Gallowsbird (2016)

Broderick's Info on the FoM

As part of my agreement to join Broderick he agreed to share with me knowledge on the Friends of Man.

  • Have allied with several districts but the Temple District is the main focus of their efforts. Their safety largely depended on cooperation, which the FoM leadership found embarrassing.
  • Believe a divine being, or several, are within the city. They are an affront to the Kingdom of Man. The Temple District was supposed to kill some of them, but they only managed to rally allies to the divines’ cause.
  • Something about the “Kingdom of Man”.
  • They claim they’re not interested in taking over.
  • The Temple District wants the conduit from them as part of their agreement. This seems to contradict the idea to destroy all the conduits. Broderick didn’t have an answer for this.
  • The Friends of Man somehow took the Afterlands.
  • Wants the Temple District to destroy the Ratfolk.
  • They claim to be from a different city.
  • One of them came to the Senate asking for a place to speak. He was denied as he didn’t have the proper papers.
  • They were snooping around the Docks District at some point.
  • I’ve heard rumors that they’re making up fiction about an afterlife.
  • Their points of worship are the belltowers. Their primary point of worship is the Belltower deep in the Temple, as opposed to the one near the border. That tower was destroyed by an unknown faction.
  • They are searching for and trying to destroy the Conduits. They showed up here because they were tracking one but it turns out there are multiple.
  • They are taking a census of the homeless, will later take a census of the employed. They claim they’re trying to help members of the city.
  • They delivered the Blank Square books
  • They are from the Gauntlet. The Guantlet is a sort of hub that connects various planes of existence. There was likely a door to the Guantlet in the Temple Belltower. Any kind of civilization is better than the Gauntlet. Kingdom of Man are trying to civilize the Gauntlet.
  • They had their underlings gathering information on the homeless and anyone who asked too many questions about the census.
  • Have had dealings with Cassius and have been to the Rightway Cluster. The Rightway Cluster is the Senation Land given to the Mids as part of the agreement to make Broderick a member of the Lower Council. The Ratfolk Embassy is currently located there.
  • Broderick has a member of the FoM in his possession who has agreed to give info in exchange for housing/protection
  • The Friends of Man are emissaries for the Kingdom who determine whether our plane should be allowed to even exist.
  • The Gauntlet has Leviathans “Well, whether it was a memory or a real time view, I was shown The Gauntlet through one of the stones. It has horrifying leviathans the likes of which would not go unnoticed in the city. They’re either the Kingdom of Man or the reason that there wasn’t any civilization before the Kingdom of Man took over. It was difficult to see. But I could see several of them. Best guesses, they ranged in size from as big as a district to larger than all of Gallows. I didn’t even recognize them as living at first they were so large. Only their movements hinted at the fact that they were living.”
  • “Chalex was my original source of intel. He was the one that Harrison killed. Jevash is my current source. He is staying at the Homeless Shelter. He has been very forthcoming with information because I told him I would protect him and his brethren from the Temple District. He wants a way back to the Gauntlet, which can’t be allowed. But he hasn’t indicated any disloyalty to the FoM or the Kingdom. So I assume if he ever finds out we’re working to end them he will become less willing to give information.”
  • “The Bear has some leads on suspected Conduits. He only told me about two. One in the Mids and one in the Matroni. The homeless of the Matroni district are rallying around what they’re calling an ‘angel’. I have asked some of my homeless contacts for more information, but only recently so I haven’t had any response yet. I don’t expect much intel from them though. As for the Mids, Bear thinks there is a Conduit related to the Dawnmakers, an upstart cult-type group here in the Mids. He requested my help infiltrating them sometime ago, but I declined. He implied he knew of more, but refused to say anything about them to me. He’s kinda a jerk, you know.”
  • “The Conduits are used to go between planes. The FoM seem to think their existence is destabilizing the Gauntlet, so they want the Conduits dead/destroyed. I assume so that whatever transportation power the Gauntlet has stays the only source, but that’s a guess. However, as their current goal has changed to just getting back to the Gauntlet to inform the Kingdom to destroy us, I suspect they’d be willing to use the Conduits for that purpose. I would say we should attempt allying with the Conduits, whatever or whomever they may be, to learn more from them about their role in all of this. But I think destroying them to prevent the FoM from returning may eventually be our best choice. For now, though, you have full authority to ally with and learn as much as you need to from the Conduits, so long as you keep me in the loop.”
  • There is another bell tower located in the Temple near the Mids.

Known Members:


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