Gallowsbird (2016)

That morning I awake to find a letter underneath my door. It says “Pearce. Here is the address I promised you.” Its an address to store called “Small and Tall”. The letter is unsigned.

The firstbegins with me meeting up with Broderick in front of the Apple. We have Broderick conversation 1.

After that I head to the rat embassy where I try to find Knoblitch the conductor. I am taken upstairs, then into an attic. Its hot and smells of garlic and preserved fish. I see a number of ratfolk moving around thin mirrors, positioning them as if to reflect something back into a central point. They are moving things at the direction of a small rat with a large head. He looks older and somehow weaker outside of the library. His head is supported on some sort of wheeled gurney. He looks up at me and squeaks. He doesn’t seem to speak your language, but he recognizes you. I feel heavy breathing and turn to see Shansley. “Whatter you for there then?” he says to me. “Need’n my wordswork to translate?” I agree and have Knoblitch conversation 1.

I return home to deliver the message to Sam. Bell hands me a package with what I assume is Viola’s toe in it. I take it inside and use object reading on it. In the memory I hear Viola gagging and fighting back, and some people speaking in Old Common (similar to Renaissance English). They are ignoring her and talking about something pedantic. I take the package and gold and bring them to Falconflight. I’m let in, hand him the gold, and tell him to go find her. I stop by the Weather Society and write Broderick’s letter and give it to Davis.

After that I go about finding intel. I follow up on the nurse and find out he is typically a good person. I try to figure out where Venyard went off to and hear of a wheelchair bound man living in a halfway house in the Matroni district.

I return to my place and use my book to summon Jacket. He knocks on my door and brings some casserole. We have Jacketman Conversation 8. That conversation ends when Samantha gets my attention. We have Samantha conversation 18 and it ends with her teleporting to my room so she can sleep here.


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