Gallowsbird (2016)

The Moon Assault

After our group splits I weave my way back to the Colony. I take off my disguise and head back to my place. There is some brief confusion about my still disguised face but after that I store my souls and head out. I briefly try to look for Richard but I am unsuccessful. I eventually just go to the Small and Tall. There I act like I’m a courier for Pearce and wait for the Bear. Later on he arrives and silently beckons me to follow him to his office. We have Bear Conversation 7. The Bear, Duchess, and I leave and head back to my apartment. I tell them to wait downstairs and enter. Samantha is sitting on the couch watching as Viola is exercising by crawling around. I ask her to give us some room and she crawls to the spare bedroom. I Inform her of the situation and we have Bear Conversation 8.


Random11 Random11

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