Gallowsbird (2016)

After we split I go find Batch. She is sitting in the same spot I first found her so I join her on the Bench. I inform her that I was offered a seat on the lower council by the Bear. She claimed she didn’t know who he was. I gave her the general info I’ve learned and explain his offer as well as explaining that it seems he already has people on the council. She says she wants more info to which I say a formal request will have to be placed or guarantee of more compensation. She agrees and hands me 100g for remaining loyal. I leave and find Salisbury and learn that the Viola missing person report has been filed but probably won’t get any attention.

After that I decide to go talk to Grounds Kipper in the Weather cells. When I enter I find him un-moving and staring at the tower. He does not appear to be blinking or breathing. Frax takes me aside and says the guy refuses to eat and accused us of kidnapping him. He asks if I want privacy and say I will return momentarily and then I will. I go outside and contact Samantha with my mirror. I ask her to watch the scene to see what she finds. I return and have Grounds Kipper conversation 1. After that I rapidly flee the facility shouting at Frax that’s Kipper is a caster.

Oustide in an alley I try to contact Samantha to get answers. According to her the library is acting up. Lights are going out and Ratman started commanding his rats to do something. She also felt sick. She believes that was a divine who is now trying to enter the library. I’m asked to pray to help her fend it off. She eventually says that it seems to end. I ask for any info and learn that the books call it “Darkness” and “Shadow”. She thinks it now knows where the library is and how to enter it.

After I make some prayers I fetch a scribe and a courier from inside and send a letter to Broderick. “This is Pearce. Need to meet you briefly. Will be outside the Society building our usual meetup time.” After that I find Frax looking for me. Frax Conversation 1.

I go shopping and buy some armor and a backpack

After that I go home and get some of the souls before I head out to find the Gypsies. I’m able to find the elderly blind woman from before. We have Baba conversation 2.

On the way home I run into Lucky Dogan operating a cup game booth. “You look down. Has fate been unkind to you, Pearce? Lucky Dogan can help. Do you want Lucky Dogan help?” I accept and play his game. I successfully pick the right cup. He puts it behind my ear and he returns his hand he is holding three cards. Pale Moon, Maiden, and Turnabout. He asks me to pick a card to remove from my immediate fate. I choose the Pale Moon and the card bursts into flame. Lucky just comments that no one knows what that will do and starts to walk off. I ask if he has heard of devils? He responds “Yes, but what I haven’t heard of is angels. No idea what that word even means, okay.”

I go home and knock on my mirror. I have Samantha conversation 17. The rest of the evening is spent finding more intel on the nurse. I discover that he provides for a lot of criminal injures. I can tell he does not discriminate.

That night I come back and continue conversation 17.

In the library she grabs my scarred hand, which pulses with some raw energy, and I disappear into the dream-scape. I find myself in a throne room. Before me is a large throne and a smaller throne beside it. Sam is no where to be seen. I hear her voice “This is… symbo-… sit in…. Pearce.” which is cutting in and out. My scar is pulsing with a blue light. I feel strangely calm and know that the scene is waiting for me to react. I hold my scarred hand in front of the thrones. It glows purple at the larger throne and black at the smaller throne. As I approach the smaller throne the scenery briefly shifts before stabilizing. Unsure I stand by the thrones as if I was a guard. A moment later a door appears and a winged woman emerges. The wings are large, white, unfurled wings, sort of a cross between a bat and a bird. Its seems to continue from her hair. The person doesn’t seem to have a specific face – it changes as you look. She is wearing a light purple gown. I am aware this is a more true representation of Samantha. She walks forward and I bow and offer her a seat on the larger throne. Following a hunch I kneel at her feet. I feel my hands burn and reform and I leave the dreamstate. The scars on my left hand are now blue and my fingers are more like talons. I also am aware that bells now ring when I’m near.

I accept her gift and retire for the day.


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