Tharul Martin

Captain Tharul Martin: One of my bosses at the Apple Refuge Center

Race: Human

Description: Has one arm and one leg.

*Worked as a representative of ‘The Captains’
*Lives across from the Apple
*Works on boats during his private time
*Was the unofficial leader of the Apple

Conversation 1 (9/1/16):

Pearce: “So. How did it go?”
Tharul: “Still a lot to decide before tomorrow. Regretting not taking bribes when I was younger so I could pitch in.”
Pearce: “Well assuming the other groups show up I’m pretty confident with what we have.”
Tharul: “When you are young you never plan to be old. I didn’t. Now I’m old, and wishing I had. Hope you get to be an old fool, too.”
Pearce: “It’s a rare thing in this city. Anyway it seems Broderick has joined the Weather Society and Crazy-Eye has been gorging on his fruits. It looks like the Apple really is done for”
Tharul: “It was bound to happen. Sad, really. This could have been something.”
Pearce: “I agree. I guess I just wanted to stop by today in case things go south tomorrow and say it was good working with you.”
Tharul: “I wrote up something for you, should I die of old age before tomorrow.” He says, joking. He hands you a sealed envelope.
Pearce: “Oh. Well thanks. Hopefully that doesn’t happen”
Tharul: “Give that to whomever you need to hire you. I wrote it with the Weather Society in mind. But it might work just as well for other young organizations. It denotes you as member of my crew. I no longer own a ship, but my title is bigger than floating wood. It’s likely far enough from the docks you’ll get hired on the off chance you have connections. That benefit goes when the Rats open that lane. Use it however you like. Legally, you can refer to yourself as a sailor. It may not be much, but at the end of the day what I have is my name.”
Pearce: “Thank you Tharul. I’m honored”
Tharul: “No, I am honored. I had a lot and gave a little when I was younger. Watching you young people try and help people at risk to yourself is like making amends for the choices I made. I don’t know why refuges lead to this, but I’m confident you will conquer her before the end of your life story.”
Pearce: “I hope so. Speaking of helping others. I know Bell was contracted to help us. Do you know what the price was?”
Tharul: “She was worth 800gp when she was 7 and she inherited her mother’s life debt. I don’t know how much she is now, but those bolt wounds can’t help.”
Pearce: “… that was a lot more specific info than I was expecting”
Tharul: “It was included as documentation with the contract. I noted it since I was especially appaling. And before you ask, Patricia had the only copy. I’m going off memory.”
Pearce: “Yeah I assumed that much”
Tharul: “What are you trying to do? Buy her? Get her contract moved?”
Pearce: “I guess buy her if I can. Her owner is … a very cruel person. I don’t know what I can do about a life debt though”
Tharul: “No idea. You would need to buy or trade, maybe. You might try to work from inside the Society if he doesn’t budge.”
Pearce: “Sigh. Well. I’ll do what I can. Thank you for the info Captain. Here’s hoping we both see the day after tomorrow”

Tharul Martin

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