A quarter-elf who leads the “Dawnmakers”. He has a weak beard and moustache disguising an otherwise youthful face. He often looks out of his element.

Later description: He is a charismatic guy who maybe thinks too much, taking his expectations and being bitter when they aren’t matched. You can tell Samantha is not the answer he was looking for, and you think he may be a risky addition to the chosen. You get the feeling he has his own ideas on how Samantha could grow, and based on his short, guided questions, you pick up he is trying to guide her toward traditional god roles – judgement, correction, and miracles for the upper brass. You feel a little disillusioned about him being someone who cares for the poor. You believe he cares for them purely to ensure they are complacent.

Conversation 1: 2/11/17 – Log
Pres: “Come with me. Sit here at this booth… Tell me how you learned the truth?”
Me: “I was looking for a man named Faldin. He was said to have found peace in his life. I was curious as to what that meant”
DM: A loaf of bread is brought forward, along with some butter, which, to be fair, is pretty uncommon and valuable.
Me: “Uhh how much is the bread?”
Pres: "It’s paid for. "
DM: He splits it and asks you which half you would prefer – you sense he is trying to ease any fears about poisoning. You pick a random half. He butters some of his and offers you the rest of the butter.
Pres: “Faldin did come by, but we weren’t able to give him the future he desired. We don’t absolve sin in a way that effects memory. That goes against our philosophy of learning from our failings. When he found that out, he left in a hurry. If you are searching for him, I am sorry… I don’t know to where he fled.”
Me: “I’m more curious about this organization you have. How does it work?”
Pres: “We provide moral guidance to our patrons in exchange for a tithe, which allowed us to start this bakery. Those who follow us can see the good they do, as we distribute our baked goods to the hungry in the city. Principally the homeless, but on occasion other groups facing similar problems. The butter is a special gift from one of our benefactors, who owns a milking beast.”
Me: “I see. Impressive. So why do people come to you for moral guidance?”
Pres: “Because we saved the city in an obvious way. The Long Night, I and several others prayed for a new dawn, and it came to pass. Since then, members in our order have received a variety of blessings both fiscally and spiritually, and the homeless around us took notice. We received a number of contributions when we announced our intention of starting a bakery funded partially to feed the destitute. No other explanation is possible: we are blessed, and those around us can see it.”
Me: “This is a lot to take in. How many of you are ‘blessed’?”
Pres: He is uncomfortable with that question, but covers it up. “Everyone in our group is blessed. We don’t keep figures on blessings.”
Me: “I see. And how would you react if I told you I know of other people who are ‘blessed’?”
Pres: He chews the bread. “I would ask for proof.”
Me: “Awww and you have proof?”
Pres: He gestures to the bakery. “Wasn’t here two days ago. That night. In front of my friends and the destitute, I prayed for a dawn forged of flame, and behold, it came immediately… From the east to the west, the dawn rose as if by my command, and all were there to see it. I don’t dare make a prayer so bold again – who requires more proof than that?”
Me: “Were the ‘others’ who prayed here as well? Or were you scattered?”
Pres: “They were here. Many saw me.”
Me: “Yes. They saw you, but you said there were others did you not? Were they seen?”
Pres: “I don’t follow. Were they seen by whom? You aren’t here for absolution, I’ve gathered. What are you here for?”
Me: “Is there a private place we could talk?”
Pres: “No. There have been attempts on members lives by non members, so we agree to do everything with non members in the public. And you are very well armed. Is that three scimitars, or just two? How do you strap them like that?”
Me: “Very well.” I grab one of my scimitars and enchant it with glorious. I draw just a small part of the blade so they can see the daylight coming out of it. “I am interested because I am a dawnmaker”
Pres: He looks at your sword, then puts his hand on yours to try and guide you to hide your weapon. “I think we should go for a walk… I know a nice place that can view the sea…”
Me: “I think that would be wise”
Pres: He gestures to the staff, and then he heads out the door. He takes two loaves, and gives you one. “Distribute it fairly as we go. Don’t play favorites to the young or the old. Everyone has a life and losing that life is a tragedy.”
DM: You distribute the bread as you walk. The homeless take it hungrilly. He is leading you to the base of a belltower. He takes out some climbing tools and begins to affix points to the wall.
Pres: “Have you ever seen the city from the top of a tower?”
Me: “I have not”
DM: The bell rings as you get close. He says he has faith in the Light, and continues to set up the climbing kit. After ten minutes he has everything in place. It isn’t an easy climb, but you both make it to the top of the tower. You climb to the top of the belltower. You see that the staircase down has fallen into disrepair, but the top area seems secured. You see the large bronze bell, weathered a limey green in places. He sits overlooking the mids, docks, and the sea. The buildings make it difficult to see people, but the sprawl is quite impressive.
Pres: “So you are blessed as well. How did this come to pass?”
Me: “I found a special person. A guardian spirit. I have been serving her”
Pres: “I want to meet this person. We have been praying to the dawn, the Light. If you were blessed with a spirit, then that is one step closer to victory over the Darkness.”
Me: “I think that can be arranged. You’ve done great work on your own without her aid. I think she would like to help you in your endeavors”
Pres: “This spirit. Is she perfect?”
Me: “I don’t think so. I think she is more pure than us humans though”
Pres: He looks down at the homeless who are watching him. He kept his word to be within eyesight of the crowd, you note. “Let me meet her. When can you arrange it?”
Me: “Will you be free around 8 tomorrow?”
Pres: "I can be. "
DM: you give him the address of the theater. He opens his pack and you spot a square book inside.
Me: “… why do you have that book”
Pres: It takes him a moment to know what you are talking about. He takes it out. “Was delivered to the bakery recently, a bundle of them. From some charity that heard of us.”
Me: “Do not bring that book anywhere near the theater. They belong to a group that is deceiving the city. Neither she nor I will tolerate it”
Pres: He takes it out and shows you the extra-dimensional space. “It’s been very useful, we’ve been putting together homeless packs with it.” He nods slowly, putting the book aside. “I can accept your request for tonight, but without context I’m slow to inform my followers that the gift we’ve given them needs to be returned.”
DM: You note that he is human but has some qualities of elf or halfling in him, You guess he is a quarter-elf.
Me: “Have you had any rash recently?”
Pres: “No… But my mother does. How did you know?”
Me: “Is she an elf?”
Pres: “Half elf.”
Me: “Has she handled the book?”
Pres: He nods, slowly. He carefully pulls the book back into his pack. “Tomorrow, when I meet her, guide me through why these books are folly. I need to return to the kitchen.”
Me: “You need to get her to a doctor. Tell him to check for colorblight. There is a chance the books are toxic to non-humans. If you insist on using them make sure only humans do”
Pres: “I will go and do that now. We had assumed it was just a rash…” He walks towards the side with the climb kit, “I do not. If you have proof of what you say, I will recover the books. The Light would have it no other way.”
Me: “Wait… you’ve been putting food in there?”
Pres: “Not food. Tent kits and water.”
Me: “Well I hope I’m wrong and the books don’t contaminate things in them”
Pres: “If that is what happened, we will not let it lay. Id rather die than live with that shadow over my head. I need proof, however. Please bring me something tonight to prove the books are tools of the wicked.”
Me: “I don’t know if I have proof but I will try. For now just don’t bring it with you”

Conversation 2: 3/7/17 – Log
Pres: “We arrived. Is the Dawn here?”
Me: “She .. is… I didn’t know you were bringing so many people with you”
Pres: "You wanted… " he paused. “.. is there a problem? Lets talk inside.”
Me: “Let’s” I let him inside.
Pres: “What is the problem? I brought those I trust among the Dawnmakers. All members shape our doctrine. I assumed you wanted this.”
Me: “I guess I was hoping for a more discrete meeting. Do you think they would mind wait and watching a performance while you meet with her?”
Pres: “I won’t censor what I know from them. If this needs to be a secret from my congregation, I’d rather not risk putting myself in a position where I’d need to lie.”
Me: “It’s more a matter of her not being able to answer the questions of a dozen people at once. You know the concerns of your friends. She can meet them, I’d just prefer we catch you up to speed so you can help mediate”
Pres: “Let me meet her.”
DM: You guide him to the office. He is slightly disturbed by the painting.
Me: “Wait here just a moment Prestor. The lady will be with you shortly”
DM: You leave and come back with the Amethyst Lady
Pres: Prestor turns to you. “This… she… is it?” he says carefully.
Me: “Prestor. Let me introduce the dawn maker herself, Queen of Pages, the Lady Amethyst”
Pres: He hesitates. "Lady. I am Prestor, leader of the Dawnmakers. I am here to see if you are suitable… the one who made the dawn. To scrutinize you. I hope you understand the people put much trust into me, so I must be careful. "
Lady: She nods and responds. “Prestor, doubting is natural and honest. The majority of humanoid nature exists between doubt and faith. I don’t take offense. We all protect our kin and kind.”
DM: You realize she is quoting a book Viola had taken from your collection.
Pres: “If you are what you say, can you make the dawn now?”
DM: You activate telepathy with Samantha
Me(telepathy): “Can you make a bird land near the door? Otherwise make them come to me when I call them?”
Sam(telepathy): “Uh…. I can try… I don’t know exactly how to mind… change?”
Me(telepathy): “Tell him you will try and instruct me to go get a bird”
Lady: “I can try. Pearce, go get one of my friends.”
DM: You leave and eventually open the door to let a bird fly in. It immediately homes in on the Lady and sits on the desk next to her.
Pres: “This is an odd pet. I don’t know what you are showing me with this.”
Lady: “These are the Dawnmakers. They are the instruments of the morning.”
Pres: “Show me what you mean.”
Lady: “No. I do not provide miracles on request. This would be a waste of effort that I need to spend saving this city.”
Pres: Prestor frowns. “How can I trust you, then?”
Lady: She frowns and looks at him. “How can I trust you, Prestor, to lead these people? Have you performed miracles? That is a miracle that happens every morning. You and your followers. I have a… task, for you and they. The reward is becoming your namesake: becoming the Dawnmakers.”
Me: “Might I suggest Prestor attend this morning? When the birds take flight?”
Pres: Prestor is still frowning. “I didn’t agree to any of this. I want proof first.”
Lady: “As my friend said, stay for the dawn. See for yourself. Then, if your group is ready to work with us to protect the light itself.” she says, in an unusually charismatic way.
Pres: “Alright. We’ll wait here until the dawn, then… this feels like the setup for a letdown. I don’t know any more about you than I did before.”
Lady: “Would you like to see the shows downstairs?”
Pres: “If you’ll sit with me and answer some questions.”
Lady: “Very well.”

Conversation 3: 3/28/17 – Log
Me: “And there is your miracle. your proof”
Pres: Prestor nods slowly, then stops. He shakes his head. “It proves that the lights are in-fact animals. It does not prove she is the source of them. I don’t believe she is what you have said she is. I need proof that she is able to perform miracles.”
Sam: “Your followers murmur my praise. Why don’t you, Prestor? Why are you so faithless?”
Me: “Why would we lie Prestor? What do we gain? The Lady wants to help the city is that not obvious?”
Pres: “It is obvious you want something from me and my followers. And I, fairly, want something in return, and you seem to be denying it of me for little gain. Show me that you are the source of this. Prove it somehow. I need to see a miracle.”
Sam: Samantha frowns. “No.”
Me: “Miracles are not given on demand. They are granted upon showing faith. You expect too much with no shred of respect”
Sam: “I respect the old laws. I want to see the gods return as much as the next cult. But I don’t see the making of a deity in you. I see some hints, some clever wordplay, but I am not convinced and neither are…” he turns toward his crowd.
DM: Some have come back inside. You turn and look. There are people crying. Some are praying. Prestor seems at a loss. An older woman approaches, shriveled with age.
Old woman: “Father Prestor, this is hope. We’ve found hope. You’ve finally found him, haven’t you? Is this he? Is it… is he the Dawnmaker?” She says, pointing at you.9:14 PM
Me: “No mam. I am but a humble servant to the Dawnmaker” I gesture to Lady Amethyst
DM: She gets down on calloused knees. She begins to worship Samantha. Others begin to follow suit, getting on the floor and bowing over and over again to Samantha. Some are still crying.
Pres: Prestor shouts. “Stand, stand. I cannot… confirm what you are saying. I don’t know she is the source. Don’t just worship something someone points you toward!” he says.
DM: Some members stand up, most stop and seem confused. Samantha is blushing. Samantha stands up. Prestor and the crowd look at her. She walks to the shriveled woman. The Amethyst Queen holds out her hand to her. She helps the old woman up. The older woman continues to worship fervently. Samantha gently coaxes her to stop.
Sam: “Would you like to help the Dawn, dear lady?” Samantha asks, slowly and kindly.
DM: She nods fervently. Prestor is still trying to get control of the crowd. People are watching Samantha and the old lady. Some seem frustrated with Prestor.
Sam: “These birds need people friends to take care of them. I need help protecting them. Will you help?”
DM: She nods vigorously. A few others in the crowd nod too. Prester shouts for his followers to exit the building. Some begin to exit. Some don’t. Prestor glares at the people who stay inside. He then walks out. The old lady and perhaps five others stay inside. The Amethyst Queen addresses them.
Sam: “You’ve seen the Dawn. Now help make it. These animals are divine, but they are also mortal – killable, like all things are. They need protection, caretakers, feeders.”
DM: “We can’t do this alone. We need you who have been called by faith to protect them like you would any loving friend. They are beautiful, delicate.”
Sam: "Return tomorrow right before dawn. One person per day – there are seven of you. Feed and care for the birds… and my companion here will explain what you can do to help me. "
DM: Pearce explains the rules poorly.


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