Gallowsbird (2016)

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Harrison Strikes Back

We meet up in the morning as normal. Before we can do anything we are told by Davis that we have a visitor. A emissary from the Temple named Yarrick. He comes and says that there are zombies who are leaking into the Temple district from the Mids. He was told that Pearce and Richard are the people to go to solve this problem. This immediately concerns us as both Richard and I know that this is most likely tied to Harrison. Broderick is even more confused. We try to explain that we deal with internal review and probably aren’t the ones he should have brought this too. Broderick presses for info and Richard reveals that he was tasked by the upper council to hunt down Harrison. There is a mild argument as Broderick keeps asking for more and Richard refuses to give all the details.

Broderick goes to the lower council to figure out how they will respond and Richard goes off to the upper council. This leaves me with the Temple emissary.
Yarrick: “What is the deal, here. I come and warn of zombies and… who should I have told?”
Me: “The mids ambassador?”
Yarrick: “There isn’t one in the Temple.”
Me: “Well… maybe you guys should consider one. Avoid this whole pickle”
Yarrick: “Certainly, but what I’m looking for here is to avoid this looking like an invasion. Just come down there and agree there is a problem so I can move forward.”
Me: “Look. I can’t approve that just as you can’t approve it if a bunch of weather went into the temple”

Both come back and it’s agreed we should investigate the disturbance. We follow Yarrick and find ourselves in a graveyard that borders on the Mids/Temple border. Around this time I notice his robes are rather large and he hasn’t really shown us his hands. We start looking for signs of people being here and notice a headstone has been moved recently. Everyone except Broderick begins to move the stone and it accidentally falls onto Yarrick. As we pull him out from under I notice he has both hands. We also notice that the headstone was covering an entrance to a dungeon. We leave Yarrick behind and descend into the tomb. As we enter we find lots of tombs, seemingly of elvish descent. We open one casket that has been disturbed and find it has chloroform in the bottom, it gets all over Brodie’s shoes. We enter another room and find a gigantic beetle statue that has been painted gold. It has an elven phrase “Protect our dead” written on it. I remember that people used to believe bugs bore the souls of the dead into the afterlife. We fight some zombies that show up and I find that they have an unusual amulet around their necks.

Richard says he saw some being made of fire in the first room and as we run back we notice that the entrance we came through is gone. We head down another passage and find a man around a giant purple magical circle. He introduces himself a researcher on souls that has left the temple. He claims that souls are the source of magic. We ask about the zombies and he claims that someone burst in a few days ago and reanimated all of them before leaving. We tentatively believe him and as he continues talked to Richard I see Broderick sneak away. He says he’s going to go searching the man’s room. I agree to be lookout. When he leaves I start poking the magic circle. I find out it’s a spell used to communicate between two places.

I attempt to use the device and find my mind being pulled, much like when a divine attempts to contact me. I see a vision of approximately fourteen people riding across a desert wasteland on something resembling a horse. It is mechanical with long limbs and smog coming out of it. I see a small dot on the horizon before the vision collapses and I’m bleeding from my ears and nose. The light from the circle is gone. I try to activate it and learn it’s out of power and needs a soul to reactivate.

Broderick comes out and is slightly annoyed that I’ve disturbed the scene. We go and find the two and quickly leave before he figure out what is going on. Broderick reveals he found some fabric in his room with the chloroform on it. And I avoid the questions about the circle. I point out that the spell used is most likely stoneshape which means it will probably be thin. I use my keen sword and drive a hole through it to prove my point and by some measure of luck puncture a container which disables some explosives. At this point Richard pulls a battering ram seemingly out of nowhere and we break out.

When we exit the facility we find Yarrick dead, stabbed. We go back to the Society and write a report on the events.


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