Gallowsbird (2016)

The Miracle That Never Should have been

When Ratman‘s spell ends we’re both back in the library. Samantha knows nothing about what we’ve discussed. I give her the basics of the conversation and she asks what the monster is. I question how she doesn’t know since she made a deal with the monster and apparently the monster can alter memories. It’s suggest he might be similar to the Ratman and Samantha suggests he take off his armor. Ratman ignores that request and walks away. I explore the library (half of which is now a garden). I learn that the library isn’t exactly normal geography. I find myself walking in circles and learn that walking away from Samantha is taxing. Also learn that I can’t read the books in her library. Eventually I go back to my room.

After a few moments I get an idea and decide to go stab the square book in my room with the jester sword. It pierces deeper than a book and sizzles when I stab it but when it comes out the book looks broken. I report to Samantha and she says the book in the library is no longer healing. I cut it up some more and take it out back and burn it. I proceed to have conversation 9 with Samantha.

I go downstairs to heal Jacket’s lock and have conversation 7 with Jacketman.

After that conversation I head back up. Samantha is gone from the mirror and I find a note “I can fix this”. I can’t communicate with her and before I can do anything else I hear a scream in the street. Jacket has picked a fight with a couple of teenage thugs. I knock one of them out and stop the fight. He requests that I help him kill whoever killed his daughter, to which I agreed. He says that Samantha headed for the temple and after saying a few profanities I chase after her.

I find her cold and crying near the temple border and we have Samantha conversation 10. We go get some alcohol and she doesn’t like it. We enter my apartment and Jacket cooks a meal. It’s awkward for everyone. He sleeps in the spare bedroom. Samantha asks some questions about him but I dodge most of them.


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