Conversation 1: 10/7/16
Rich: “Did you want to discuss something?”
Me: “I did. Two things actually. First. We need to discuss your associate Viola”
Rich: “What about her?”
Me: “She’s apparently been trying to break into my house. I think I deserve to know why”
Rich: “Oh yeah, she does that to everyone. If I had my own place when I met her, she probably would have broken into that too. I’m not sure why, though”
Me: “… can I have the address of the bookstore to ask her? If you don’t know”
Rich: “Uh…there isn’t exactly a bookstore. She deals mainly in ‘difficult to acquire’ books. There’s a tavern she frequents though”
Me: “What does ‘difficult to acquire’ mean?”
Rich: “They may not be entirely legal from what I understand”
Me: “How is a book illegal?”
Rich: Shrug
Me: “Hmmm ok. Well can I have the bar she frequents?”
Rich: “It’s called the Jiggling Gypsy”
Me: “Is she a lady of the night?”
Rich: Shrug
Me: “Well Brodie will love to know that. Seems to have a thing for halfling muscles”
Rich: “What was that other thing you wanted to talk about?”
Me: “Ok well. During our last exchange you mentioned Harrison fled. Could you give me more details on that?”
Rich: “Uh, He said he’d kill me if I tell anyone what I saw, so all I can say is he probably isn’t in the district anymore.”
Me: “He did what? Geez what did you walk into?”
Rich: “That’s exactly what I can’t talk about if I want to keep my head. He also made it pretty clear he didn’t like getting followed.”
Me: “Well. Look. I get that you don’t want to say and I won’t tell anyone you gave me the info but this is for Bell. Now that she’s free she wants to face her captor and I think she deserves it. If this dude was so scared he fled I don’t think you’re high on his list of people to keep tabs on”
Rich: “Well, if Bell finds him, I think it’ll be real easy to connect the dots back to me. And I don’t think this is something just the two of you can handle on your own. He’s got some serious magic on his side”
Me: “So he’s a caster? that alone is worth knowing”
Rich: “If I can’t convince you and Bell out of this, I guess I’ll need to help you find him and make sure you succeed to ensure he doesn’t come after me”
Me: “Oh wow. Thank you Richard. That’s a pleasant surprise”
Rich: Richard goes over and retrieves the papers Pearce retrieved. “I don’t know if you looked through these before you handed them over, but it seems like Gary Borland was involved with Harrison” Richard shows Pearce the invisible ink with the address. "Does ‘the Inbetween’ mean anything to you? Gary owed some debt which Harrison would clear in exchange for a favor related to ‘cleaning house’ and also offered land in the “In-between”".
Me: “And framing you was part of ‘cleaning house’?”
Rich: “It might have been. I don’t know”
Me: “Well. I know Harrison was from the Temple. Maybe the ‘inbetween’ is there? Although ‘land’ makes it sound pretty big”
Rich: “The invisible address is some where in the Matroni”
Me: “Oh. So is the address the ‘inbetween’ or is that a completely different thing?”
Rich: “I don’t know”
Me: “Well. I guess we can go there and scope it out. What did you see that was so awful that he threatened to kill you?”
Rich: “…” I lean in real close so I can whisper super quiet. “I blundered into a trap he’d set for someone when I went looking for him at Dr. Fieldsworth’s. He had several zombies. I barely made it out alive”
Me: “Who was the trap for? And what happened to Dr. Fieldsworth?”
Rich: “I didn’t stick around to find out. Although from the sounds in the back I don’t have a very good feeling about the doctor. I haven’t been back there since”
Me: “That might be our first stop. If the doctor is still alive he might know something. Do you have anything you need to do tonight or can we go now? Time might be of the essence? Also I don’t want to go around Fieldsworth alone. I don’t need another episode”
Rich: “I’ve got some errands to finish up first tonight, but I think what’s left of the doctor can wait another day”
Me: “I’m more worried about someone else discovering the scene and then us not being allowed in but if you have things to do it can’t be helped”
Rich: “I feel like if a scene had been found we’d have heard by now”
Me: “Fair enough. Ok. Then tomorrow. Thank you for letting me know this Richard. I promise you won’t regret it”

Conversation 2: 10/12/16 – Log
Me: “Sir can I speak with you for a moment”
???: He pauses and turns around. “Of course…” he says, seemingly half sarcastic. “Yeah, what is it?”
Me: “Couldn’t help but notice your friend was looking around a lot. Seemed to be watching something. Do you have any idea about that?”
???: “I’m investigating a serial murderer.” He says flatly.
Me: “So do you know Doctor Fieldsworth?”
???: “Not in life. Who are you?” He asks, turning toward you. “What business do you have with him?”
Me: “I’m tracking down the man who murdered him. And now I find a guy paying people to watch the scene of the crime”
Rich: “You’ve gotta admit, old man, that’s pretty suspicious”
???: “Look. I’ve been tracking this guy for years. You should just back off and let me handle this, alright?”
Rich: “What do you know about him?”
Me: “Do you know where he’s going?”
???: “Hard to say. He manages to pass himself off as several people simultaneously. I believe he is currently within the Temple district… working on whatever the ‘big secret’ is in there.” He slows down. “Wait wait wait. Who are you two? What business do you have following up this?”
Me: “Kinda rude to ask who we are without giving your name”
Falcon: “You can call me Falconflight.”
Me: “Well Mr. Falconflight. I’m Pearce. A mutual friend of ours was forced to be Harrison’s slave for years. She wants to talk with him. I think she deserves that”
Rich: “I’m Richard, and I suspect that he may have killed a friend of mine, so”
Me: “Look we have info on some of his … hideouts. Where Harrison was gonna meet some people -”
Rich: “Have you ever heard of a place called ‘the Inbetween’?”
Me: Pearce looks at Richard. “Which we will give if you provide some info”
Falcon: "Uh… " he looks around. “Why are we having these discussions in the middle of the road? He can turn invisible. Looking around doesn’t cut it.”
Me: “If he can turn invisible what good will going in an alley do us?”
Falcon: “If we go into a building, he can’t enter without opening a door.”
Rich: “Lead the way”
DM: He leads you into an unpopular diner called Worlds Gratest Diner. Spelling mistake is on the sign.
Falcon: “What do you know of the man Harrison?” he asks.
Me: “We’ll trade facts-”
Rich: “Well, I know he commands zombies”
Me: “And we’ll start”
Rich: I give Pearce a sorta ‘sorry’ shrug
Me: "Uh…. " he looks at you two blankly, and takes out a blank book from his small pack. He writes a little bit into it.
Rich: “Huh, for someone who’s been hunting him for years, you seem to be missing some important facts”
Falcon: He looks up. “Sorry, I appreciate the game idea, but I can only spare about fifteen minutes. I have a secretary who works in the Mids. I don’t go into the details of active cases.” He passes you an address. “Contact her there, she knows how to contact me.”
Me: “… so you’re a detective?”
Falcon: “You would not believe how detective works seems to surround… Harrison.” he says dryly.
Me: “After seeing the body I can believe it”
Falcon: “This case goes back a long time. I can’t summarize it here, but the man you are hunting for has done some very twisted things… and continues to do so. He is manipulative and shrewd. You must always worry and watch, because he will hunt those who betray him.”
Me: “Hunt huh” I give a nervous glance at Richard
Rich: I give Pearce a ‘this is your fault’ glare.
Falcon: He draws a cigar, and lights it. Then sighs and ashes it, putting it away. “I promised the wife I’d stop.” he mumbles. “Now, you say you have been tracking him. For what crimes? Just slavery? That isn’t really… its a hard case to be made for that.”
Me: “I mean. Torture, murder, it seems like the dude isn’t a good guy”
Falcon: “Right, but why you two specifically? Do you work for anyone?”
Me: “Officially we’re part of the weather. Who do you work for?”
Falcon: “My clients are confidential.” He says brusquely. “Although this case is particularly personal.” He says. “He wronged me many years ago. And I intend to wrong him, one day.”
Rich: “This is pretty personal for us too”
Falcon: He whistles. “Just help me with the case and soon we will all rest easier.”
Rich: “Okay.”
Me: “Look. We’ll help with this but I want a guarantee that our friend will be involved if you track him down. This is to help them find closure”
Falcon: “I can guarantee that will be really tried for, but if I have to pick between nailing him and your friend’s feelings, I will kill him every time.”
Me: “Fair enough. Richard you cool with giving the intel?”
Rich: I give him the address.
Me: “Harrison sent that address in a hidden message. To an associate that owed him”
Falcon: He nods to you. “I’ll do a little research on this. Come by the office tomorrow, I should have a lead. I have to get going. Good luck.”
DM: Falconflight leaves.
Rich: “Well, if Falconflight is investigating the Matrioni address then I guess we don’t have to anymore”
Me: “I guess? If he doesn’t have a good lead tomorrow we can still go there”
Rich: “Fair enough.”
DM: Richard confirms that Fieldsworth’s remains were there and points out the similarity to Reva’s crimescene. I point out the scene at the Apple which apparently Richard didn’t know about. Richard asks when the body was found.
Rich: “It’s unlikely, but we can still hope Lenny is still alive”
Me: “Has Lenny gone missing?”
Rich: “No one’s seen him since we got back from fighting Patricia”
Me: “And you think Harrison did it?”
Rich: “He was shadowing Harrison before the fight. If he resumed that after the fight and got caught… Harrison did warn me to stop having him followed”
Me: “Ah. So I guess a question Richard. Why are you doing this? Are you just afraid you’ll be targeted, are you doing this for Lenny? Or what? If you’re afraid you’ll be connected I can work with Falconflight”
Rich: “Bit of both. If you fail, then I’m dead. and If my suspicions turn out to be true, then he killed Lenny and Jorge would be devastated”
Me: “Apparently they have history”
Rich: “I’ve already gotten myself involved. I have to see this through to the end”
Me: “Good to know. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow”

Conversation 3: 12/19/16 – Log
Me: “Hold on Richard”
Rich: “Whats up Pearce”
Me: “So about this imposter of you. What did you do yesterday after we split up? Can someone vouch for where you were?”
Rich: “I was at the weather society building so plenty of people would have seen me around”
Me: “But did you converse with anyone?”
Rich: “I spoke with George for a bit. Why?”
Me: “Did you experience any distortion? Deja vu? black outs?”
Rich: “Well, I guess I did black out for a little bit last night. Just before the crisis”
Me: “… Richard did you ever fix the soul situation?”
Rich: “…not really. But it hasn’t seemed to have cause any lasting effects, so I’m sure its not a big deal”
Me: “Richard. Can you come with me for a while? I think we need to go see someone”
Rich: “Why? what for?”
Me: “I’ve learned that those without souls are… prone to a disease of sorts. I think you might be infected with this”
Rich: “I feel fine. Stop worrying so much”
Me: “Richard trust me. It’s better to be safe than sorry here”
Rich: “What are the symptoms of this disease?”
Me: “Not remembering doing events.So a form of amnesia, disorientation. Also called possession…”
Rich: “Are you talking about that black out? Nonsense. Look, its nothing. I got hit in the head and then woke up…uh…else where. I wasn’t possessed”
Me: “Look. Just go to this specialist. I’ll drop you off and if he says you’re fine I’ll drop it”
Rich: “Okay, if it’ll get you off my back. Fine. I’ll go”

Stuff happens

Rich: "Well, good news and bad news. Bad news: I’m apparently possessed. Good news: if we can find a spare soul Venyard said he could fix me right up. So uh…you wouldn’t happen to know where I can get a soul would you?
Me: “I know the temple were sneaking them around. I don’t know if that’s the case now that they’re at war. Here” I hand him a potion
Rich: “What’s this?”
Me: “If you feel disoriented or that you’re about to pass out take that. It separates your mind from your soul. For about half an hour. In the meantime I’ll help you try to find a soul. If you need that potion come find me. Well use it and come find me”
DM: Venyard wheels out of the building, sees Pearce, stops wheeling, turns around, and heads back inside.
Me: “Uhhhhh I think he might have had something to add”
Rich: “Ok wait here”
DM: Richard goes in and comes out shortly.
Rich: “C’mon. Lets get out of here”
Me: “Is he still gonna help you now that he knows I’m here?”
Rich: “I think so. He just wanted to warn me to be careful”
Me: “Be careful of possession or me?”
Rich: “A little bit of both”
Me: “… do you not trust me?”
Rich: “He didn’t name you specifically. He just told me to be careful who my friends are. Said the possession might have come from somewhere close”
Me: “Look. Venyard and I … disagree on some things but I’m legitimately trying to help you. Oh. Well…. I don’t know about that. But yeah. If you need to use the potion find me quick”
Rich: “Anyway. if you could tell me more about those temple soul smuggling routes I might be able to find out if they’re still running”
Me: “I don’t know about ‘routes’. We both saw the guy in the sewers. I found another once who was killed by a demon. I can ask my black market contact But it’ll probably cost a lot”
Rich: “I’ve got my own avenues to explore as well”
Me: “Well… I’ll do what I can. But now you’re aware”
Rich: “Thanks to you”
Me: “No problem. We’re friends. We look out for each other”

Conversation 4: 2/14/17
Me: “So how is the whole ‘soul’ situation coming along?
Rich: A lot of major things have come up so I haven’t really had a chance to go around looking for a replacement. Chief among them was the Harrison break in”
Me: “Okay. Well you do realize you’re a huge risk right? The whole ‘potentially possessed at any time?’”
Rich: “I realize that, but I’ve had a lot on my plate of the district ending variety”
Me: “Okay. Well I’m only going to give you a few more days. After that I’m going to have to be more direct. You can’t put this off”
Rich: “Alright. I’ll sort it out ASAP. But you and I need to talk about Harrison. Do you remember Groundskipper? I think Harrison might be after something we confiscated off him. Its the only reason that makes sense for him breaking into the evidence room twice.”
Me: “Groundskipper melted according to Frax. And he only had some broken vials on him. So if he had something else only Frax knew. Well besides the key that Broderick has”
Rich: “Okay. We can look into that later.”
Conversation 5: 3/03/17 – Log
Rich: “So you said you knew someone who could put a soul into me.”
Ven: Venyard wheels along. He looks up at you, then back at the road. “Yeah… I know someone… but if I contact them, I want us to be squared away. You both saved my life, and you’ve agreed to protect my secret. Afterwards, I don’t owe any of you. Fair?”
Rich: “That’s fair”
Me: “Um hold on. This squares you with Richard.”
Ven: “You don’t see me saving your buddy here from a grim fate as payment enough?”
Rich: “Compared to what he was asking for originally, Pearce, this is a good deal.”
Me: “You already agreed to help him. Don’t try and weasel your way out. Or are you going to lie to me. Again” Pearce says with narrowed eyes
Ven: “Right. I agreed to do that part already. He wants me to contact my buddy who can do the surgical part. The payment for that we hadn’t agreed to.” Venyard clarifies.
Me: “Is this true Richard?”
Rich: “Yeah. We’d only settled on a price for the Extraction. Also you never mentioned surgery was involved. Although, I guess that makes sense given how it gets removed in the first place.”
Ven: “Ah. Well, surprise. Surgery is involved. And your friend doesn’t get to watch unless he agrees to my terms. He was not part of this agreement.”
Me: “Grrr fine. But this isn’t just an introduction. This guy does the surgery. Without any further payment.”
Ven: Venyard says, spitefully. “He owes me. He’ll do the surgery.”
Me: “Also you don’t leave until I see Richard walk out on his own two legs. I don’t want you running if your con gets revealed”
Ven: Venyard chuckles. “I don’t do much running.” He wheels onward.
DM: Pearce and Richard do a quick huddle away from Venyard.
Rich: “Maybe you should hold my bag while I’m under. Not that I don’t trust Venyard to not rob me, but best to be safe”
Me: “Yeah I’ll hold onto your stuff. Question before we get too involved with your surgery. A) Remember you have the potion if things start going south during your extraction B) What you did to the rat. Can you make someone ignore pain? I need help with a surgery and I really don’t want to call on Venyard or his mysterious pal”
Rich: “I’ve heard of some…technique that might dull pain, but I’m not that well versed in them.”
Me: “Do you know someone who does who would be … less of an ass?”
Rich: “I might be able to figure it out if you give me some time.”
Me: “Fine but hurry. Time is short Richard. Harrison just became some sort of immortal undead, we’re in a war with the Temple, and the forces of the FoM are moving. For now you focus on your surgery”
Ven: “We need to head to the Poles. It’d be easier to do this at his place.” Venyard interrupts, wheeling back in.
Conversation 6: 3/30/17 – Log
Me: “Before I start going do you have questions?”
Rich: “Questions about what? The surgery you need my help with? I’ll admit I’m a bit curious about who you plan on cutting up tonight, but i owe you enough to put that on hold.”
Me: “Ah about that.” Pearce lowers his voice “I found Viola. Barely got her away from the Friends of Man but… she’s badly injured. Her legs were… broken and then healed improperly so that they couldn’t be fixed. There were other things she was subject to but that’s what we’re going to fix”
Rich: “Uhm…i think this might be a tad beyond my abilities. You said you needed something to dull pain, but this is major surgery. My little tricks might not be enough”
Me: “I’ve got that handled. I know a doctor in the district. The issues is she isn’t stable as they would like. We have to break her legs again and the shock might kill her. That’s where you come in”
Rich: “I’ll try, that’s all i can promise. How did you even find her? I thought she was dead”
Me: “It’s… complicated. Richard I trust you but … I don’t trust all of your associates. Do I have your word that anything you see or hear tonight is confidential?”
Rich: “It always is. I’m not a blabber mouth, Pearce”
Me: “You’ve literally told everyone in our group about every secret upper council job you’ve been assigned”
Rich: “I’ve told you guys about Harrison. That’s about it. And I only did that because I was given dispensation to use whatever assets I needed, so I brought you into it. And eventually Brodie too when it crossed into our other work.One time for a potentially life and death situation is hardly damning evidence”
Me: “Okay. Well… don’t bring Brodie into it. He has some connection to the Friends of Man and I can’t take that risk right now”
Rich: Richard smiles reassuringly, “Yes. Of course. I understand”
Me: “So… it … it sounds really far-fetched. Have you seen the FoM running around the city?
Have you REALLY looked at some of them? REALLY looked?”
Rich: “Do they all look like that guy Harrison killed down in the tower basement? I can’t say that I’ve actually seen any besides that one”
Me: “Sigh. Okay. So you know how I said I think they’re kidnapping people?”
Rich: “Yes, i remember”
Me: “A large part of the reason I think that is because I didn’t find Viola, Viola found me. Sort of. They turn them into golems Richard”
Rich: “…”
Me: “I don’t know if it’s all of them but they kidnap non-humans and stitch them together to look like humans. Do you see why I’m not going around shouting that?”
Rich: “Are you okay Pearce? I think all this stress is starting to get to you. It’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with that. We all have our invisible rope moments.”
Me: "If you don’t want the answer don’t ask the question. My turn. How much do you know about the war council’s activities?
Rich: “Honestly, the war council has only been a thing for what, three or four days? With all the soul stuff and the Harrison stuff, my attendance isn’t exactly something to write home about. From the few meetings I have been present for, we mainly discussed our defense efforts”
Me: “Do you know why the war council could have been after Lucky Dogan?”
Rich: “What? As far as I know, he’s never come up during meetings.”
Me: “Several days before he was kidnapped by Harrison a group of mercenaries working for the Council tried to kidnap him. I have no idea why”
Rich: “I could try to find out, but that might tip our hand. I don’t know everyone on the council as well as I’d like yet”
Me: “Speaking of which. Do you know a Cassius?”
Rich: “Of course. He’s basically Fischer’s second in command. He’s been screening my mail for bombs.”
Me: “Where did he come from? Is he on the upper council?”
Rich: “… Now that i think about it. Opening a letter is a bit overboard as far as looking for bombs go. I’m not sure about his history, but he’s an outsider; he wasn’t a member of the society before the war. At least I’d never seen him around before. Fischer brought him in”
Richard is starting to look a bit concerned.
Me: “That’s my concern. I have witnesses that show him making a deal with the FoM on behalf of the war council”
Rich: “What kind of deal?”
Me: “I don’t know the specifics. I know that at one point he housed several at a safe house I tailed them to. If they’re still there I don’t know. I overheard the Friends of Man and they didn’t seem concerned with the deal at all so I’m assumed they have some sort of relationship. And this outsider is the second in command of our army”
Rich: “I think perhaps its time for me to make use of my position on the war council. I’ll find out what’s going on.”
Me: “Good. Which brings me to the next topic. How much do you know about the upper council? When I heard Cassius didn’t have a record I thought maybe he was a member”
Rich: “The only people who would know anything about the Upper Council are on it. There’s no list of members or anything to tie them to it. Its all very secretive. I always thought that they masqueraded as regular society members; both Margaret and Harrison did. But I suppose that doesn’t have to be the case.”
Me: “What is the purpose of the upper council? I know they said they don’t directly deal with stuff. Will they step in if we bring them proof that the war council is making deals with our enemies?”
Rich: “I’m not actually sure what exactly they do, but I can only hope they would take action in light of such collusion. And even if they don’t, this type of thing is exactly why our office exists, and why I got myself put on the war council. If these allegations are true, then its our responsibility to bring the facts to light.”
Me: “And what if they choose to do nothing? Richard I know I don’t have proof that the Friends of Man are evil but I swear to you they are not good for this city. If it came between the weather or the city which would you choose?”
Rich: “I joined the weather society to help the city. I might’ve gotten side tracked, but my goals haven’t changed. One way or another I’m saving this district”
Me: “That’s what I wanted to hear. That’s actually the other reason I wanted to talk to you. What if I said I found a group of people who are trying to do that? Are trying to save this city”
Rich: “What kind of group?”
Me: Pearce clearly looks kinda uncomfortable “It’s a group centered around a person. We believe in her and in return she helps us do things we couldn’t normally”
Rich: “What you’re describing is a cult, Pearce. Who is this person?”
Me: “Yeah. That is, um, a pretty apt description. Look I can tell you more but I again need you to swear to not reveal anything you see. She has enemies and I can’t have her exposed”
Rich: “You have my word.”
Me: “She is the Amethyst Lady and she is… more than human. I’ve seen her do things I thought impossible Richard and she seriously wants to save this city. But she needs help”
Rich: “How do you know she’s actually trying to help? You wouldn’t believe how many people have claimed that to me.”
Me: “How would you like me to prove that?”
Rich: “I don’t know. But I’ve been wrong about them too many times. You’re apparently a better judge of character than I am. Pearce, do you trust her?”
Me: “With my life”
Rich: “Alright, I’ll hear her out”
Me: “Okay. We’ll go see her after the surgery”
Rich: “Pearce, if you and I are gonna save the district, I’ve got to ask. Have you been distributing Hallowberry tonic in the Mids?”
Me: “What makes you think I’ve been distributing it?”
Rich: “Maybe a week or two back, I was asked to investigate your connection to the drug. I never got around to it given everything that’s happened, but I need to know.”
Me: “Who asked you to investigate me? And why? Also I’m not selling any drug”
Rich: “Fischer asked me validate some reports he had about your connection to it. And as for the why, that’s a bit obvious: its detrimental to the community.”
Me: “Well that’s concerning”
Rich: “I thought you’d be relieved. Now I don’t have to throw you in jail.”
Me: “Good to know.”

Conversation 7: 8/17/2017 – Log
Me: “What the hell are you doing here Richard?”
Rich: “We were conducting important scientific research.”
Mort: “I call it the Ratfish.”
DM: The portal closes and the hatch is cut clean off.
Me: “I… You… I can’t handle this right now. Belltoll, go see to Lady Amethyst. Someone fetch me chains, ropes, and whatever other restraining devices you can find”
Rich: Richard look to Mortimer “Was the canister on this side or that one?”
Mortimer: “… that was an unsatisfying ending. Sigh. Well, better luck next invention.”
Rich: “I think it went rather well: we didn’t drown, get eaten by demons, or stuck on the bottom of the ocean”
Me: “WHY WERE YOU AT THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN?! Someone come restrain this corpse. I want it gagged.”
Rich: “Looking for demons. Which we found by the way. You’re welcome”
Zane: “You know, Richard, I never did kill you. You are welcome.”
DM: Bell gags and restrains him.
Me: Pearce sheathes his sword and face palms. “Sal. Damage report. Did we lose anyone?”
Sal: He looks a little pained. “Yeah. The initial crash of water.”
Me: “How many?”
Sal: “… just Knoblitch.”
Me: “Okay. Bell. Where is Lady Amethyst?”
Bell: Signs “She ran outside with the box.”
Me: Pearce sign back “Go with your friends and find her.” Aloud, “Okay. Richard… was your experiment successful? Did you learn anything besides confusing everyone?”
Rich: “Did we learn anything? I guess we found out that fish demons are still lurking down there”
Mort: “Yes. That those big sea demons are incredibly manipulative with pheromones. We learned that portals are omnidimensional.” he raises his finger. “Oh, we learned that I need to have a light source on the ratfish.” Mortimor puts down his finger. “Well, I think I will head back to the lab…. you two have a pleasant day.”
Me: “You didn’t see anything. Okay?”
Mort: “Oh, I saw plenty. But nobody will ask, so nobody will know.”
Me: “All this is a secret!” I lean in to Richard “Is he going to keep this a secret?”
Rich: “Probably? I’d meant to swing by the embassy later, but this is super convenient. Have you Jesse?”
Sam: “How do we make it bigger?”
Me: “If it’s high enough in the sky. Just rattle it”
DM: After several seconds you hear a very loud explosion.


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