all you want, but don’t pretend we are enemies. Save your blade for now.” He gestures for you to walk and talk.
Me: “… Fine. You got a plan for the Temple forces swarming about outside?”
Lucky: “How many did you see?” Dogan asks, looking around the room.
He walks over to a sarcophagus and pushes ineffectively. He shrugs and keeps walking.
Me: “Two archers, I gave them the slip so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more”
Lucky: “Okay. My plan: let you go out first, then run.” He concludes. “Young people can survive a few arrows, no worries.”
Me: “I swear. You divines are worthless sometimes. Here” I make both of us invisible.
Lucky: “What is a divine? I’m an old man…” He seems legitimately confused, you sense.
Me: “An old man who can hide a moon. Sure”
DM: You both sneak out of the tunnel. Lucky heads towards the mids and then turns towards the Temple.
Me: “Where are you going? Our conversation isn’t over”
Lucky: “To get the device. The Temple has it, yes? Then walk and talk.”
Me: “Temple MIGHT have it. You would have to check the entire city. If you help me I might be willing to help you in return”
Lucky: “Help with what, exactly?”
Me: “You know what the Lady Amethyst is. She wants to know what she is and how she works. I want you to sit down with her and give her some pointers”
Lucky: “What if what I would teach her, you would prefer she not know?”
Me: “Fine. Don’t teach her what she is. Can you help her control her abilities?”
Lucky: “You are assuming things. Do you want her to know what she is and what she can do? Or do you want her to believe she is something much more vulnerable, but safe for you?” He gesticulated with his arms invisibly.
Me: “I am confused. Why is her knowing the truth dangerous for me?”
Lucky: “Sometimes the truth isn’t freeing. Sometimes truth binds you to a choice, and won’t let go until you are willing to change who you are to fit it. You are scratching at the bones of great dead things, hoping to hear what you need to hear: that it, or she, can be part of a solution for this place. That maybe in the bones of great dead things you will find a living one, and odds against odds it will be different. But it’s a path that will lead you to answers dark and narrow, and she is, whatever she is… She is innocent of the knowledge.”
Me: “… I don’t want her to change. I want you to help her control things, but only if she can remain as she is”
Lucky: "Then lie to her. Tell her what you need her to be is who she is. And then bury that lie, deep. "
Me: “Well that wasn’t nearly as useful as I was hoping.”
Lucky: “I can talk to her about what I know, but I won’t be able to help you constrain her. And I will not stay long. I am leaving.” He says that flatly.
Me: “Leaving like … to a different district or to a different existence?”
Lucky: “The second. I am leaving this place before the night falls forever. I owe you. I have time to fulfill that promise, while we walk… I will show you what your enemies look like. That is what I can offer. I cannot show you how to travel the Gauntlet I search for, but I will show you what happens if you fail to defend the City.” He looks grim.
Me: “I have a hunch we won’t get a happily ever after”
DM: Lucky stops and begins to set up a tent and gets a small fire goin inside to burn some odd chemicals.
Lucky: “Sit in the room. I will bring you to a place I do not prefer to go.”
Me: “Am I gonna see you again after I go on this trip?”
Lucky: “I don’t know. I don’t plan to go until you return.”
Me: “I see. In that case. Let’s get this over with”

DM: Vision Happens

Me: “Lucky you still there. What did I just see?”
Lucky: “The day night settled forever. What I want you to stop.”
Me: “How do I stop an everlasting night? We’re holding it back for now but it won’t last forever”
Lucky: “Well, the machine never landed here. I don’t know which, or what, caused that to change. But that machine is somewhere, and it will come here if it can. It and its armies.”
DM: He looks at his staff.
Lucky: “This is what saved me. The diplomats, the ones you call the Friends, are just a wing of a larger group – a Kingdom. That group is larger and more complicated than a dozen cities, a dozen planes even. It is unwieldy and motive, and laws on one end do not apply on the other. It is held together by the spoils of war those great machines return with. There are twelve, but you need not worry about eleven of them – they would take many hundreds of years to reach here. Worry about the one. It is larger than a district and full of soldiers bred for the purpose of sacking, looting, and collecting the very things our bodies are made of. They leave planes with no hope for future life, so devoid of resources are they.” Dogan trembles as he speaks.“The great web is burning, friend. A slow, slow death. And I can see no stopping it. No one plane is powerful enough to push back, and none have the True Magic… not like the Kingdom.”
Me: “We. She. Convinced them to leave once. Why would they have listened to her? She has to have something they either fear or respect”
Lucky: “Tell me what you mean. I do not know. Be clear with me. I gave you much more than you should know.”
Me: “The Lady Amethyst warned me of a monster coming to the city. A force that would destroy us. She said she made a deal that convinced them to leave”
Lucky: “Do you want the truth, Pearce? A very uncomfortable truth?”
Me: “I don’t even know anymore”
Lucky: He nods. “There is one way to avoid this.”
Me: “If you say give her up I refuse”
Lucky: “It may be too late. But I see one path to avoiding this. If you believe she has a leash, the hold it, and hold it tight.”
Me: “She doesn’t need a leash. She’s a good …whatever she is. She’ll save us”
Lucky: “Kill the other ‘divines’. Anyone who knows of how to construct or create portals. They cannot break through from just anywhere, and this city… it is very hard to find. This would be a stalling tactic, though. Until you are ready to fight.”
Me: “Is that why you hid the moon? To further isolate the city? Also what is a conduit?”
Lucky: “A conduit can move between the planes. It is a catch all for whatever it is that can do that – whether arcane, divine, physical, or what have you. They may not know they can, but isolation is the key to the Kingdom’s success. So conduits are entirely a danger. They can be gods, demons – whatever they are, the Kingdom hunts them above anything else. ‘if you cannot walk to town, blow up the road’… is a way they put it, to me.”
Me: “So we don’t need to kill the divines. We need to ally them. We need something that can push them back. Or some conduit that can evacuate the city”
Lucky: He puts his head in his hands. “I won’t tell you how to win, I’ve never seen it happen. But allying with those beings is an alliance built on insanity. At least, if you ally with ‘all’ of them.”
Me: “…”
Lucky: “Not her necessarily. Not for hundreds of years. Maybe tomorrow. But probably a long time. I get that. But the others can have radically different dispositions. Some may be helping the Friends. Some may have deals that help themselves over the city.”
Me: “I … I don’t know what to say. So how does Roy fit into all this?”
Lucky: “He has been touched by things as well. Things like her. Be careful around him.”
Me: “Okay. Well. If you’re skipping town I wanna know where the moon is.”
Lucky: “The moon wasn’t me. It also wasn’t you. The cards showed us many mysteries, and that was one.”
Me: “Y-You said you knew where it was!”
Lucky: “Yes, I do. But I didn’t say I can get it back.”
Me: “Then tell me where the thing is”
DM: He hands you a deck of tarot cards.
Lucky: “Take those. Teach your friend about fate. Then, maybe, you will have a hand in it.”
Me: Pearce just sighs. “Have fun running Lucky Dogan. I sincerely hope you find a reason to stop one day”
Lucky: “I’m not leaving yet. The way I knew was destroyed. I need to find one of the others. Until then I’ll be in the Matroni District”

Lucky Dogan

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