Halfling thief. Has a magical viola which serves as a way to store things. Steals books and is willing to sell them to people.

Conversation 1: 10/7/16
Viola: "Hey friend! This is the guy, Gretchen. " The woman dwarf walks over to you, coyly leaves a small note with an address on it, and walks off. “Never say I did nothing for you, mate. She is crazy. You here to see me, friend?”
Me: “I did. You stopped showing up at my place so I decided to stop by.” I say with a grin.
Viola: “Hah, yeah. Got a bad feeling in my stomach about going back, and that feeling tends to upend itself when i get close.”
Me: “Huh imagine that”
Viola: She pokes you in the belly. “Ah well. What about you? You break into anything interesting lately?”
Me: “Nothing interesting. Same old same old. I was curious about some of the books you sell”
Viola: “You didn’t strike me as a reader. What is your fancy?”
Me: “Huge reader. Whatcha got”
Viola: “Clientele I work for name the title and I go and find it for them. Name a title, I’ll do it. Name a genre, give me some time and I’ll find something for you.”
Me: “So… were you looking for something specific in my apartment or just browsing?”
Viola: “Dunno. Was curious about one of your friends, and you are a friend to him.”
Me: “Oh? Which friend?”
Viola: “Looked into your lot, got bored, moved on.” She shrugs, “Richard I think.”
Me: “Hmm. Well I’m always looking for a history book. I’ve heard the temples have some great history”
Viola: “Pre or Post calamity?”
Me: “Why not both?”
Viola: “Because books pre calamity are hundreds of years old and worth their weight in.. some substance worth more than platinum. Post calamity, though… okay, I think I have some ideas on that.”
Me: “Oh. You weren’t referring to the demons. Too many calamity’s. Why not throw in a book ABOUT the calamity?”
Viola: “Yeah, popular subject. I’ll get that. Let me see how long it takes, you come back tomorrow, I’ll give you an estimate before I get them. And you forgive me for my halfling wanderlust. I don’t intentionally do the things, haha.”
Me: “All is forgiven. Just don’t try to browse my collection without my permission”
Viola: “No promises. I believe knowledge should be shared, and for me, and my personal choices, I rob my clients constantly, and give them to other clients. Its how I operate. If you aren’t interested in that, I can’t really sell to you.”
Me: “I see. Well you’re welcome to try. I’m not going to unlock the door”
Viola: “That’s all I expect from you. Do what you can to stop me, its what makes this so exciting.”
Me: “I’ll make sure the guard doesn’t leave any damaging wounds. Good hunting”
Viola: “Guard? Clever clever.” she says to herself. “Yeah, if she hits me once, I’ll stop no question. Let her know that too.”
Me: “Sounds good”

Conversation 2: 12/27/16 – Log
Orc and Elf: “Friends of man, Friends of man, Friends of man…”
Viola: Viola watches you, sadly. “Having a hard one with this, eh?”
Me: “Viola don’t… Maybe we can fix this? You’ve got your mind still right? Just separate from those guys”
Viola: “I’m losing it quickly. Those two are so.. .focused… and I am so tired.”
Me: “Just hold on a little longer Viola. I’ll get them to shut up.”

DM: Battle ensued.

Me: “Viola. Are you ok?”
Viola: “In a philosophical sense, no. Medically, probably not. Emotionally, I’ve never been. Sarcasm seems to be in check, though. I still have that!”
Me: “Do you still remember me?”
Viola: “I do remember you. I am sorry for betraying you, Pearce, but it turns out torture hurts really bad.” She seems legitimately sad about that.
Me: “If anyone is sorry it’s me. I couldn’t find you in time”
Viola: “You have to forgive yourself. I know you tried.”
Me: “Thank you…. so what now?”
Viola: “I guess I could ride around that flesh golem suit they made for us… or you could just let me soul go free. I don’t know which I’d prefer, honestly. No way I can get girls with a body like this… not sure I’d even want to, knowing my hands aren’t my own, my feet too…”
Me: “I can’t make that decision for you Viola. If you return I’ll put you under my protection. If you want the pain to end though I understand…. wait. Wait, wait, wait. Viola wait. I think I might be able to put you in a … mostly similar body. Well not me. The lady I work for.”
Viola: “Oh yeah? Is she the Conduit?”
Me: “… I’m sorry?”
Viola: “Friends of Man are here to kill the Conduits. Everything else seems secondary regarding the city. I don’t know what a Conduit is, but they seemed to assume it was something powerful.”
Me: “She might be?”
Viola: "If you get me a body that isn’t half stir-fried elf, I would probably stick around… But no pressure. "
Me: “Well. I can’t really… find out in here” he gestures to the void. “But I definitely think there is a chance. Bonus. You get to screw over the people who tortured you by telling me every single detail”
Viola: “Not that I don’t like that prospect, but are you sure my memories are accurate. They pulled of making a me golem. I feel like there is a good chance the elf and orc have changed me somehow.”
Me: “Do you still consider me an ally and the Friends of Man your enemy?”
Viola: “I guess I see you as an ally. I definitely don’t like doing this whole autonomous body functions gig. Figuring out when to cause protein synthesis is pretty full time as a gig.” She sighs. “Okay. Make me a meat suit I can pick up the ladies with and you have yourself a willing ally. As long as you don’t get weird on me.”
Me: “Well. If you think being a golem is normal then I don’t think I can ‘get weird on you’”
Viola: “Oh, hey, so before we do this, I want you to know something about the Friends of Man. Something they may not know I know. There is a reason I got caught and not you.”
Me: “They’re after non-humans?”
Viola: “You got it. That, or for some reason they are all human. Human looking at least.”
Me: “Okay. Well. Let’s put you in the golem for now and I’ll see about getting you a body”
Viola: “Okay, meat golem, chip chop, make her beautiful, alright? All curves, no height. Mmm mmmhmm.” she says, as you fade out.

DM: She is placed back in the golem body.

Viola: “Beep boop I am a monster, rawwwr.”
Me: “You’re taking this very well”
Viola: “I laugh so I don’t cry. Life policy.”
DM: You can tell she is emotionally exhausted.
Me: “Do you want to tell me everything now or … can you even get some rest? I don’t know how golems work”
Viola: “I don’t think I’m a golem, exactly. I don’t know either. But I don’t think I can rest in this body… not in the way I need.”
Me: “Gotcha. Well sooner I get the info the sooner we can go about trying to get you a body.”
Viola: “Okay. Let me summarize what happened to me.”
“I was in the book room when an arm reached out of the book and grabbed me, pulling me in. I shouted but it didn’t work. I got pulled through and they broke my viola, and then put a bag on my head. I could hear a humming noise like a thousand hourglasses moving in unison, and then they knocked me out. I heard one say “This isn’t the conduit”." She says.
“I woke up in a tent, or something… there was the sound of sand rushing outside. They asked me about the conduit, my relationship with the conduit, and they made it sound like the conduit was a he or she rather than an it. They took a few fingers and gave me a harlequin’s smile, but I blabbed what I could. They asked about people I knew in the city, and I told them who I knew. They have your name and address, but I don’t think they know we were both working on the books… I tried to hold that one back.”
“After I started coughing up blood, they injected me with a substance and I blacked out for a bit. Had a really vivid nightmare about slave-camps in a desert, then I woke up and found that I was no longer alone. I could hear those voices… constantly whispering in my head, pleading with me to give in to the Friends of Man.”
“I could see my own body being torn up, but I thought it was a dream. Then I was placed into the torn up suit of a body you see here, and I found out I was no longer me. Took a few days to learn to control the bug, and a few more days to control the body. I started going mad, which I guess is normal.”
“I guess I couldn’t really focus on what was going on… I almost forgot I was more than the autonomous functions of the body.”
She shrugs. “Okay. Go ahead, probe away.”
Me: “Why did the FoM think to send me and Broderick one of your appendages?”
Viola: “I don’t know. They didn’t ask me my opinion on sending fingers. I did imply you were my son.”
Me: “… what? Why?”
Viola: “Because it was sort of partially your fault this happened and I wanted you to find and rescue me.”
Me: “… Ok. Can’t blame you for that. Again. Sorry”
Viola: “No problem. The only way I figured you’d get clues was if I sent them to you.”
Me: “It did provide some. So. How much do you know about how a body works? You keep saying things like you know how to keep it running. Pretty sure you weren’t a healer before you got captured.”
Viola: “I only know how to keep some of it going, and its more like I know how this bug works. There is something weird about having your soul exist independent on the body, I guess. I know how living objects work because I no longer am one.”
Me: “What is your favorite hobby?”
Viola: She blinks. “Dwarf women is my favorite hobby. Followed by stealing.”
Me: “Did you ever see anyone else being interrogated?”
Viola: “Yeah, so. I did hear someone, but my head was attached to a board for most of it,I couldn’t see them. Some guy, deep voice. He pleaded and said he had been faithful to the cause, but… they did it anyway. Didn’t ask him questions. Almost like it was just a punishment to them.”
Me: “What is 3134 × 22”
Viola: “Seven.” She looks confused at you.
Me: “When you were sent back here. What was your purpose?”
Viola: “I think our job was to take a census. I imagine my purpose here was to navigate.”
Me: “Census of what?”
Viola: “Everyone in the city.”
Me: “Do you think that would be useful?”
Viola: “Personally? I don’t know. I just made sure to cause a scene at your place. Turns out banging on your door is natural.”
Me: “After you were done where were you supposed to report to?”
Viola: “We were supposed to go to the Temple district, to the portal they are building there.”
Me: “A half-orc and a human both fall and hurt themselves. How would that make you feel?”
Viola: “If you don’t trust me, that is fine, but at least tell me you don’t so I can be more sarcastic.” She looks a little irritated. “Okay, so if they fell, I’d find it pretty funny as long as it wasn’t a really bad fall. Then it’d be hilarious. Unless they were old. I don’t like seeing grandma’s get hurt.”
Me: “Sorry. Just wanted to make sure. This is kinda weird ok? Look. Could you give an address or directions to that portal thing?”
Viola: “All I know is its in the Temple in one of the bell towers. I don’t know more than that. Apparently the bell towers have some kind of energy they need to power a portal… And once the portal opens, oh boy. There won’t be a going back then.”
Me: “Okay. Well I’m good for now. If you wanna… i guess sit tight you can”
Viola: “Alright. How soon can you get me that body?”
Me: “I need to talk to people to see if it IS possible. Can you survive a day or two?”
Viola: “Yeah, I guess. I mean, worst case scenario I keel over.”
Me: “Okay. Well. You’re free to look around. Um. I would highly suggest you not go out. Try not to bother my other guest. Do NOT open the chest in the guest room. The locked one …. don’t open any chest”
Viola: “Oh man…. Do you have like some books I could read? I need to do something. Also…. Is your other guest single?”
Me: I give her every book I have “She is taken and not your type”
Viola: “Fiiiine.. Oh man, I recognize these books. I’ll read ’em instead.”
Me: “Yeah I’m giving you those to read. Not steal.”
Viola: “To be fair you stole that too… nevermind. Ok. I’ll be back soon”

Viola Conversation 3: 1/31/17 – Log
Note: Italics means telepathy.
Me: “What is going on?”
Viola: “They arrived after us. Haven’t bothered approaching, but I don’t recognize anyone I know – still too much a risk with your friend being so… snow-white innocent.”
Me: “Yeah we’re gonna have a talk about that later. If you can find a chance to naturally leave you should”
Viola: “Will do. Also, I borrowed some gold… but I have a system, we’ll win out by the end of the night.”
Me: “Please don’t tell me you’re using my room mate to swindle these people”
Viola: “Will do boss.”

DM: I sit near the Friends of Man while Viola and Sam play cards. We eventually leave and meet up outside.

Viola: “Look, I shouldn’t be the one teaching you this, ‘Dana’, What you were doing was cheating. I don’t do cheating, okay?”
Dana(Samantha): “How? You did it!”
Viola: “No, what I did was social maneuvering and tricking drunk people. I didn’t cheat at the actual card game.”
Dana: “But they kept taking my coins!”
Me: “…”
Viola: “Because you are bad at a game doesn’t mean you cheat at said game.”
Dana: “Its not cheating. The cards just went that way on their own. I didn’t put them there.”
DM: Viola glares at Dana, then looks at you. She raises her hands
Viola: “Your problem. I can’t get through to her. Tell her this is wrong, because she doesn’t believe me.”
Me: “I’m just… I can’t…. do you know how dangerous all this was?”
Sam: Samantha looks a bit confused. “It wasn’t. There was no danger.”
DM: Viola tries to walk off frustrated with the conversation.
Me: “No no no. You were involved in this little scheme and you knew better! Besides. You need to walk Dana home”
Viola: She slows down. “Yeah, okay. I do need to do that. That I concede, I need to walk her home.”
Me: “I need to go back. That place had agents of Friend of Man and I need to tail them. You two need to go back and wait where it’s safe”

DM: Pearce goes and does stuff, the conversation picks up back at the house.

Me: “You… uh. Want to talk to someone?”
Viola: “Yeah, I can talk if you want to talk, as long as we keep talking like equals.”
Me: “Sure. Lady Amethyst could you please give us some space?”
DM: Samantha takes her cards and goes into her room.
Viola: Viola looks intense for a moment, and lightly pushes you against the wall. “You want to tell me what is going on with her?” She doesn’t seem happy at all.
Me: “Do you want to know? You’d have to keep it a secret. Lots of secrets”
Viola: “I am not agreeing to be silent if I think you are risking lives. I won’t be bound to any agreement that puts others at risk.” She is angry. You haven’t really ever seen her this way.
Me: “Knowing things puts people at risk. That’s why I’m not telling you.”
Viola: “But you left me here with someone who clearly doesn’t belong, right? She isn’t normal, is she?”
Me: “… She’s a good person. Just like you”
Viola: “If that were true, Pearce, if that were completely true, do you think I would be angry with you?”
Me: “You think she’s not a good person?”
Viola: Viola fumes. “I certainly can’t answer that. I mean, I don’t know if she is good and I am really starting to doubt she is a person. I’ve never seen a cheat like her, Pearce. And she didn’t care. She couldn’t care, and I couldn’t get her to care. So either she is a magician sociopath or some other… I don’t even know, monster? But she isn’t normal, Pearce.”
Me: “She. is. NOT. A. MONSTER!”
DM: Viola get’s quiet.
Me: “She is not normal. What does that matter? Are you normal? Am I normal? What the fuck is normal in this city?”
Viola: Viola pauses for a while. “Do you trust me not to rat you out, Pearce?”
Me: “I would really like to”
Viola: “I don’t want to rat you out. If you can’t tell me all of what she is, can you give me enough to know you won’t get… hurt…”
Me: “She would never hurt me. If you can’t trust her, can you at least trust me?”
Viola: “Okay. Look. Do we agree that she is phenomenally naive about how living in this city works?”
Me: “Yes. Which is why I don’t let her out without supervision”
Viola: “Let her out?”
Me: “… I phrased that poorly”
Viola: “You don’t trust me around her, do you? ‘Supervision’ . I’m not supervision?”
Me: “You had no idea what she could do or what kind of danger she was in. So you do not count!”
DM: She punches a wall and leaves a fist sized hole.
Viola: “Ouch. Okay. I overreacted.”
Me: Pearce sighs. “Did you hurt your hand?”
Viola: “Pretty sure, yeah. Ouch. Pffff….”
Me: “Do you want to get that healed?”
Viola: “Doesn’t matter. These bodies aren’t made to last.”
DM: You attempt to heal her hand with ‘mending’. It doesn’t work.
Viola: Viola raises an eyebrow. “Magic will kill you, you know…”
Me: “Ah. You’re an expert on magic as well as anatomy now. You know so much.” I heal the whole in my wall.
Viola: She laughs a little. “Just… well, okay. I give, that was rude. Thanks for trying.”
Me: “We’ll try to give you a new body soon although you probably just pissed off the person who could do it” He motions to the other room where Lady Amethyst is.
Viola: “So what, is she a meat smith?”
Me: “Secret remember. You want to be safe you don’t get to know”
Viola: Viola shrugs. “Feels dangerous, but the alternative is this body falling apart.”
Me: “Don’t worry. I’ll fix your body and then you can leave all this behind”
Viola: “… Thank you. I’m sorry for lashing out. I just used to know someone who thought it was right to determine when I was ‘let out’. It struck a nerve.”
Me: “You have a right to be freaked out and you did get a … bad first impression”
Viola: “Okay. Look, this has been a hard day. Lets just agree that we shouldn’t kill each other or the girl secretly in the night, and otherwise assume we are still friendly to each other. I owe you for housing me from the Friends. I also got you on their list. I pretty much got you involved in this whole thing. I’m sorry.”
Me: “I was going to get involved with them anyway. They’re a danger to the city. And the whole, not finding you thing. We’re even”
Viola: “Right. After the body, though. Really don’t want to die.”
Me: “Well… I got a backup plan in case the first plan fails. So yeah. I’m trying to find ways to fix you”
Viola: “Alright. So… What do we do now?”
Me: “I guess you wanna see if we can get your new body tonight?”
Viola: “Yeah.. I mean, yes. How do we do that?”
Me: “You… wait here. I have to go talk to her”

Conversation 4: 2/15/17 – Log
Viola: Viola shifts her head, opening her eyes steadily. She glances at you. “Guess I lived.” she says.
Me: “Barely”
Viola: Her eyes close again. She says “Good enough.” After a moment, she looks down at the cards. “Don’t do that. I’d rather live and die not knowing.” She holds up one of her stumpy hands – it has a thumb but no fingers. “Whelp. Pearce, can you join me in my head for a moment.” she closes her eyes again, dropping her hand.
DM: Sam leaves the room. You enter Viola’s mind. She looks like you remember her, although you do see moments where her limbs transform into their current mangled forms. The background is colorless – normally it swirls with the emotions and thoughts of a young, excitable, brave halfling. Right now it isn’t that.
Viola: “So that out there – I don’t blame you.”
Me: “I know. We both knew it was a risk”
Viola: “Yeah… this’l make it much harder for me to steal your books. Which is what I wanted to talk about. Tell me what the stakes are. What is your fight about, now? I feel like I’ve given my life to a cause I don’t know, because there is no going back to my old life now. At least tell me what my body died for.”
Me: “The Friends of Man are from another plane of existence. The people we’ve seen so far are just scouts and spies. Sent to prep the world from invasion. The Amethyst Lady is a guardian entity that alerted me to the danger they pose.”
Viola: You see color in the walls of Viola’s mind. You know she is thinking. “So your girl is not really a person, but she hates these guys the Friends of Man. And she says they are a force that will invade Gallows Bird?”
Me: “She’s not the only one whose said it. Just the first who told me”
Viola: “Okay. You’ve confirmed this, then, at least personally?”
Me: “I’ve had half a dozen sources all confirm it. I’ve had a vision of what they can do. I’ve seen a friend get teleported to some desert which I’ve seen in magical portals. So yes, I’m pretty confident”
Viola: “How much time do we have?”
Me: “Who knows? I’m doing what I can Viola but I don’t know their every move”
Viola: You see a lot of colors now. “So how do I help? Because I’m not going to just be a corpse.”
Me: “You have several options. You could be our spokesman for the danger they pose. You’re a eye witness to their brutality and someone who has seen their place. Not much of a life though. We can try to heal you. It will be painful and you might die but you might be able to have a normal life one day. Lady Amethyst also seems to think she can put your soul in the body of a magical bird and what’s in store for you then is beyond me. Those are the only options I’m aware of.”
Viola: She shakes her head. “No, I need more than that. You have other people working on this, right? Other people who are collecting information for you?”
Me: “Collecting info on what?”
Viola: “This fight against the invaders.”
Me: “A few. Not many.”
Viola: “Get me in touch with them. Have then report to me, and I’ll distill the whey from the curds. You have a job, and you have obligations to a lot of different things. I have nothing but my mind and the ability to speak. Let me be the person who handles your spies.”
Me: “They don’t belong to me. They belong to the Lady. You would have to work for her, as I do”
Viola: “Come on, Pearce. I can be in this fight without being beholden to whatever is going on with her. You need someone who is real with you. I have always been real with you. I can work with her, sure, but I won’t ask her for this. I don’t like her, but I can work with her.”
Me: “There isn’t a halfway here Viola. People report to me because they believe in the cause. Even with their doubts they believe that together we’re doing good for the city”
Viola: “Want to make a bet?” She stands up, approaching you in the misty mind. “I bet they don’t believe in her as much as you, Pearce. She may be powerful, but you are the reason she is here. And you are the one people follow.”
Me: “That might be true Viola, but one day they’ll see her as I do. I have faith that they will”
Viola: She writes down something on a slip of paper, then pauses, dropping it to the nothing below. “None of this is real. Gotta remember that.” She gives you an address. “There is a family that lives in the house I have described. They are all busy during the day, and they keep the doors unlocked half the time. If not, I trust you can get in and out without trouble. They have a book, a rare one. I need you to bring it to me. It has no title, it looks like a reddish leather bound book, its about this thick and this tall.” She gestures.
Me: “What’s in the book?”
Viola: “Its about sorcery. I need a new hobby, and my days as a book salesman are over, as that is a job that requires legs.”
Me: “You want me to steal a wizard’s spellbook?”
Viola: “Not a wizard, not a spellbook. I thumbed through it before delivering it. Its about how one can learn to weave the arcane without reading dozens of books. Its about power derived from ones history, ones own blood. It’s cleverly hidden as a story… but I think it was a journal.”
Me: “I won’t steal it Viola but I will attempt to buy it from him”
Viola: “Your choice. I will talk to your friend about how I can work with her. You just can’t let them ever report to her. She isn’t good at the people skills, and if they realize what they are fighting for doesn’t really have a workable notion of morality, I think you will lose a lot of people.” She pauses. “I meant that she isn’t normal. I know she has a sense of good and bad, I get it.”
Me: Pearce’s frown lessens slightly.
Viola: “But they, the people out there? The ones you need to convince? They won’t know that if the one time they meet her she obsesses about how fun card games are. She read the same paragraph to me over and over again today. That was her idea of reading to me.”
Me: “…”
Viola: She sighs. "Do you want me to life coach her?
Me: “As long as you don’t encourage her to steal. That wouldn’t hurt. I’ve… obviously missed some parts”
Viola: “Of course not. Stealing is a bad idea. I don’t steal without letting people know ahead of time. That is how I work. But that is also because I have to steal. Its just a need I have. I know its not normal. But she doesn’t have that need, so she won’t need that lesson.”
Me: “And hey if that doesn’t work out. I’ve seen birds steal lunch occasionally.” I say to sorta lighten the mood
Viola: She laughs. “Yeah. A bird is a good backup. I’ve always wanted to fly.”
Me: “It’s fun. Don’t go too high though”
Viola: “What happens? You’ve flown?”
Me: “I have many magical talents.” Pearce shrugs. “Don’t tell people. I don’t need the Lady trying to fly about”
Viola: “Don’t tell people.’ Pearce, really? Who would I tell? The bugs?” She laughs.
Me: “You’d be surprised how much listens. I’ve met the king of rats. Stoic fellow”
Viola: “Huh. Well, if I get mobile introduce me sometime. Oh, right, you mentioned you had a wheelchair…”
Me: “… I did. That might take a while but on the plus you can barely stay conscious so I have a while”
Viola: “Well, get on that. The second I can, I want to leave this apartment. Its driving me crazy.”
Me: “Will do.”

Conversation 5: 3/17/17 – Log
Me: “I know you had some reservations but I found someone who can dramatically help with fixing your legs. I’d like to do that tomorrow if you’re okay with it”
Viola: “Who is this person?”
Me: “Richard, and Thomas but you’ve already seen him”
Viola: “How will he help?”
Me: “He apparently knows how to completely block pain. So we can reset your legs properly”
Viola: “I mean… what do you think the odds are I end up dead or somehow worse?”
Me: “I would need to ask Thomas but we’re going to have magical healing, and two trained professionals setting your legs. And you will literally feel nothing. So I think the odds are good?”
Viola: “I’m in your hands, here, literally. I trust you.”
Me: “Good. Also. Richard isn’t… aware of any of this. Now isn’t the time to tell him. If you could keep this a secret”
Viola: “To tell him what? That his friend is crippled? We should mention that, right?”
Me: “The whole. Lady Amethyst thing. Making you a body, etc”
Viola: “I won’t mention that. That is your passion, you share it when you are ready. Just don’t put me in a spot where I have to lie.”
Me: “I don’t plan to. Your wounds were because of the FoM. I’ll say as much. Anyway. Did you tell Lady Amethyst to make some demand? I wasn’t aware of that part”
Viola: “No? I told her to follow her heart. We talked about what she cares about, and I kept trying to help her think about other people’s feelings when she speaks.”
Me: “Ah. Well…. I guess I’ll find out soon enough. I’m going to drop you off so SOMEONE gets a decent night’s sleep”
Viola: She chats with you idly as you walk. “Pearce, if I die, I want you to use my body to fight them.” she says quietly. “If I die, I need to make sure I do some good then too.”
Me: “I’ve gone to a lot of trouble to keep you alive. Don’t go quitting on me now”
Viola: “I’m not quitting! Just planning. You know what happens when you don’t plan? Anything. Because you don’t have a plan.”
Me: “Right. Well. I accept your depressing help that will not be necessary”

Conversation 6: 5/31/17 – Log
Me: “How are you feeling?”
Viola: “Like my body went through a lot, I got murdered and shoved into a bunch of other bodies, then pulls outta that back into my busted up body, which then gets busted further…. to make it better… somehow?”
Me: “That’s a very specific feeling”
Viola: “Well, I do like words. Comes with the book collection. Feeling bad. That’s the truth. Need some more rest. How are you hanging in there? Anything happen while I was out?”
Me: “Short version is we’re now a part of the Senations. I hope you like lots of rules and nets”
Viola: “Nets? Alright. Great! I never thought the Weather Society had a chance.”
She says, not really bitterly, but she seems to be gauging her words.
Me: “I guess. Well I’m glad you’re up. I’ll get you some food and water” I also hand her elven book #2
Viola: “So… she asleep?”
Me: “She’s out”
Viola: “I had a…. dream, vision. Whatever. I wanted to say it because it was weird. While I was out.”
Me: “Yeah. So I saw myself floating. It was like… like I could go anywhere. So I floated around, not really knowing anything. I started out in your apartment, then went up. High up. And then…. things went dim, and I thought, ’well, they killed me. But as things were going dim, I heard something in the dream. A word. Or name.”
Viola: “What name?”
Me: “Catemusinorrath. I think its a name. I don’t really know why. Do you think it means something?”
DM: You recognize it as a name, possibly a True Name, for something in abyssal. Useful in certain rituals you know, although have up until now not been able to use.
Me: “I have an idea. Wait here in the guest bedroom in case things go south”
Conversation 7: 8/17/17 – Log
Me: “Brought you some food to recharge after your perilous trek across my living room.” He puts the food down “Viola… not sure how to put it. There is a chance I won’t return in the morning. If that happens you’re free to anything you want in the apartment. I’ll have Thomas stop by to make sure you’re recovering. So… keep working at it”
Viola: “Whoa, that isn’t enough. What is happening?” Viola looks startled.
Me: “I can’t say. Official Court business. But both me and Lady Amethyst are going to go try and fix things”
Viola: “… You fully can say, Pearce. And if you are going to go get yourself killed, at least tell me who is going to do it so I don’t lend them books.” She says, sarcastically.
Me: “I don’t honestly know. A friend is stuck and the only way we can get to him is to go through a portal. We’re going to try and get him out”
Viola: “Oh, yeah. Okay. You are definitely going to die, then.”
Me: “Yeah pretty much. Gotta try though”
DM: Viola doesn’t say anything. She seems to be having some thoughts.
Me: “Well… hopefully see you tomorrow.”
Viola: “You better.”
Conversation 8: 8/24/17 – Log
Viola: “You live…” she says quietly, opening one eye.
Me: “Yep. Everything turned out as well as could be hoped.”
Viola: “The girl… isn’t with you?” she asks, curiously.
Me: “She’s at her place”
Viola: Viola raises her arm weakly, then drops it. “Good.” she repositions and goes back to sleep.
Me: “Didn’t take you for the jealous type” Pearce jokes
Viola: “Its not jealousy. Opposite. She wanted me to be her mommy, not her friend. That gets draining. That’s all.”
Me: “Well… goodnight”
Viola: “Goodnight. Thanks for not dying.”
Me: “Anytime. Also I’m tossing you into a bucket of water in the morning. So look forward to that”
DM: You hear a loud, long, shrill fart – like a peep-whistle. Then you hear a brief laugh.
Viola: "Look, when you rediscover you can fart after believing you are paralyzed… " she says, then laughs again. “Goodnight.”

Conversation 9: 10/28/17 – Log
Viola: “You know the best part about being alive?” she says after a minute of silence. “Being alive.” she finishes. She tries to toast to this.
Me: “Ain’t nothing better” I pick up my mug with my good hand and cling our glasses
Viola: She crinkles her nose. “Its flat tonight.”
Me: Pearce shrugs. “Flat drinks aren’t the worst things to have”
Viola: “Yeah.” she looks into her drink. “No time for sadness, Pearce.” she adds after a moment. “You know why?”
Me: “Why?”
Viola: “Dunno. Its funny. You’d think being up against imminent death, I’d want to go out and enjoy everything. You know? Like, I’d want to make the most of it, like I usually do. Or like I usually did, back before. But I think I’d rather just sit and drink. I can’t explain that.” she finishes. She drinks again.
Me: “You keeping saying my companies that great and you’ll start to make me blush”
Viola: “Lets go dance.” she says, grabbing your arm and pulling you toward the bard and the crowd.
Me: “Uhhh. I don’t think that’s a good idea” Pearce says as he clenches his claw arm under his cloak.
Viola: “Yeah, well, look where good ideas have gotten you.” She tugs.
Me: “Viola. I can’t”
DM: She stops tugging, and sits back down.
Me: “Sorry. Should avoid strenuous activities”
Viola: “Because you are chicken, or because you are becoming a chicken?” she says, smiling wryly, looking up at you from her glass.
Me: “… okay that’s a good one”
Viola: “So… want to explain that? Or do I need to explain why I look through keyholes?” She shrugs. “I don’t judge you, feather you tell me or not.”
Me: “You can only mess with forces beyond your control so much before they start to influence you. Sometimes they influence quite literally”
Viola: “At least you aren’t stark raven mad.” She chuckles at her own puns. “Just don’t lose yourself in whatever you think is worth this cost.” she says, not smiling anymore.
Me: “One person is a small price to pay to save the city. Not that I intend to”
Viola: “So you’ll stop, then, after the city is saved?” She is making a noise by running her finger around the rim of her cup, while watching you.
Me: “When I think the city is safe. Sure. I’ll stop”
Viola: “You’ll stop contacting her? You’ll go get a job, go back to working normally helping some district through its minor issues?” She is smiling again, teasingly.
Me: “… Viola we both know that will never happen. Someone will always be necessary to save the city. She and I will always have things we need to do. Even if I could, I might stop the condition but I wouldn’t stop contacting her”
Viola: "Yeah. I get it. I don’t buy it, but I get it. Why do it when not one person in this city, besides ammoral little rogues like myself, would save you? I think… " she starts, then sips her drink. “… this beer is getting flatter as we speak.”
Me: “Because the city won’t get better if we don’t help it.” He says with a one should shrug.
Viola: “Lets drink to the city then.”
Me: “To the city and those in it”
Viola: She raises her glass, tapping it repeatedly. The bar slowly quiets. “To the city!” she shouts. People clink glasses.
DM: You talk to her on into the night. Its largely teasing, some seriousness, some laughter. You learn more about Viola – she had a sister who died young. Her older brother is in a jail in the Matroni district, and she used to send him books until she found out he just sold them. Her parents are dead – her mom at least. Her dad is either dead or in hiding. You learn a lot about her.


Gallowsbird (2016) Random11 Random11