Doctor Patricia: One of my bosses at the Apple Refuge Center

*If not outright said, heavily heavily implied she’s from the temple district
*Referred me to David Feelsworth when asked for a good doctor
*Patricia’s house has a boobytrap on the front door. Marks the target as well as dealing damage capable of scarring.
*Claimed to be a colleague of Gregor. Seemed defensive when I brought him up. Claimed she saw his body on the list of people who died at the incident.
*Found Patricia in the sewers of the Bluepoles talking to rat-folk. Tried to pretend we didn’t know each other. Warned us not to go down there. Claimed to be an emissary for the rat-folk.
*Shown to be able to perform surgeries and probably autopsies.
*Has the crossbow and attacked the apple and Ingred
*Also goes by the name : Vermin Queen

*Brainstorm about Patricia: Patricia probably an alchemist or cleric: a) studying bodies implies some sort of biological knowledge or arcane knowledge b) When I went to talk to her she was spouting on about fates and entities that knew stuff c) She held her hand at the back of my head and offered to do something to help deal with the cold. c was either a spell or some acupuncture voodoo which would imply high biological knowledge

*Patricia’s Mids House: small building. Inside you see she has set up an area for washing her clothes, a small table out of a footstool, and an area for cooking. She has a number of leather bags around the room, some heavy trunks, and a pile of soft sheets she evidently sleeps on. Update: Abandoned. Had a letter to Nazule with “If you allow them to out me in front of the Apple, I will kill your child. If I do not report in in two days, your child will die regardless.” written by Patrica

Conversation 1:

Pearce: “Thank you for the meal Doctor. I don’t want to waste your time so I’ll get to the point. As I was doing the task Tom gave us some things seemed off. He also prevented you from telling us additional details. I don’t mind my job but I dislike when information ABOUT my job is kept from me. You’ve also stated that things were not being done as you would have preferred. So my proposition is this. If you give me information about my assignments that they are holding back for whatever reason and in exchange I will do my best to have my jobs have the conclusion you think best.”
Patricia: She stirs her food, thoughtfully.
“The reason they stopped me from speaking was because they, like many, are afraid of knowledge they do not possess.”
“They make a game out of knowing. I do it too. Its a fragile game designed to cordon off suffering to those who are not us. Isn’t that what most action is? Somebody goes without food. Somebody goes without pleasure. Not I, we all say, let it not be I.”
“That isn’t enough for me. I appreciate your bargain, but you hold no cards I do not.”
“This is already your job. Why would I share what I know in exchange for something I already expect to be completed?”
You hear the sound of a mouse trap going off, then a small rodent squeel.
“Mmm. Do you believe in fate? That some things – not all things, but some, specific people are meant to do?”
Pearce: Hmm. I believe we are manipulated by people and things that think themselves superior to us. If you want to call that fate then you can.
Patricia: “What do you call it?”
Pearce: “Depends on who is pulling the strings.”
Patricia: “Want a recommendation?” “Try and figure out why Crazy-Eye is sending you on these assignments. There is a method to his… madness, I suppose. Ask him questions about the big picture. I believe he is manipulatible, but not by me. Show me you have his leash and I’ll show you what I can give you.”
“You have a unique chance to appeal to him. The woman cannot, I cannot, and whats-his-name is too busy licking the boots of Senations to risk it.
She stands up and gets a leather satchel from the room.
“Here. Take this and offer or share it with him. People are more likely to experience the highs and lows together, rather than alone.”
She hands you the pouch.
Pearce: “What makes me different?” I ask as I open the pouch
Patricia: “You don’t bury the bodies like the others do. Crazy-Eye is more like you than them. Why did you take this job?”
She asks suddenly.
Pearce: I narrow my eyes “To help the city” I say in an obvious lie which implies “for my own reasons”
Patricia: In the pouch you see several small bean-shaped tablets. You don’t have knowledges relevant to knowing what this is, but you can tell by how she packaged it it is something illicit and edible.
“Your lies are as hollow as your faith.”
“Share these with him. Find him when he is vulnerable, like you approached me. Unlike with your approaching of me, you can succeed at what you set out for with him.”
She suddenly throws a dagger she had hidden away, out of nowhere, and skewers a rat that had gotten near her soup. She deftly proceeds to skin the rat, and then drops the still trembling, skinless rat into the stew. You hear it screaming, and then silence.

I thank her and begin to leave. She placed her hand on the back of my head and asked if I wanted something to deal with the cold. I declined and left


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