Halfling who works for the Weather Society

- Was visited by Samantha in a dream. Was granted ability to heal.
- Wants to bring Justice to the city, vowing to put that in front of politcs
- Participated in the War of the Apple

Conversation 1: 9/19/2016
Sal: “Had a dream about you…” he says, after a few minutes of pleasantries.
Pearce: “What happened in the dream and when did this happen?”
Sal: “Don’t remember much. I was in a hallway being chased by vermin. Saw a woman who said something I cant remember, but I know it was about you. I was crying and I don’t really know why. I woke up and my hands were glowing. I assumed it was more dreams. I could make my hands glow, healed myself, and saved a life. What is going on with all this?”
Pearce: “I-I don’t know. I’ve had visions too and I’ve seen that woman before. Why you though?” That last question is more to himself than Salsbury
Sal: "I think of her and I can’t remember the words she said, but I think of her in a certain way, it happens”
Pearce: “Tell me. What was your first impression of her? Was she kind, terrifying, what?”
Sal: “Dunno. She seemed kind but distant. Like a distant relative in a different district, you know? Yeah, they exist, you know them, but you don’t really. She was very human. Her features all looked too… flat and mundane. She just seemed like a kind human woman.”
Pearce: “What was she dressed in?”
Sal: “Dressed in? Dark stuff… maybe a dark blue but more black. Purple, maybe. Sorry, I’m red colorblind.”
Pearce: “That’s fine. Well I got good news and bad news. What do you want first?”
Sal: “good news first. You want me to heal your hand?” He asks
Pearce: “No. It’s fine. It’s … proof for me. Anyway the good news. I think you, I think WE were chosen for something. Maybe not chosen, but given the opportunity to be a part of something. Bad news. Still trying to figure out what we were chosen for. I didn’t expect to see someone else in the same boat as me. I need a day or two to figure this out”
Sal: “Alright. I’ve hidden it from the weather society so far,l just until I could talk to you. I’m going to go clean with them. Do you want me to mention you or forget that detail?”
Pearce: “Can you give me a couple of days before you reveal yourself? If someone comes after you, it might lead them to me”
Sal:“Either way, I’m putting in word with the society to invite you on as a person of interest. I’m going to push to have you initiated with them. You’ve proven yourself as being an advocate of justice with resolving Patricia. They may not understand, but my word carries for something there.”
Pearce: “I’ve been thinking of that. I’m interested. Do you think I could get a meeting with Venyard? Also if you’re gonna recommend me, take this. I also have backings in the Captains, might as well make myself sound as good as possible”
Sal: “Uh… is he a member? I know we paid him for the fight. Tell you what, you come in tomorrow and we sign you on, I’ll have him pulled to sit you through the paperwork…. somewhere discreet. Oh. As a heads up. Don’t ever, ever go in the whisper room. That is under the table, by the way. Don’t share that.”
Pearce: “Wasn’t he your leader?”
Sal: “No… he was some special last minute call in. I don’t know he even knew what we were doing. True story: Weather Society is getting pretty political, and im hoping to refocus us on justice. You in, down the line?”
Pearce: “For the sake of a better city I’m in. That’s what the Apple was about anyway”
Sal: “Once we started having the lower council, I feel like it all fell apart. Too many of our members are now focused on not appearing insubordinate and not on our main objective. I’m being real with you because I want you to know what I’m dealing with. I wouldn’t invite you to something without a real picture of what is going on.”
Pearce: “I can sorta see why you had that vision”
Sal: “What do you mean?”
Pearce: “Um. Nothing. Short version is yes. If that’s your goal then I’m your man.”
Sal: “Alright. I’m glad. Let’s shake on it.” He offers his hand. “We are allies in justice over our alliance with the weather society. Deal?”
Pearce: I offer my hand “Deal”
Sal: His hand shines. You feel a wave of relief. “Sorry…. can’t explain it. Something about that woman reminds me of you. and when I think of her…” his hands shine “and now I’m tired… I guess I don’t understand this quite yet. It’s physically taxing to think about her.”
Pearce: “I promise I’ll give you more answers soon about that. Also I can’t command you but I would recommend you don’t tell your society just quite yet. Like you’ve said. It’s … politcal”
Sal: “I’ll think on it. Anyway. I have to report back.” He stands up. “Thanks, Ma” he waves to the elderly halfling.

Conversation 2: 10/1/16
Sal: “What is the occasion? Celebrating you getting into the Society?”
Me: “That sounds like a good reason to drink. So have you recovered from yesterday?”
Sal: “Still bruised and tired, but all my bodyparts seem to be working. Yourself?”
Me: “Still recovering”
Sal: Salisbury touches the glass, then seems to get lost in a thought. He twitches and looks back up. “Sorry, just had a thought about the lady we killed. She deserved it, right?”
Me: “Well she tried to have me silenced, attacked me and my friends, and forces were going to declare war if she didn’t go down. If you ask me it was the right move”
Sal: “I believe you. Just felt weird. I mean, no trial, no law – felt like a vendetta. I didn’t really get a choice in the matter, though. I have to trust them or there is no point in starting anything.” He has a faraway look as he examines the layer of foam
Me: “Who do you think should have judged her?”
Sal: “Look, I know. I am not saying we did the wrong thing. But you gotta understand… killing doesn’t come easy for me. So is there another reason you are here? Besides your joining the cause.” he makes to toast again.
Me: “I thought you might have some questions for me. Based off recent events”
Sal: “I don’t follow. The questions I asked are asked – you said you’d tell me when you know.”
Me: “Okay. Just making sure you remembered what we were talking about. I’m too used to spies these days”
Sal: “Yeah… okay, lets start with that. Why would spies be interested in this discussion?”
Me: “Spies are interested in everything. They gather intel. Did you tell anyone about her?”
Sal: “No. You asked me not to. Tell me what you are getting at. Who is she and why is this happening?”
Me: “She is … I don’t know for sure. I’ve had more contact with her but she can be cryptic at times. Do you want my best guess?”
Sal: “… you’ve been in contact with the dream lady? Yeah. Lets hear it.”
Me: “I believe she is a guardian spirit, something more than a normal person. She was asleep for a long long time and recently awoke”
Sal: “So sort of a ghost?”
Me: “Do you think a ghost could have given you those powers? I think she’s closer to an angel”
Sal: “Now isn’t the time for sarcasm, man. You are asking a lot of me. Okay, so this… powerful angel lady woke up and then what?”
Me: “She’s trying to restore the city Salisbury. Times are bad, monsters have taken over part of the city and she says things might get worse. She’s trying to find people to help her save all of it”
Sal: “The ratfolk or the demons?”
Me: “I think she was referring to the demons. I don’t know her opinion on the ratfolk. I’ve only been aware of this for maybe a week or two myself”
Sal: “She wants to save the city… and what then, Pearce? Like… what does a saved city look like?”
Me: “Pretty sure it’s one where we’re not all dead”
Sal: “I’m not dead now, but I know what… normal people can do, at their worst. What is she at her worst?”
Me: “We all have the potential to do horrible things. Maybe she can do those too but I’ve seen things Salisbury. Seen things that make me think she is serious about saving us. How many people did you save with her power?”
Sal: “Yeah, but listen, man… this city… nothing is free in this city. Nothing. How can a spirit of the city not have some huge catch?”
Me: “Honestly? I believe there isn’t one because she gave me what she brought me here to give you. A choice.”You can choose to walk away from it now. The power will fade if you ignore her. But if you choose to help us she will assist you in exchange for helping her lead others. And not betraying her. Not betraying her is the only catch I’ve seen"
Sal: “What kind of help, Pearce? I don’t take a job without knowing the work I do.”
Me: “You find those you trust and you help show them her power. You act as her go between. She’s powerful Salisbury but she can’t direct everyone at once. She wants you to listen to her. You’re close but you have to pray to fully hear her”
Sal: “In my dreams? Or what?”
Me: “She can talk in your dreams, and sometimes when you’re awake. It’s more troublesome when awake… she needs a mouth to speak”
Sal: “She… has no mouth?”
Me: “She does. Look. She can hear prayers but to speak to followers she needs to borrow a mouth. I’m explaining this poorly. Look I can get into details later but can we focus here”
Sal: “Okay. Yeah, I guess. I mean, you sound pretty crazy, and I feel pretty crazy since this started, so I guess I’m in. Tentatively in.”
Me: “That’s fine. You’re allowed to leave. She wanted that to be clear. The issue is she’s been greatly weakened from sleeping. That’s why I’ve been secretive”
Sal: “Weakened? What was she before the sleep?”
Me: “She hasn’t told me. Besides a guardian spirit and a friend”
Sal: “Alright. I’d like to talk to her. Before I fully commit.”
Me: “You already can. Just find a private place and pray. At least I think you can. I’m kinda new to this”
Sal: “Dear.. person, what do you want me to do?”
Me: “The amethyst lady”
Sam(Pearce): “Okay. Uh, hi, you wanted to speak to me?”
Sal: “Yeah… what do you want me to do?…”
Sam(Pearce): “I want you to be true to your own skepticism. I just caught the tail end of the conversation, sorry. I trust Pearce. He is a good guy. He trusts me enough to let me control his body. Like, I know what his nose feels like. Crazy people are crazy in many ways. But Pearce is different because I am different. And I want to help you too.”
Sal: “Is he crazy? If you are real, prove it.”
Sam(Pearce): "I am. Uhh… so there is an old lady standing…. nearby, who is currently really disappointed. I’m looking… okay…. she’s reading the chalkboard…. okay, so earlier it mentioned she was changing the prices… "
Sal: “Pearce, you can see her.”
Sam(Pearce): “Yeah, but I can’t.”
Sal: "What good are you if you can’t – "
Sam(Pearce): “Across the street a child is petting a kitten backwards and now the child is very scared because he has learned a lesson about cats. Go look.”
DM: Salisbury stands up and walks to the door. He opens it. A child is crying outside. He walks back to you.
Sam(Pearce): “And now… poof. You can go touch him and help.”
DM: He walks over to the kid, pulls him to his knees gently, and then heals his arms. He then walks back.
Sal: "I’m in. You are exactly like Pearce described you. "
Sam(Pearce): “Good? Great! Uh…. okay, out of time. Make good choices!”
Sal: “Yep. I’m in. You might be crazy, but it feels good to help that kid. I’d rather follow a Looney and die a hero than save the day and be the villain.”
Me: "So. That didn’t go quite how I expected. I don’t know if that was a compliment but good to know?
Sal: “What can I do to help the Amethyst lady?”
Me: “You’ve been a Weather society member for a long time Salsibury. You know who you trust and those you don’t. Start there”
Sal: “I trust you. At this point, I don’t know who in there isn’t just sniffing out votes in the weekly popularity contest.”
Me: “You’re going to need a place to gather those you trust when you can find them”
Sal: “I guess so far I trust Venyard… but he plays that game a lot. He may tell people things as he sees them, and…. no question, you need to work on sealing this deal. She almost blew it.”
Me: “She’s sincere but not a diplomat”
Conversation 3: 10/12/16
Sal: “Something is wrong with Venyard. I think he may be someone else.”
Me: “It wasn’t Venyard that’s what”
Sal: “What?!”
Me: “Calm down. What did you say about us”
Sal: “Literally nothing. As soon as he was surprised by my hands I knew something was up.”
Me: “Do you know Broderick? The pudgy guy in the Patricia incident?”
Sal: “That guy? How does a pudgy guy look so old and miserable?”
Me: “Also apparently you dropped my name. Why are you saying my name Salisbury?!”
Sal: “Because Venyard and I both played the game, and you played the game. We were talking about the game, not about you. It was Venyard who turned the conversation to you. I tried to share nothing…. private.”
Me: “Well the man is a bloodhound and now he has our scent”
Sal: “Venyard is a friend, Pearce. He was interested in learning about her. That is what you said you wanted me to do. I haven’t brought it up yet, but I’m working toward it.”
Me: “Venyard knows more than he’s letting on. He’s playing you”
Sal: “No, you are playing me. You know more than you are letting on.”
Me: “What?! What makes you think that?”
Sal: “Right? Admit it. You are hiding stuff about her. About this situation. You expect me to suspect my friends are disguised fat people you work with I’ve seen only one or two times tops. How do you know that, Pearce? How did you know he was disguised? Where is Venyard?”
Me: “I work with Broderick at the weather. We found evidence that Venyard was going to be contacted by some Matroni spies. Broderick is acting as Venyard to get that info. That’s how I know. Venyard is fine”
Sal: “Okay. So this is all just… pretty much just a combination of paranoia and a really unusual situation.”
Me: “Basically”
Sal: “Okay. Look, I know you have secrets. I try to respect that. But if I am no longer allowed to trust my friends, I can’t be a part of this. I need to trust people. I didn’t betray you or the group. But I think maybe you want a degree of silence I can’t work with.”
Me: “Salisbury you being a part of this didn’t change what happened to Venyard. That would’ve happened anyway. That was weather business. Leaving the group won’t magically make Venyard come back”
Sal: “You can’t tell me to try and spread this thing without actually explaining what it is, Pearce. How do you want that to work? I can’t spread something without sharing what I know, and I thought Venyard could really… do well with it.”
Me: “You were doing fine. Actually when i talked to the lady she seemed genuinely please she had a few more prayers. So it seems your words got through to some people. But Venyard… won’t join. I talked to him myself. He has doubts I can’t put to rest”
Sal: “Yeah. I got Ma over there in on it. She doesn’t really get it, but she was praying to the dead gods, and this was an easy addition. Just one more candle, ha ha.”
You notice she has a shelf with about half a dozen colorful candles burning on it. There is one that is taller (and therefore newer) than the others. “Alright. I’ll hold off on Venyard. Are we alright with each other?” He offers his hand to shake.
Me: I shake his hand “We’re good in my book. Just be prepared. More people are going to question you now. Brodie is going to want to know more. Can you hear the Lady yet?”
Sal: He shakes his head. “But the healing comes back every day, so I keep praying and working.”
Me: “She can’t thank you herself Salisbury but she is honestly grateful. Stay strong”

Conversation 4: 3/03/17 – Log
Me: “You seem to be having a good day”
Sal: “No. But they don’t need to know that.” He says, looking over at the table and then squarely at you.
Me: “Fair enough. Do you have time to talk?”
DM: He delivers the drinks, then says he needs to go get some air. He leaves to outside the tavern with you.
Me: “Sorry about surprising you the other day. I had been tailing those Friends of Man the other day. Was not expecting you to show up. Care to fill me in on what that was all about?”
Sal: “Got called in to escort a war leader to negotiate with some people of interest. Not sure what the agreement was exactly. I then needed to escort those persons of interest to a holding site, where I remained as guard until end of shift.”
Me: “Who was the war leader? Fischer?”
Sal: “Guy named Cassius. One of Fischer’s outside advisers.”
Me: “Outside? Who does he represent?”
Sal: "I can’t find a paper trail on him. He isn’t part of the Weather Society structure. He isn’t even being paid. "
Me: “That is… concerning. How much do you know about the Friends of Man? You seemed to be aware of the danger when I came to warn you.”
Sal: “I don’t know much. I wasn’t involved in questioning them. What should I know?”
Me: “So some of this is gonna be hard to believe but just bear with me. They are from another plane who are here to conquer us. The guys we have seen are basically glorified scouts”
Sal: He makes a gesture for you to expand on the statement. "Going to need more than conjecture to back that up.
Me: “It’s more than just me. This is a warning from the Lady herself. But yes I’m aware you need proof. You’re not the first chosen to need it. I’m working on it”
Sal: "Well, it’s good we picked them up if they are what you say. "
Me: “I’m more worried about whatever agreement they made is. Anyway. You seem to have been promoted. Congratulations”
Sal: “Not promoted. They just needed more people to guard the borders. I was supposed to inspire them. It’s a pretty terrible job, honestly.”
Me: “Oh. I’m sorry to hear that. Is there anything I or the Court can do to help? That’s why we’re here.”
Sal: “Yeah. There are some kids at that group, couldn’t be more than 14. I want you to make sure they don’t take their oaths. Convince them to turn to something else, safer than being combatants in the war. I can’t. This is my job, and they respect me because I am strict. I can’t play both parts in this.”
Me: “Why not convince them to be couriers? That’s safer right?”
Sal: “Fischer has filled their heads with lies about bravery and serving a higher purpose. Show them something better, alright?”
Me: “Lady Amethyst could always use more helpers. Is that okay with you? Or I could give them a dose of reality. Have them fight me. I can guarantee none of them will win”
Sal: “Either one. Both. Let me see if I can orchestrate that. Stay here.”
DM: He walks back into the tavern, and a few minutes later walks out with follower number of young Ws members.


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